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Tough Sudoku for 16/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Wow, that photo is great, who took it?
Maybe Mo?
looks like some one just threw that rock in the ocean, great pic.
WOW...breathtaking pic..an exhibition of photographic excellence...
I think it is one of Mo's. What do they say in photography circles 'a great capture', 'cos it is?
Yep, page 9 of her photos.
denmark isn't it Anne
7:19 Maen
A proof for tough sudoku of 02 16 2007:

1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 26 filled. (UP 26).
2a) Hidden pair 69 at gh8 forbids g8=12, h8=125, b8=6
2b) Locked 2's at df5 forbids cgh5=2
2c) Locked 5's at i798 forbids i46=5
2d) Locked 9's at gh3 More...
I think that step 2f is also called a 'skyscraper'.... but ....??
Awesome photo. And have an awesome day, everyone!
Wonderful picture of how rocks is solid against any hard water movement,So we should be ,solid against any life hard troubles or changes.

Nice mAen to all.
Or absorb the blow like water and put ourselves back together again!
Just recently received the annual 'Motivations' catalog in the mail this week. I like the one showing an arrow completely missing the bull's eye (way out on an outer ring), but with another arrow piercing it exactly down the middle. The inspirational phrase reads 'Consistency: Only a good thing if you're not a screwup.' :)
For more gems see www.despair.com
I thought it was going to be the Sydney Opera House at first! Great photo.
Perfect timing, perfectly beautiful!!
Amazing picture!

Needed a guess, but after that it all fell into place.
WOW !! Great shot.
Wow! What a moment to capture! Thanks
So, who's Patience,who and how much did she pay?
Unbelievable, catching a meteor strike like that.
jp/WA you and me both I also thought SOH until it came into focus, fantastic shot Mo.
19:04 Hi to all. lol Ian/B
Ian/B brilliant.

BTW, great phot Mo.
Or even 'photo'.
Waiting for the perfect picture! Well done!
Fantastic photo
Hello V from Aust - it could be Denmark or Margaret River where Mo and Steve spent time with family.
But looking at the beauty of it, it could be anywhere along the south/southwest coast. Not bragging, of course, about the beautiful scenery around this way, but it is exceptional. (brag! brag!)
I was like j.p.in thinking that it was going to be the Sydney Opera House as it slowly emerged. A thunder storm here after 47 centigrade (or 104 Farenheit) in the shade. The house has been shut up and darkened all day. Now we're running around and opening windows to catch the breeze. A slight sprinkle of rain but won't get my hopes up.
Tough one. Got it, finally.
05/Jun/07 7:43 AM
Dec. 16, 2007.
17/Dec/07 10:21 AM

05/Sep/10 11:39 PM
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