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Tough Sudoku for 15/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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'Zat you, Wendy??
15/May/10 12:11 AM
Spent about fifteen summers camping for two weeks in the woods on Lake Michigan when the kids were young. We started out in a tent and graduated into a pop-up towards the end. Loved those laid back nature-filled days!
15/May/10 12:13 AM
Is that you sitting behind the caravan, Wendy?
15/May/10 12:24 AM
Caravaning around...so that's how you've been gathering all these great photos!
15/May/10 12:37 AM
maen all! camping season is starting up...lately we've mostly been doing the river islands...
15/May/10 1:06 AM
I'm not going to have time to finish this today but there is a beautiful almost xy-wing after UP=25. The cells are e3=238, h3=28, h8=38. If e3<>8, the xy-wing is true and e8<>3. If e3=8 h3=2, h8=3 and e3<>3. I know ttt is a big fan of almost xy-wings that work,
15/May/10 1:16 AM
Excuse my previous comment. it's a major blunder.
15/May/10 2:15 AM
Here is the implication path if the almost xy-wing is not true.
8)e3=(346)d123=(7)f1-(7)i9=(7)i9=(3)hi8 =>e8<>3
So this case gives the same elimination as an XY-wing.
15/May/10 2:40 AM
1. UP 26.
2. (8=125)ab9,b7-(2=58)ag9, => ~(8)df9,i9.
3. (8=2)h3-(2=3)e3-(135=8)e864, => ~(8)h8 UP 27
4. (7=8)h4-(8=2)h3-(2=3)e3-(3=1)e6-(1)h6=(1)h5, => ~(78)h5 UP 81.
15/May/10 3:12 AM
A great day outdoors!!!
15/May/10 3:28 AM
15/May/10 6:40 AM
15:48. That's where my father and stepmother live. If I'm not mistaken that photo's taken next to the river.
15/May/10 8:20 AM
15/May/10 8:38 AM

1)Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=26
3)(1=5)b7-gi7=(5-2)g9=(2)b9,=& gt;b9<>1.UP=27
4)(3)i4=i89-(3=8)h8-(8=2)h3-e3=(2-7)e2=f1-f9=(7-1)i9=(1)i8,=>i89<>3.U P=30
15/May/10 4:05 PM
Hi Sotir. You seem to make h4=78 in step 5){Farpointer does the same in his step 4 }. But on my grid, h4=578 still. How did you eliminate 5 from h4 ?

Regards, Alfred.
15/May/10 8:37 PM

Hi Alfred,
15/May/10 8:53 PM
Step 2. eliminates 8's in e4 and Step 3. is a typo on UPs should be UP 29 since (3)i4 and (5)e4 are solved.
Then h4 = 78.
15/May/10 9:12 PM

10/Sep/10 9:44 PM
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