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Easy Sudoku for 9/August/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Aug/18 12:00 AM
Hi, all!
09/Aug/18 12:00 AM
1:45 Somewhere in the W.A. Wheatbelt area, I'd say.
Good night all!
09/Aug/18 12:13 AM
Maen, all.
09/Aug/18 12:20 AM
everybody from the Emerald Isle. Had a sleep in this morning. Nice day weather wise. Went to the movies this arvo to see Jurassic world, it was a boy's day, there was me, my son, grandson and two of his cousins, great movie. The kids loved it.
09/Aug/18 12:35 AM
My granddaughter went of with her mom and cousins, don't ask, I didn't.
09/Aug/18 12:38 AM
09/Aug/18 12:39 AM
Rage mentioned the Cliffs of Moher yesterday. I have been there twice. The first time, it was so windy (I am talking knock you down windy!) we were restricted as to where we could go. The second time we were able to climb to the overlook for the spectacular view. Ireland is such a beautiful country.
09/Aug/18 12:56 AM
09/Aug/18 1:19 AM
09/Aug/18 1:45 AM
Good MAen, good people. (Noon)
09/Aug/18 2:00 AM
09/Aug/18 4:21 AM
Love those clouds over the wheat field.
09/Aug/18 4:54 AM
1:27. Good morning everyone.
09/Aug/18 5:34 AM
Morning all, love seeing wheat fields that seem to go on forever. We are going to visit my sister Veronica that had her 70th birthday yesterday, it means a three hour drive there and back but it's worth it to see her again.
09/Aug/18 6:19 AM
Hello to a late afternoon - may your day have been glorious & the remainder equally so!
09/Aug/18 6:38 AM
That is surely a picturesque photo!
09/Aug/18 6:39 AM
09/Aug/18 8:04 AM

Helping it inch towards Keith's number!
09/Aug/18 8:34 AM
He'd better be quick, then!
09/Aug/18 8:51 AM
Ambling along......
09/Aug/18 8:51 AM

Real Quick.
09/Aug/18 8:51 AM
Pounce! Ha ha where's that Keith fellow.....sleeping?
09/Aug/18 8:52 AM

Dontcha just hate that Peter.
09/Aug/18 8:52 AM
Done, by a blast from the past!
09/Aug/18 8:53 AM
Haven't you got floors to sweep, Mr Cee?
09/Aug/18 8:54 AM
Yep things to do places to be.
09/Aug/18 8:56 AM
How's the ice cream business doing, Mr Cee?
09/Aug/18 9:08 AM
09/Aug/18 12:06 PM
Just me and my shadow, strollin' down the avenue..
09/Aug/18 12:08 PM
Oh well, time for a Fat Tire.
09/Aug/18 12:09 PM
In one more post...
09/Aug/18 12:10 PM
Ummmm, good.
09/Aug/18 12:10 PM
Finish this one, and it's off to bed.
09/Aug/18 12:12 PM
09/Aug/18 1:37 PM
Hi Kate, It is good to see you posting again. I hear that Sydney is running short of water, the dams are only about 2/3 full. Is it panic or just being careful.
09/Aug/18 2:16 PM

Good evening people of Sudoku
09/Aug/18 7:24 PM

And a bootiful evening it is in Sunny QLD
09/Aug/18 7:25 PM

Lovely Sunny days, 25% humidity, and balmy evenings.
09/Aug/18 7:26 PM

Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
09/Aug/18 7:27 PM
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