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Easy Sudoku for 9/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maeN all!
09/Mar/09 12:01 AM
A very old temple!
09/Mar/09 12:02 AM
Hello everyone... MOn Morn already
09/Mar/09 12:03 AM
If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
09/Mar/09 12:04 AM
Morning Kate, doesnt feel that late...
09/Mar/09 12:05 AM
How can someone be dirt poor, and another be filthy rich?
09/Mar/09 12:05 AM
Why is it called a Caesar's salad? Did he invent it?
09/Mar/09 12:06 AM
If a person kills their clone is it murder or suicide?
09/Mar/09 12:06 AM
Doesn't feel that late to me either! I can happily write maeN for night because it is! Absolutely no conflict if its morning yet! Not at 11.06pm!
09/Mar/09 12:07 AM
Why don't penguins in Antarctica ever get frostbite?
09/Mar/09 12:07 AM
10.07 here on the warm gold coast...
09/Mar/09 12:07 AM
Interesting that maen didn't hyperlink when it is in a sentence. Does it have to have good in front of it as in Good maeN ... ?
09/Mar/09 12:08 AM
love this change over time... now I can go to bed... goodnight
09/Mar/09 12:08 AM
Nope ... the hyperlinks have glitched ...
09/Mar/09 12:09 AM
If you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia can you read all right?
09/Mar/09 12:09 AM
How do you know they don't get frostbite? I've seen some pretty cold looking penguins on documentaries.
09/Mar/09 12:09 AM
09/Mar/09 12:10 AM
I wonder if we'll get up in the morning, check the site and find the first 'funny hour' comments are all gone! Maybe we're dreaming it all!
09/Mar/09 12:10 AM
Just the two of us! Where are the other Aussies?
09/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Isn't my dog cute...
09/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Perhaps were in a cyber black hole...
09/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Anyone else out there?
09/Mar/09 12:11 AM
Your dog is gorgeous!
I just got the 22!
09/Mar/09 12:12 AM
Bye. C U all later
09/Mar/09 12:12 AM
yay 2 U.... or is that 22 2 U
09/Mar/09 12:12 AM
09/Mar/09 12:13 AM
The other day I taught my kiddo the logic verse ... a table has four legs, my dog has four legs so therefore my dog is a table ...
09/Mar/09 12:13 AM
... then we had a lot of fun and laughed till way passed her bedtime!
09/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Happy Birthday J. Vignon(de Courcy)
09/Mar/09 12:13 AM
Naturally I've completely forgotten all the weird and wonderful ones she came up with!
09/Mar/09 12:15 AM
And to:

kcd from michigan,usa
Flossy from Edmonton
ginny from USA

I wonder how long they've been watching the site before they joined us!
09/Mar/09 12:17 AM
Don't go yet Madby3! We might have to whole first page to ourselves at this rate!

What is your dog's name?
09/Mar/09 12:17 AM
We're being watched ... I just received a message on my page ... and went to check it.

Hello! You know who you are!
09/Mar/09 12:20 AM
09/Mar/09 12:21 AM
I'm all alone here ... OK I'm going to tackle the Tough and come back.
09/Mar/09 12:22 AM
Hello - it's the Kate and Shar show.
09/Mar/09 12:24 AM
Everyone else is waiting for usual changeover time. I'm off for the evening now - back tomorrow. Have a nice day everyone.
09/Mar/09 12:26 AM
Good Night CynB!
09/Mar/09 12:27 AM
Won't they get a surprise
09/Mar/09 12:27 AM
I'm all alone again!
09/Mar/09 12:28 AM
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