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Submitted by: uno hu

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Could make a very pointed comment about this photo. Anyone want to make a climb?
 |  |
Ginza? Or Vegas? :)
 |  |
Great Picture. Is it in Egypt? Any explanation for it?
 |  |
I've seen this pyramid before, someone wanted to know what that was on the top - a man or a mast!
 |  |
Another 'too easy' tough. No more then 5 sets required, max depth 2, rating .07 or less.
 |  |
Looking for some help from y'all. My daughter has a student presentation to give in her microbiology class and, long story short, she is looking for synonyms for 'vomit'. (Barf, hurl, puke etc.) She's hoping for some local slang terms, and would also love some foreign language words. So there's the More...
 |  |
 |  |
Start 22F. UP to 25.
1. X wing 1's df19. UP ato 26.
2. 56 in c12. UP to 40.
3. 75 in f68. UP to 45.
4. Multicolor 7's. g9==g6--f6==f8 and g6==g9--d9==f8. Since g9==g6, f8=7. UP to 81.

I agree, Steve. A very easy tough.
 |  |
A different proof to the puzzle

1) start 23 UP 35
2) pairs 13 at a3 b3 and 14 at d1 f1
3) locked 9s at e123 forbids e4=9 UP 44
Am still confused as to how to express the FC so forgive the longhand
If d5=5 then d9=7 & f6=7 however either g6 or g9 =7, therefore d5 ≠ 5 UP 81
 |  |
8:37 Maen
 |  |
Pyramid in Egypt? The beyond is looking to the present ...! nice pic. Oh ... good time for tough today
 |  |
Its not a man or a mast, its to show the height of the original pyramid before the coating rocks were removed for local structures! Makes me want to rush back though!
 |  |
upchuck, throw up, get sick, regurgitate, spew, purge, retch, heave, keck, vurp, sick up...
 |  |
for arlene in washington ...we say 'toss your cookies' here slang
 |  |
arlene...has your daughter tried www.wordreference.com? This is a translation websight. We use it here for my daughter's French projects. Sometimes it is quicker to use it rather than my 3 inch thick french-english dictionary...type in the english and then click on english to french or english to spanish etc. Its pretty good, though not perfect
 |  |
toss your cookies
 |  |
Good afternoon to all! No disrespect, and regardless of the comments, it's not really a pyramid, it's a giant ant hill!
 |  |
pray to the porcelain god?
 |  |
To drive the porcelaine bus, Seems throwing is the basis for many eg chuck.
 |  |
' Ralph' ' ': was a term used
 |  |
there goes my diet, another cream puff.
 |  |
to Alene: surely you egest!
 |  |
to Alene: 'chunder' is a very Aussie saying
 |  |
Is chunder used as a verb 'oh man, I'm gonna chunder' or a noun 'dude, that's pretty nasty looking chunder'?
 |  |
The explanation for the pyramid is - REPEAT! Gath must have run out of pictures on Tough.
 |  |
Well, very interesting discussion here on the tough page today. For us doctors, the technical term for vomit (the noun, not the verb) is 'emesis' as in 'emesis basin.' My book 'Oh, Yuck: The encyclopedia of everything nasty' also suggests 'blowing chunks,' 'doing the technicolor yawn' and 'running More...
 |  |
Hmm, Pyramid...
Alene, If you're looking for a better or more scientific term than 'blowing chunks' or 'vomiting' - you might try regurgitation...

I hear it's a great way to lose weight.
 |  |
Just a brown pyramid? Humh, unsightly...
 |  |
hello Fi have you seen the explanation for linaigrette (your cotton herb) on wikipédia?
Arlene I add: rendre= simply return and gerber reference to a spurt!
 |  |

Hindi: ooppee
Bengali: Bomi
 |  |
Thanks catherine, I just googled linaigrette and it is the very same one. Mind you the explanation came up in French. ;)

Is linaigrette the common name for this cotton herb in France?
 |  |
how do people do tough sudokus like these? to me, this is impossible! what do you do when you get stuck, like i always do???
 |  |
The first 38 were fairly simple deductions.

At 38 filled If g5=6, d5=5, f6=7, f8=5, f9=1, d9=7 leaving no opportunities for 7 in Cg.

Therefore g5=5. UP to 81
 |  |
 |  |
Mostly easy
 |  |
Nov. 24, 2007.
25/Nov/07 1:14 AM
 |  |

05/Sep/10 10:03 PM
 |  |
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