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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Ancient reptile with an excellent vocabulary.
09/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
09/Dec/11 12:00 AM
Dang. I was trying to sneak back into Sudokuland with a first of the day
09/Dec/11 12:01 AM
Sorry, Jeanine & Kayo.... that's !
09/Dec/11 12:02 AM
Dreary day in Taz in the photo
09/Dec/11 12:04 AM
May need part of the day.
It's clear out right now, so it must be sunny this morning.
Sunny, but chilly! 36°F.
09/Dec/11 12:05 AM
I get regular reports from Holly/Flint from my niece. In fact they are popping down Sat/Sun because Dad's bday is Tuesday and he will be 92.

Cold morning here.....42
09/Dec/11 12:08 AM
A VERY, VERY to your Dad, Jeanine!
May all of his birthday wishes come true!
Sounds like he'll get his first wish... a lovely day filled with family!
09/Dec/11 12:14 AM
Well... I mislead you... It's only 23°F right now.
(It's supposed to get UP to 36°F later today!)
09/Dec/11 12:17 AM
Better go get dressed...
A repairman is coming today! I hope it's this morning!
09/Dec/11 12:19 AM
HI all! Girls on top again I see. Yesterday's puzzle called for TLC - tender loving care - we all need it so why not start by giving it? Well done to Peter, Mr Cee, Meg, Kathy, Mads, Grumblebum, Jack, HalT, Jamie, Keith, Shiela and capt. J, in that order but reversed!
09/Dec/11 12:28 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the "vroom vroom" inbox please!
Your task here is to change one letter in each of the following words, in order to find seven (7) words with a common theme.

09/Dec/11 12:34 AM
Grabbing Annie's spot???
09/Dec/11 1:29 AM
Good Maen all!
Another cute one, Kayo!
Happy Birthday to your Dad, Jeanine!
09/Dec/11 1:34 AM
Our local shelter got devasted yesterday with seizures by the animal control office. It was good that they took these animals (from a crazy hoarding lady)...but we got dogs, cats, love birds, parakeets, peacocks, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish and more. These poor animals were living in More...
09/Dec/11 1:36 AM
...and we DO NOT euthanize for space. 10 years ago when our first volunteers started working at the shelter, it had a 70% euthanasia rate. We now have a .6%!
We had our volunteer appreciation holiday pizza feed last night. Our little shelter has 4 1/2 paid personnel and over a hundred volunteers that keep our local forgotten and abandoned animals safe, clean and fed.
09/Dec/11 1:39 AM
All that fog reminds me of summertime along the central coast of California!
09/Dec/11 1:43 AM
Vici - Have you thought about contacting Heidi?
She might not notice a few extras!
09/Dec/11 1:55 AM
Right time today.
09/Dec/11 2:09 AM
No kids till I get there.
09/Dec/11 2:09 AM
One more.
09/Dec/11 2:09 AM
09/Dec/11 2:09 AM
... looks around ... drifts away.
09/Dec/11 2:10 AM
Beautiful foggy coastline. We've got the fog this morning, here ... no sunrise colors like yesterday, just gray.
09/Dec/11 2:16 AM

The threatened snow never arrived last night. Bright sunshine, but cold this morning.

I have yet to receive the promised call from the Customer Representative of the bamboo company. Big surprise. I believe I will be More...
09/Dec/11 2:35 AM
I can't help but wonder why Kathy needs a board to cut bamboo on? Does she have a panda to prepare meals for?
09/Dec/11 2:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. I've now read all the way through the "Amelia Peabody" Victorian Egyptian murder mystery series.
Now to leave Howard Carter to finish excavating King Tut and return to Sudokuland and Christmas preparations.
09/Dec/11 2:52 AM
We had our first hard freeze last night. I had to scrape ice off the windshield and windows of my truck this morning.
09/Dec/11 2:54 AM
Burl has searched far and wide for bamboo that is hardy enough to survive a Michigan winter. It is firmly established ... thriving even. (Actually, it's everywhere.) Only good thing about it is that it's blocking the winter wind just outside my bedroom window. (Of course, that means that I can't see out my bedroom window.)
09/Dec/11 2:58 AM
I pointed to two old drunks sitting across the bar from us and told my friend
"That's us in 10 years"

She said "That's a mirror, dumb ass!”

09/Dec/11 2:58 AM
You never know who's going to show up at my house for Christmas dinner, Captain! I need to be prepared.
09/Dec/11 3:00 AM
09/Dec/11 3:08 AM
OK Keith. You and I can go back to bed.
09/Dec/11 3:09 AM
Great mood photo today. Very nice fog.
09/Dec/11 3:10 AM
Good morning people of the world.
09/Dec/11 3:14 AM
National Handwashing Day
09/Dec/11 3:15 AM
Plum was thinking about you last night. I was supposed to be sleeping but the voices in my head was going over what needs to be done and analyzing what has been done.
Actually, wondering how the newly weds are enjoying their new life.
09/Dec/11 3:17 AM
Man made a mistake. YIPPEE.
For my birthday weekend surprise, he is taking us to Kemah to see the lights on the boardwalk.
Man really should learn how to take things off the computer when he is finished with it. Then there is the itemized list on the credit card.
09/Dec/11 3:20 AM
While I am down here, might as well keep going.
09/Dec/11 3:21 AM
Which will make me over a CP.
09/Dec/11 3:21 AM
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