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Hard Sudoku for 20/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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4:22 Maen! Perfect caption for that picture... :)
20/Apr/07 12:13 AM
Okay, I'll take the bait and try to be first, I always read the comments (and enjoy them) but never post one of my own, I especially enjoy the banter between the supporting members, you seem to really enjoy each other's company
20/Apr/07 12:13 AM
Dan you beat me to the punch, have a great day
20/Apr/07 12:14 AM
6:29, good smiles
20/Apr/07 12:22 AM
4.09 really easy
20/Apr/07 12:25 AM
Ame. I hope you come back.

Friends or Cousins? Be careful what you eat!
20/Apr/07 12:39 AM
A familiar sight in our house at present!
20/Apr/07 12:41 AM
Welcome to posting comments Anne from Pittsburgh?
PA. And, don't worry, you don't have to be a member to jump right in. :)
20/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Ah, a job for the tooth fairy!!!
20/Apr/07 1:03 AM
I clearly remember my two sons and their window smiles. My oldest was featured on the cover of a magazine with his bright, honest, window smile. These two are so fresh, I hope they are as loved as they seem to be.
20/Apr/07 1:09 AM
Cute pic! Whose kids are these?
20/Apr/07 1:42 AM
How quickly they change - one day they have no fromt teeth and it seems the next they're moving out on their own! Love and enjoy these boys and days.
20/Apr/07 1:51 AM
Gotta love those toothless smiles!
20/Apr/07 2:12 AM
7:59; adorable toothless grins. My 7 y.o. just got his oversized front teeth and I truly miss his toothless grins saved for his silliest moments.
20/Apr/07 2:27 AM
Cute picture! Hope the teeth come in soon. I remember my youngest son when he lost his two front teeth and it took months for the big teeth to come in. It's hard to eat without them.
20/Apr/07 2:51 AM
Oh, look--two hockey players! Very cute photo, and keep posting, Ame. Always nice to meet new people.
20/Apr/07 3:10 AM
Cute smiles! Corn on the cob is going to be tough to eat for now.
20/Apr/07 5:46 AM
13 minutes. Slow as molasses, but yet I somehow enjoyed working on this one. May be I missed something and spotted something that made me feel like a Sherlock?

Cute smiles! Hopefully the tooth fairy left them something!
20/Apr/07 5:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! Okay, I give up. What do you wnat? A Play station? A new bicycle? Better comments from me???
20/Apr/07 6:39 AM
10:04 Hi to all. We always had a visit from the tooth fairy when a tooth was lost.
20/Apr/07 6:43 AM
mAen. Right around here a tooth brings you $1 from the tooth fairy.
20/Apr/07 7:47 AM
Great picture! I lost my front teeth one at a time so didn't go through quite this gappy a stage! Waiting to see what happens to Leia's teeth. It's not far off, she'll be 5 on Tuesday!
20/Apr/07 7:56 AM
dreadfully slow, but ooooo so cute photo.
lost my front tooth almost the day I started walking when I fell over and hooked it on a cupboard in our cubby house. had no front tooth for many years until my second teeth came through.
20/Apr/07 8:35 AM
dont worry about being slow, I usually take a couple of breaks when I do the hard puzzle. So I start early, go each lunch, come back and do some more. I NEVER time myself.
20/Apr/07 9:06 AM
Goodness me, the tooth fairy is going to be very busy in that household.
20/Apr/07 9:42 AM
And to whom do these toothless terrors belong? Albeit very cute toothless terrors!!
20/Apr/07 1:26 PM
Man....is that tooth fairy going to take a hit!
20/Apr/07 3:57 PM
Ouch! I had my most recent one taken out a couple of weeks ago, right at the back. My tooth is still on the window sill, waiting for Al (aka long suffering husband, tooth fairy) to replace it with something nice. I keep hinting on a nice piece of jewellry, but so far it just sits there....
20/Apr/07 5:02 PM
5.04 . not too hard. you look cute without the front teeth when you are young.
20/Apr/07 5:32 PM
Reminds me of my youngest...she lost 8 teeth during her first grade year. The teacher ran out of 'goodies' to give her! Her expense was nothing compared to what I paid for 5 years of braces, though.
20/Apr/07 11:43 PM
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