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Tough Sudoku for 17/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Did you get pollen on your nose, Sue?
17/Jun/14 12:14 AM
Probably on the camera lens.
17/Jun/14 12:16 AM
I am trying to contact Sudoku.com.au by email to straighten out my account and I can't find their email address anywhere on the site. There's a link on the Contact Us page to 'Send Email', but the link doesn't work for me. Instead I need to paste a real email address into my email software. Does anyone know their email address? Thanks for your help!
17/Jun/14 1:47 AM
Or perhaps you were trying to help out the bees?
17/Jun/14 1:55 AM


Your neighbor,

Eric from Oregon
17/Jun/14 2:20 AM
SE=7.2 UP=25
1)(6=8)g1=(5=6)g6-h5=(5-2)f5=(2)f1 => f1<>8
2)(-2)e2=(2-5)e7-(5)c7-a8=(5-1)a2=(1)b2 => b2<>2 UP=42
3)XW:(4)b247 =>b29,e368<>4
4)XY-Wing:(7=4)d9=(3=7)e8=(4=3)e4 => d6,e7<>4
17/Jun/14 5:35 AM
Standard techniques UP 25
1. Kraken cell (248)d7 =>f5=2 UP 42
2. (4=7)d9-(7=34)e48 =>e7<>4 UP 81
17/Jun/14 6:06 AM
X-61 ***: Symmetry=AntiDiagonal, Start=25, SSTS=29, SG=19.0, SE=9.0
17/Jun/14 7:34 AM
X-62 **: Symmetry=AntiDiagonal, Start=26, SSTS=28, SG=12.5, SE =9.0
17/Jun/14 7:35 AM
site puzzle, SG's path = 1.25 points, very similar to Buds path, cenoman
loses on points with 2.25 path (generously allowing .25 for his step 2
which wasn't identified as a y-wing)

// xy: (8)d2=hi2-(8=6)g1-(6=5)g6-h5=(5-2)f5=f1 # -2d2, -8f1
// xy: (5)e7=(5)c7-c2=(5-1)a2=(1-2)b2=e2 # -2e7
// YW(37.4)e84,d9; -4e7
17/Jun/14 8:02 AM
(26) 8@ab6=>g6<>8
6?@g1=>g6=5=>[g8=8&f5=5=>f1=2=>{f9=8=>d7=4,d5=2,b2=2=& GT;a2=1=>c2=5}]=>c7={}=>g1<>6
(28) 5?@g6=>[f5=5=>d5=2=>d7=4&g8=6=>a7=6=>a2=1=>c2=5]=>c7={}=>g6<>5
(32) More...
17/Jun/14 8:55 AM
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