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Tough Sudoku for 17/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Utah again. I never tire of it.
9:34 Maen
What an amazing country we have. Such beauty!
1) Start 22, Unique Possibilities to (UP) 27.
2) Hidden pair 13 at h79 forbids h7=256, h9=267. UP 44.
3) g6=2 == e6=2 -- f5=2 == f8=2 forbids g8=2.
4) The wraparound chain e6=2 == g6=2 -- g9=2 == h8=2 -- f8=2 == f5=2 forbids de5=2, g1=2, e8=2.
5) d13=2 == e1=2 -- e6=2 == e6=9 -- e8=9 More...
That wild and crazy Utah. I'm going there next June. Any travel tips?
a lot of nice picture from Utah, thanks! 20:49, easy tough but too slow again...
This Strawberry River feeds into a huge reservoir. It took me a while to realize that these western 'rivers' (which appear to be the equivalent size of a midwestern 'creek') increased their size immensely as they traveled down the mountains. Many fishermen enjoy Strawberry Reservoir, even when More...
I would be happy to share traveling tips and time with you. Utah has an enormous geologic diversity, but parts of it are accessible only by 4-wheel drive vehicles, horses, or on foot. June would be a great time to visit. What area of Utah are you planning on visiting? What ages of people More...
20 minutes or so... not particularly tough, or maybe I'm getting better (naaah, just not so tough! :) Another nice Utah picture! Keep 'em coming!
Utah has the more National Parks than any other state and wonderful state parks too. I can't figure out how to post pictures from my camera so I can't share some grand pictures I have of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Arches and more. Besides all the amazing scenary Salt More...
What a spectacular country Utah is! Wilodene,Debra
Is it tough country to live in, Infrastructure, climate etc?
Good afternnon to all! Is that another golf course? Thanks for the great picture Wilodene!
Lots of rugged scenery in the pictures today.
Bring it on.
Utah is definitely not a tough place to live. Most of the pictures you've seen are from the southern part of the state where there are many canyons and great places to hike, etc. The climate and scenery changes dramatically as you go north. The north is more mountainous with a few big cities and the best skiing you can imagine!
surely you jest Clark. These puzzles are not worth
proving lately. This one is again a triviality:

1) start with 22, UP 27
2) hidden pair h97=13 => ~(h9=126, h7=256), UP 44
3) f8=2 == f5=2 -- i5=2 == i5=5 -- i3=5 == i3=8 -- f3=8 == f3=9
=> ~f8=9, UP 81
Good picture, and I liked the message you posted.

Seemed like an easy tough today, but I still needed a guess - frustratingly near the end.
Another Rugged picture! It looks like it would be fun to visit and explore. Thanks for the picture!
Less than a week in Utah, and my husband and I will be coming to Salt Lake City in June for a convention.
7:12 ....exciting!...but ... where are 'strawberrys'?
I also posted some Utah pictures recently. Never know when they're going to pop up! Mine are completely different than the ones posted so far. We went to 6 national parks in our trip to southern Utah. Each one was different from the others even though they all were in the desert.
Utah looks like an amazing place to visit.
Would this be a valid claim? After working on the puzzle for a while, one will notice that (b1,c2,c6)=56 and b6=569. Based on this information, could one then say that b6 cannot be 5 or 6 and is therefore 9? In this case I know it is right.
The name 'Utah' and this picture of the River, it looks as though life is not so crazy out there ...
Good MeaN to all !
sometimes our own backyard is not really appreciated
until somebody else tells us so
maEn all
Cathy: Let's see. You have less than a week in Salt Lake City in June? Well, be sure to take a float in the Great Salt Lake. (^_^)
a little tough, but ok otherwise
Good maEn! I just typed a long comment answering some of the questions about Utah climate, etc., but it mysteriously disappeared before I could send it. Being tired, I decided to rewrite it tomorrow. All of the photos I have sent are from northeastern Utah, within an hour or two from our home. More...
10:04 is using the check moves cheating?
I love the foreboding sky. Did you get home before the rain? Or did it blow over?
a challenge but not really tough. really tough ones are too hard for me and this I did in about 15 mins. pairs and chains are all I used.
with a guess
Oct. 22, 2007.
23/Oct/07 2:04 AM

05/Sep/10 10:13 PM
07/Feb/20 9:19 AM
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