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Medium Sudoku for 16/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:37 Maen Nice scenery picture -- where's Rainbow Bend?
mAen! 3:53. Lovely scenery. Did you hike up the hill to this place?
Maen. I enjoy looking at pictures like this because my fear of heights would never let me sit there!
Im 2nd Woo Hoo
Lovely photo, where is Rainbow End.
Was this medium hard tonight or was it me. I gave up with it in the end.
Good question Dan... had trouble with this one.
4:04 Maen
Rainbow Bend is in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA. The girl noticed that I was taking the photo and she started to move away, so I asked her to stay where she was because I thought it would add a bit of interest to the photo. So she stayed and I am pleased with the result. I have no idea who she was but I would like to thank her for her contribution.
8:56 A slow puzzle for me too, Anne.
Rainbow Bend--a gorgeous view.
A lovely sitting to see the wonderful view and to give myself the chance to think about how wonderful is the life on such height and think about the beautiful colours of the rainbow.
Nice mAen to everyone.
Ian thanks for the photo. The girl gave it just the right human and perspective touch. Thanks for sharing.
Not to nitpick (too much), but is it Rainbow Bend or Rainbow Curve?
Maen all - Been to Rocky Mountain National Park - if in Colorado you must see this park. Also go to Estes Park and look for Rollins Pass. It really is over the Rainbow.
and 6'13. How's that for contrast?
15:17 I am SLOW today - after two weeks holidays I lost my skill to solve Sudoku!!!! :-)
Ian/Sydney - Thank you for this beautiful picture. I agree, the girl added a nice touch to it. She looks very comfortable sitting on the edge!
Maen, y'all!
Ian from Sydney, it is gorgeous, well composed. Do you carry a ladder to stand on or are you 7-8 feet tall?
maen all! yes, i thought it hard for a medium. i usually use the med. for a warm-up to hard. i checked to see if i hit the wrong puzzle. nice area. my nephew lives in dillon about 50 miles west of here in vail area. i visit with him most summers.
Ian/Boston, I have just looked at the souvenir map I bought home with me and you are correct. It should be Rainbow Curve. Well (nit)picked. Thanks.
Ruby, the stone wall marked the edge of the carpark, I was standing just inside it. There's no way I was going to stand on the wall - I don't like heights (unless I have an aeroplane strapped to me).
7:22 Hi to all. And hopefully inside the plane Ian
andré - always.

Did anyone else pick my intentional error?
Hi all, I thought I was on hard as well but got there in the end.Great photo Ian/S , I wonder if the girl realised she would be seen all over the world.
Ian/B That was the other one.

Amelia, thats a good point. I have never put a recognisable photo of a person on my site - with his one exception. I cannot ask her permission because I have no idea who she is. I thought perhaps that the photo was sufficiently vague for her to be virtually unrecognisable - it wasn't you, was it?
That's my wife, Ian. Where do you live?
Wonder if Creedence Clearwater Revival has ever gone up around that bend?
Ian /S ROTFL no definitely not me. I'd watch out for Bluto though. LOL
Bluto - Sydney
Maen all
stay inside the plane Ian.
joe b, thanks for the advice. I have no intention of ever leaving a perfectly servicable aeroplane in flight. I might think about it in case of fire or structural failure. You might gather that I am no parachutist.
It's not the fall that kills you - it's the sudden stop at the bottom.
Right....nobody was ever killed on takeoff...
9:38. Yes this was a hard medium.
Ian/B you're sparking on all six cylinders today. I was talking about parachuting.
You can quit picking on me now because I won't be here to defend myself - I'm taking my wife to the airport and sending her to UK for a month.

I only joust with peers.

My wife and I got in a huge argument at Rainbow Curve! My fear of heights kicked in, and though I asked her to park on the other side of the parking lot from the edge, she drove right up to the precipice. I freaked! She got very angry and told me 'This is the LAST time I will ever drive in the mountains for you!' And she never did....
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