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Easy Sudoku for 12/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Overcast today.
Whatever your day, have a good one!
12/Apr/17 12:10 AM
Happy Tuesday!
12/Apr/17 12:24 AM
Good night Poozlers
12/Apr/17 12:30 AM
Nighty night, Rage.

I have just spent the last hour waiting for, and talking to, a Credit Union representative concerning an IRA account. I spent more than half that time on ''hold'' listening to how important I am to them.
12/Apr/17 12:47 AM
Everyone! Kathy, you want delays, try using 'Chat' with some company!
12/Apr/17 12:52 AM
No thanks, Denny. I've done my penance for today.

Poozle Time!

Create a number using only the digits 4,4,3,3,2,2,1 and 1. It can only be eight digits. You have to make sure the ones are separated by one digit, the twos are separated by two digits the threes are More...
12/Apr/17 12:56 AM
12/Apr/17 1:06 AM
12/Apr/17 1:06 AM
12/Apr/17 1:37 AM
BIL's farm was hit by a 'possible' tornado last night. It missed their house but uprooted mature trees and nearly destroyed their 100 year old barn. Unlike a lot of old barns, this barn was used and well-kept.
12/Apr/17 1:52 AM
12/Apr/17 2:30 AM
Good morning.
12/Apr/17 2:31 AM
Hi Hal.
12/Apr/17 2:32 AM
Just as well the barn was in use and well kept. Shiela, oherwise it would definitely be gone.
12/Apr/17 2:33 AM
Lunch out today, with my quilt group.
12/Apr/17 2:34 AM
Of course my hospital friends picked the same day and time to get together. Of course I can oclu go to one, and quilters was first invite.
12/Apr/17 2:36 AM
12/Apr/17 4:20 AM
I find the same thing: Nothing on the schedule for days and then two or three lumped together on the same day.
12/Apr/17 4:24 AM
Back at a good time, it seems.
12/Apr/17 4:51 AM
A gallumping I will go.
12/Apr/17 4:51 AM
One more.
12/Apr/17 4:52 AM
12/Apr/17 4:52 AM
mAen 1:48
12/Apr/17 6:31 AM
Morning all, that's a big walking stick for a little girl.
Off to have a mammogram this morning .
12/Apr/17 6:42 AM
Good MAen - son's birthday today - cool but now a sunny day
12/Apr/17 7:29 AM
Good maEn, good people.
12/Apr/17 10:30 AM
Bedtime, night all.
12/Apr/17 11:54 AM
Anyone heard from or about Greg? I sent an email last week with no response.
12/Apr/17 2:09 PM
I haven't heard anything, JEB.
12/Apr/17 2:22 PM
1:58 Good afternoon!
12/Apr/17 6:11 PM
1:25. Good evening everyone.
12/Apr/17 6:41 PM
Pretty fancy 22, Keith. Actually, pretty and fancy.
13/Apr/17 3:49 PM
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