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Easy Sudoku for 9/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good night one and all!

A very late start tonight.
09/Feb/15 12:22 AM
almost 1am and I cant believe Im going to make second post...Wonders will never cease!!

fellow puzzlers (whenever they get here!) Hope all is well in your world.
09/Feb/15 12:57 AM
another beautiful day in OK
09/Feb/15 1:25 AM
Is the entire east coast sleeping in today??
09/Feb/15 1:25 AM
Somebody got married!
09/Feb/15 1:46 AM
Come on people I did all the poozles and still I am alone.
09/Feb/15 1:47 AM
Sue... and all.
09/Feb/15 1:54 AM
I spent several hours yesterday at the hospital, it wasn't Harry this time. Oklahoma niece's FIL went to the emergency room, they determined he had had a heart attack early that morning and needed a heart cath. So Kevin & I went to the hospital and stayed until his son could get there. He was More...
09/Feb/15 1:56 AM
Good morning Hal and all who follow.
09/Feb/15 1:57 AM
It is time for breakfast, will be going to the hospital this morning.
09/Feb/15 1:58 AM
Since I might not get back here today.
09/Feb/15 1:58 AM
I will do
09/Feb/15 1:59 AM
09/Feb/15 2:00 AM
It's exactly 10:00 AM here now.
09/Feb/15 2:01 AM
, y'all, at 10:04 EST.
09/Feb/15 2:04 AM
1:54. Good-lookin' couple... I wish we knew who they were.
09/Feb/15 2:05 AM
Helping out in children's church this morning, playing the part of a nun, and we're in-between services.
09/Feb/15 2:06 AM
Sue, I hope your niece's FIL is doing better this morning, prayers for a quick & trouble-free recovery.
09/Feb/15 2:07 AM
The world is waking up.
09/Feb/15 2:07 AM
So, I did get up close to the right time.
09/Feb/15 2:08 AM
One more.
09/Feb/15 2:08 AM
09/Feb/15 2:08 AM
, Keith!
09/Feb/15 2:37 AM
All smiles.
09/Feb/15 3:09 AM
Church was canceled today because of snow. We don't have that much but we are a big commuter church so they look at the greater area when deciding. Worked out for me since I didn't make it to my weekly grocery shopping trip yesterday. Elijah participated in a Klondike derby with his Boy Scout More...
09/Feb/15 3:15 AM

being sent to your niece's FIL, Sue! I hope the news is good today.
09/Feb/15 3:26 AM
Happy Sunday!
Sue: you are an angel for helping your niece's family so much this weekend.
09/Feb/15 3:53 AM
Lovely young couple getting married.
09/Feb/15 5:44 AM
A bit dreary outside.
That means it's a bit warmer than it has been, though.
09/Feb/15 6:08 AM
Best wishes for your niece's FIL recovery, Sue.
I am glad you were able to step in for them at the hospital.
09/Feb/15 6:11 AM
Morning all, looks like one of the bridesmaids and partner to me. Taking my Aunt to the eye specialist today ,no time to sit around doing puzzles.
09/Feb/15 6:37 AM
09/Feb/15 6:39 AM
Beautiful day here in central South Carolina... 73 degrees (22 C) and not a cloud in the sky.

Probably won't last long though.
09/Feb/15 6:59 AM
Good morning all. Hal, do you get snow in your area? 77* is my idea of perfection.
09/Feb/15 7:53 AM
Sacky, we usually get one, sometimes two or three, snow/ice storms each year. Normally the snow/ice has melted in two or three days.
09/Feb/15 8:03 AM
And yes, I like 77* also.
09/Feb/15 8:04 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
09/Feb/15 8:07 AM
Of course, we occasionally get hurricanes. But the last bad one was Hugo in 1989.
09/Feb/15 8:07 AM
Too close not to try.
09/Feb/15 8:08 AM
09/Feb/15 8:08 AM
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