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Easy Sudoku for 13/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Had to scrape some ice off my windshield this morning.
13/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Ever get the feeling you're all alone in the world?
13/Jan/16 12:47 AM
Winter has truly arrived. We must have about 4 or 5 inches of snow from overnight and this morning. It's still snowing, but lightly now instead of heavily. It's pretty since it's clean and fresh, but I don't like having to walk or drive through it. But that doesn't mean I'm going to move to an area that rarely gets snow!
13/Jan/16 12:58 AM
13/Jan/16 12:59 AM
Morning ... er nite, Bean.
13/Jan/16 1:42 AM
G'day everyone!
13/Jan/16 1:57 AM
from beautiful OK
13/Jan/16 2:21 AM
Another busy day here, gotta run.
13/Jan/16 2:22 AM
Happy Tuesday!
13/Jan/16 2:47 AM
Good morning to all! Heck of a greeting today.... butt shots!
13/Jan/16 3:09 AM
13/Jan/16 3:47 AM
Here we don't really have the four seasons like the rest of the country. We have a hot dry season, a somewhat cold wet season, and two in between seasons (in the past we had three dry seasons but lately out of the blue we got rain in summer! Strange). It's neat to see a dry patch of land develop into a lake filled with migratory birds.
13/Jan/16 3:52 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
13/Jan/16 3:52 AM
Because of global warming, in the past 5-10 years our summers have gotten to be extremely hot (90-100ºF, 32-38ºC) and humid for 2-3 months. Before that we would have a moderate summer (70-80ºF, 21-28ºC) and at the end a 2-3 week of uncomfortably hot and dry weather. This was our Santa Ana wind days.
13/Jan/16 3:58 AM
Yay! Finally got our coffee bean hand grinder in the mail! Now I'll be able to try the coffee of the month gift from my son.
13/Jan/16 4:00 AM
A CP!!! Now I'll finish up my brekky and then do my errands! Farmers market today! Need to get some locally grown strawberries and veggies. Maybe a treat as well. There's that potato dish I've been eying. The potato is one very long spiral cut on a stick. LIke this one shown in video but here not put in a batter.
13/Jan/16 4:52 AM
Looks they are having fun discovering! Interesting photo!
13/Jan/16 6:08 AM
Morning all, hope there isn't something nasty in there.
13/Jan/16 6:28 AM
Not looking forward to another hot day today, I can feel it heating up already.
13/Jan/16 6:38 AM
Good morning all. Not much to report here. The heat continues, but should be a cool change in the next couple of days.
13/Jan/16 6:50 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
13/Jan/16 6:51 AM
For Keith.
13/Jan/16 6:52 AM
My work is done.
13/Jan/16 6:52 AM
Lovely picture of playmates.
13/Jan/16 7:07 AM
Hello everyone!
Almost got to 40* yesterday, today is supposed to be cooler, with more heat tomorrow! The cicadas are ''singing'' madly at the moment!
13/Jan/16 8:00 AM
Oops almost to 40* - missed typing ''almost'', sorry!!!!!!!!!!!
13/Jan/16 8:02 AM
, y'all! Incredibly busy day at work... starting a new payroll year, new tax issues dealing with that. Cross-eyed and brain dead from trying to figure out deduction and income placement of a taxable fringe benefit. I'm glad my denomination is fine with folks having wine with dinner. Maybe even FOR dinner!
13/Jan/16 8:50 AM
Kate, Alt + 0176=°
13/Jan/16 9:37 AM
Keith, I still have an old ASCII table bookmarked similar to the one I used in MS-DOS days. It's what I'm used to so I use the 3 digit codes (Alt-167 is º). That old table what gives me needed codes for symbols in Rebus puzzles.
13/Jan/16 10:25 AM
another hot day in Adelaide (39C at least)--I've been for a walk, been to the podiatrist and the baker--now to spend Wednesday inside using the air conditioner whenever we need--thanks to our extended solar panels we can use the a/c without feeling guilty about the state of the world for grandchildren.
13/Jan/16 11:29 AM
13/Jan/16 11:31 AM
40C = 104F I think. Should I expect 45C = 113F by February?
13/Jan/16 1:36 PM
Wolf...depending on where you are... YES!
I'm so hot I feel sick... not a happy little vegemite...
13/Jan/16 1:53 PM
Sounds like a serious ''snowbird'' trip to me, Wolf.
13/Jan/16 2:18 PM
13/Jan/16 2:27 PM
@ Keith & Silvergal
I use (hold)ALT 248 °

Lotsa ways to skin this cat
13/Jan/16 2:30 PM
I can't use any of those codes because I don't remember what to do to make uio jkl m into numbers on my laptop.
13/Jan/16 3:50 PM
I am struggling along with a mouse I use elsewhere with another laptop, because my beloved mouse that works silently and is large enough - huge, actually - to use without strain, has finally died. It was working kinda funny for the last few days, and now does not work any more. I've never had a More...
13/Jan/16 3:55 PM
Have faith in Mr. Google. Amazing what he can find.
13/Jan/16 4:02 PM
Hippidy Hop.
13/Jan/16 4:03 PM
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