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Easy Sudoku for 17/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Where are all the early birds?
17/Jun/14 12:01 AM
Hello, Early bird, NanaCathy!
17/Jun/14 12:02 AM
(They all must have had very busy weekend activities!)
17/Jun/14 12:02 AM
Sunny today.
Had a wonderful time with grand-twins this weekend - but exhausting!
17/Jun/14 12:04 AM
Nice pair.
17/Jun/14 12:12 AM

What nine-digit number is divisible by 11 and has no repeating digits?

Answers to my ‘’less than a billion’’ inbox please.

17/Jun/14 12:13 AM
I love dogs but not two that size in the house.
17/Jun/14 12:15 AM
Now THOSE are 2 happy dogs!
17/Jun/14 12:16 AM
June.... I have 15 that size in the house.
17/Jun/14 12:17 AM
I would love to see your animals someday, Heidi!
17/Jun/14 12:20 AM
I'd love to see Heidi's animals, to. Wall to wall dogs...how great is that?
17/Jun/14 12:42 AM
My bat has dressed appropriately for the 90° weather forecast for today. It's going to be a scorcher.
17/Jun/14 12:46 AM
Yesterday's poozle and answer:

What THREE word expression is hidden here?

Take an 'S' as your centrepiece
Screw an 'I' and a 'T' into either side of it
Next hammer on your 'M' and an 'A'
Be sure to leave some room on the left before attaching your 'O' but put the 'K' More...
17/Jun/14 12:53 AM
The following were completely hammered: Greg, Joyce, Peter, Pam,, and Mr. Cee. Shosho, Mads and Judy weren't quite as hammered and used only the 2 word phrase, ''no mistake''.

I think you all deserve the always well received prize
17/Jun/14 1:04 AM
Yes, yes, I do know it should be ''too'' in my comment about Heidi's animals.
17/Jun/14 1:07 AM
CP and off for a pedicure!
17/Jun/14 1:07 AM
Good Morning World.
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, the sun is brightly shinning and the temperature is great....won't stay this way long so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.
Be good to others and better to yourselves. Peace.
17/Jun/14 1:12 AM
17/Jun/14 1:23 AM
17/Jun/14 1:36 AM
Going to be busy today. Got to take my dad to the cardiologist and then to a luncheon. The teachers for whom I have volunteered in their classroom are taking me to lunch at a bistro named Misto!
17/Jun/14 1:37 AM
Bye! And Keith, come on in!!!
17/Jun/14 1:38 AM
Is this going to be too easy. Good Maen
17/Jun/14 1:42 AM
Sorry Keith, if you are around. shosho, you were a lot kinder than I.
17/Jun/14 1:43 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Jun/14 1:58 AM
Oh, Dave, I never wait for that man, either. There are those in here, that are nice and wait. I am not one of those people.
17/Jun/14 2:00 AM
Geesh, my avatar, is from the book topic, and a reminder, I still have only read two pages out of the book, I picked up a week ago.
17/Jun/14 2:02 AM
I'm glad to see things so active around here. Dave ... oh Dave.
17/Jun/14 2:03 AM
And Karen ... oh Karen.
17/Jun/14 2:05 AM
I was wondering, what is going on in my life now, that is different, from a year ago, when I could post on this site, on a daily basis. No, it is not because I am older, not possible, I do not have time for that.
Well, I think it is demands from others. This morning I sat down, in the normal 9 More...
17/Jun/14 2:07 AM
Good morning, Keith dear. Did you sleep well?
17/Jun/14 2:08 AM
I did get a 4 day retreat, last week. MIL, took my darlings, her neighbors two darlings, the child she watches, and two of my nephews. Age range, almost 2 to 13. She was in heaven. I do know she is still around, because, she joined her sons, and three of her grandchildren, at the pool, on Sunday.
17/Jun/14 2:14 AM
I wasted my time, while the lovies, were away. I did major cleaning, like move furniture clean, scrub base boards, polish walls, remove stains from counters, type of cleaning. It was heaven, for only 24 hours, then those people returned.
17/Jun/14 2:16 AM
I love this community, with the exception of the controversy between my neighbors, the rest of the place is wonderful.
Saturday, was the start of the library's reading program. They will meet 4 times this Summer, and their first day, was Carnival Day. Wow. Silly games, that you could play as More...
17/Jun/14 2:25 AM
Oh, proud momma moment.
My girl's were busted, by a city official, for picking up trash and depositing in a trash bin. The girls were rewarded for taking care of their community, with more pool passes.
17/Jun/14 2:28 AM
I, on the other hand, almost had an encounter with an authority figure, that would have rewarded me, with a fine.
You know, those darn stickers, we have to purchase every year for our vehicles? This year, I purchased 4 of those suckers, all at one time, for our vehicles and I got them, before More...
17/Jun/14 2:34 AM
Dolly and Kramer look very happy. I'm sure that they're very well house trained, as well.
17/Jun/14 2:38 AM
Yes Heidi, I know you have those dogs that live with you but you live on a farm.. I also grew up on a farm and the large working dogs lived outside. When we got married I have always (until about 18 months ago) had cats and dogs that have lived inside. Because we have lived in suburbia we have had More...
17/Jun/14 2:42 AM
I really had no worries, since, school is out, I do not have to leave the house, by vehicle, except, for food supply. Darn, if we did not eat, I really would never have to leave the house. So, while the children were away, I made a grocery run and on the way home, I happened to look at my stickers, More...
17/Jun/14 2:43 AM
Nice to have you back with us Karen. We miss your chatter and Mummy tales.
17/Jun/14 2:44 AM
Nice to see we are at the bottom of the page this early in the morning.
17/Jun/14 2:45 AM
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