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Great game gath ... love tetris
05/May/07 5:28 PM
Thank you Gath, tetris is one of my favourite game.... I just wish I was better at it
05/May/07 6:34 PM
Ah, Tetris, the immortal time-killer...always fun.
07/May/07 2:29 PM
I love tetris - haven't played it for years and I will have to get some practise in to do better! Lot's of fun (and time wasted!).
08/May/07 8:43 AM
Can any friend explane how to play it? .I have no idea about it.Many thanks.
08/May/07 9:45 PM
Tetris: a minute to learn, a few days more to master.


Left/right arrows: move piece left/right
Up arrow: Rotate piece
Down arrow: Drop piece more quickly

The premise is simple. Use the pieces to make lines. Full lines disappear, game goes on. You can More...
09/May/07 4:27 AM
Thanks Gath - a little rusty but I'm sure I will get back into it now!
11/May/07 7:57 PM
Thanks, Gath! Had a great time playing - takes me back a few years!
16/May/07 10:51 PM
And I don't spend enough time on games now. With Tetris, nothing productive will ever get done. Haven't had tetris in a looong time. Will enjoy!
21/May/07 2:29 PM
Man I had a great time playing tetris, love it. Thanks Gath.

By the way hi to Anni... Hope u enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at work.... hehehe.
25/May/07 7:23 PM
It has been years since I played Tetris - to the point that I was trying to figure how to use the mouse. On the second try I did pretty well - this is a great game
09/Jun/07 9:03 AM
Hi all, Just got to
level 9,
lines 84,
score 21,284
boy oh boy it gets very fast,
used to love Tetris and still do,
hope you all have a great day Liz
26/Jun/07 11:54 AM
Hi Tetrisites

Can someone tell me how I can check my previous scores on Tetris?
28/Jun/07 3:33 PM
Hi everyone (improving), just got to
level 10
lines 92
score 25,355
Pamela I tried to check my previous score aswell sorry but I can't work it out, maybe Gath can help, Hope you all have a great day
02/Jul/07 11:29 PM
Level 9.
Lines 84.
Points 22, 186.
Hehe, It's taken me ages to get to that.
14/Jul/07 12:26 AM
Level 10
Lines 99
Points 30,150
14/Jul/07 4:44 AM
Hi everyone think I nearly had a nervous break down just got to level 10
lines 94
score 30,303
good fun but nerve wrecking.
hope you all have a fantastic day/night where ever you may be!!!!!!!
22/Jul/07 1:00 AM
hey Gath how does that work Eve had 99 lines with a score of 30,150 and I had 94 lines with a score of 30,303? don't know just wondering
22/Jul/07 9:11 PM
Just got
Level 10
Lines 95
Score 30,480

It may be that more lines completed at higher levels. Gotten scores over 30,000 with only 85 lines when starting at level 2.
31/Jul/07 6:12 AM
Starting at level 2 reached
Level 11
Lines 91
Score 35,540
31/Jul/07 12:44 PM
Starting at level 2 reached
Level 12
Lines 101
Score 34,305

10 additional lines & higher level reached, yet a thousand points less??
01/Aug/07 2:19 PM
Starting at level 3
Level 10
Lines 74
Score 41,095
02/Aug/07 6:22 AM
love tetris
03/Aug/07 4:21 PM
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13/Aug/07 5:11 AM
bwtgopr etdufgbyn csmrju mzaq bxvidjape klbwiju ftesq http://www.rpohny.feomygc.com
13/Aug/07 5:11 AM
This is fun, but I'm so slow...I just got up to the third level, not sure haw many lines and the score was 1,30? ...lol. I'll just have to keep trying and take more notice...I didn't get to a point where it was going real fast yet..but I will...watch my smoke then!
26/Aug/07 7:24 AM
Level 10
Lines 98
Score 50,076

First time I broke 50,000
26/Aug/07 1:23 PM
Getting better..lol. Level4, 37 lines score 6,041. Still a longgggggggggg way to go...
28/Aug/07 7:53 AM
Level 10
Lines 99
Score 41686
28/Nov/07 3:49 PM
10/Dec/07 9:31 PM
Level 10
Lines 93
Score 28,698

It's been awhile
25/Mar/08 12:57 PM
Level 11
Lines 106
Score 40,179
08/Apr/08 7:16 AM
i love tetris... i just gave it shot on here- probably return :)
07/Jul/08 2:45 PM
OK, I give up. Why can't I see Tetris any more? Has Gath joined SWMBO in a plot to stop me wasting time?
23/Sep/08 3:30 PM
24/Sep/08 8:22 PM
I have to hand it to you Garth....great game! too bad i foud it at 3 a.m. local time....after umteen shots of Jameson!
03/Mar/09 7:57 PM
Will Tetris ever be back?
25/Feb/10 9:13 AM
Sure Miss Tetris!
28/May/10 1:08 PM
you can play at http://www.tetrislive.com
27/Jul/13 4:58 PM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 11:04 AM
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