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Easy Sudoku for 8/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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It's that time again.

And 'hello' Thursday. all.
08/Aug/19 12:00 AM
I will not be on my computer at this time tomorrow, so...
08/Aug/19 12:01 AM
1:53. Happy Thursday, HalT, and Good Morning, all!
08/Aug/19 12:24 AM
Hal, Tom, and all to follow!
08/Aug/19 12:41 AM
08/Aug/19 1:29 AM
Sunny after an overnight rain.
Hope your day is sunny, too!
08/Aug/19 1:40 AM
so close . . .
08/Aug/19 1:41 AM
08/Aug/19 1:41 AM
Thank you, Shiela for waiting form e!!! Here's flying your way!!!
08/Aug/19 1:42 AM
Today I go to the orthopedic doctor to see what to expect about recovery for my broken foot. Wish me luck!
08/Aug/19 1:44 AM
Thanks for the 'good luck' Shosho! I want to be able to go on our trip to Italy and there isn't the usual 'takes 6-8 weeks of recovery' period between now and then.
08/Aug/19 1:47 AM
Morning all. Shiela, you give the term ''speedy recovery'' new meaning.
08/Aug/19 1:56 AM
Everybody!! I'm very, very late today! Although it means I definitely am up-to-date on Shiela. Like yesterday, I hope she gets well enough for Italy.
08/Aug/19 2:04 AM
08/Aug/19 2:17 AM
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say, Shiela ... ''Make it so.'' Italy is not to be missed!
08/Aug/19 2:20 AM
08/Aug/19 4:19 AM
Beautiful photo of ocean waves rolling in to shore.
08/Aug/19 4:32 AM
Shiela, my hubby decided that after his orthopedic hip surgery that he wasn't going to cancel or postpone our Hawaiian vacation. So within a couple of days he was up walking about with a walker but discarded that in favor of crutches. Which he discarded in favor of a cane. So a week later we flew to Kauai. Within a day there he even discarded the cane. So you can do it!
08/Aug/19 5:26 AM
The only thing that concerned me was what would I do if he fell and would the two large pins in his hip and two smaller pins in his leg bone set off the metal alarm at the airport!!
08/Aug/19 5:28 AM
Nice photo catching big waves
08/Aug/19 5:34 AM
Morning all,great photo.
Chilly morning hoping it warms up a bit later.
Good luck Shiela,fingers crossed for you.
08/Aug/19 6:54 AM
Hello everyone - I'll be eager to hear your ortho doc's assessment of your injury, Shiela & how it may or may not affect your traveling plans!
08/Aug/19 8:57 AM
Thanks for the info on the badlands, Tom.
08/Aug/19 9:42 AM
I hope you get good news about your foot and that you duo get to Italy . I hope you don't need one of these!!!!!!!!
08/Aug/19 9:49 AM
2:03 Good morning all.
08/Aug/19 10:04 AM
08/Aug/19 10:06 AM
1:21, felt faster. Good afternoon everyone.
08/Aug/19 4:11 PM
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