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Easy Sudoku for 9/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:46 Good night one and all!
09/Feb/16 12:02 AM
09/Feb/16 12:58 AM
Anne, Keith... and everyone!
Almost sunny here!
Looks like Keith was here a bit early!
Wait a minute! Those ARE twos!!!
(Tricky for a Monday morning, isn't he!)
09/Feb/16 1:19 AM
from beautiful OK
09/Feb/16 2:17 AM
Good morning to all! A mulish person petting anyway!
09/Feb/16 2:31 AM
Well, the mules don't seem to mind.
09/Feb/16 2:43 AM
Good morning.
09/Feb/16 2:52 AM
I feel like I need to whisper.
09/Feb/16 2:53 AM
It's so quiet in here.
09/Feb/16 2:53 AM
The Super Bowl is a thing of the past. I was happy to see Peyton Manning and the Broncos get the win. If it was Manning's last game, he couldn't ask for a better way to end a great career.

On another football note....I'm with Judy. The Chargers should be in San Diego. Period.
Their uniforms have always been a favorite of mine.
09/Feb/16 2:55 AM
Just checked. Wolf lands in Sydney in 3 hours 49 minutes. I think the forecast is for about 25*c
A very quiet day in Sudokuland. I am back to bed. I should not have had that coffee with lunch!
09/Feb/16 3:07 AM
Ya never know. Often I've missed my # by now. Looks like I'll have to wait till later to miss it today.
09/Feb/16 3:19 AM
09/Feb/16 3:20 AM
Good morning to all...wish I Could see the sun shine! Another cloudy day here. Glad I spent 3 weeks in Cabarete , DC we had sunshine every day!
09/Feb/16 4:16 AM
Hello Orianne, good to see you.
09/Feb/16 4:23 AM
Hi, Orianne! Cabarete, in the Dominican?
09/Feb/16 4:30 AM
What a rebel.
09/Feb/16 4:48 AM

Joe Bob just installed a fan system to cool off from the summer heat. The fan spins at a maximum speed of 40 mph and is controlled by a 360 degree turning knob. Assuming the fan is spinning at 15 mph, how much would the knob have to be More...
09/Feb/16 4:57 AM
I don't think I gave answers and winners to my last math Monday puzzle. Here's a recap.

Joe says to Carl, 'Can you figure out how many Kebabs I have in my fridge?' He gives 3 clues to Carl: If the number of Kebabs I have:-

1, is a multiple of 5, it is a number between 1 and More...
09/Feb/16 5:00 AM
Good afternoon, everyone! Nice to see you, Serena! I was wondering where you might be - your absence was noted!
09/Feb/16 5:27 AM
Very gray here, and unseasonably (creepy) warm. Have been skiing twice, but don't even talk to me about the snowshoes.
09/Feb/16 5:31 AM
.......and how about Chris? Haven't seen him post any of his zippy times lately.
09/Feb/16 5:40 AM
Microsoft has a Sudoku app that provides some unusual variations on the game. It's free at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/microsoft-sudoku/9wzdncrfhv60.

Look for and remove spaces.
09/Feb/16 5:42 AM

I've got the gray skies that are leaking lots of tiny snowflakes here. We've been very lucky so far this winter, but it should in fact be a typical winter week with snow and cold according to the weather guessers. So far they're right.
09/Feb/16 5:51 AM
HalT - I just downloaded the Microsoft Sudoku figuring I can never have too many puzzles to play. It looks pretty good and better than some others on how to enter numbers. I did have to remove the period at the end of your sentence!
09/Feb/16 6:02 AM
Sorry, Keith - I was all wrapped-up in my own chatter, didn't even consider the post#....
09/Feb/16 6:05 AM
Morning all, nothing like a sign saying 'not to' and they will anyway. lol
09/Feb/16 6:18 AM
I'm still around Joyce, I just rarely post any more. Just for a bit of nostalgia - 1:25 for today's puzzle!
09/Feb/16 6:42 AM
I think I'd do the same. The mules are enjoying it so why not?
09/Feb/16 7:03 AM
That's me being a rebel. These mules are the ones that go down into the Grand Canyon. They are quite friendly.
09/Feb/16 7:06 AM
Hi Terri. No comments on your page since '09. I can't remember the last time you posted. Nice to hear from you.

I have :)Sudoku+ from the App Store on my iPad, and think it is an exceptionally well designed app, easy to enter your own puzzle, or play puzzles of 17 different levels of More...
09/Feb/16 7:35 AM
Good morning all. A bit smoky here today. The fires continue to burn in the western areas of the state. There are still over 50.
09/Feb/16 7:51 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
09/Feb/16 7:51 AM
Wow. A very quiet day here today.
09/Feb/16 11:35 AM
What a quiet night it's been on the site.
09/Feb/16 11:36 AM
Maybe Hal is off watching the undefeated South Carolina women' basketball team play against undefeated UCONN.
09/Feb/16 12:48 PM
The sell out crowd is doing their best to cheer South Carolina to victor. But to no avail.
09/Feb/16 12:52 PM
Sorry South Carolina. UCONN takes the win and remains undefeated.
09/Feb/16 12:55 PM
Final score 66-54. Good effort from both teams.
09/Feb/16 12:56 PM
09/Feb/16 12:57 PM
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