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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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But.... Frost on our lawn this fine spring morning. Brrrrr!
17/May/16 12:00 AM
17/May/16 12:00 AM
Good morning, Kathy! How goes it in Maryland?
17/May/16 12:08 AM
Some have asked about my finger situation. The top knuckle can be moved manually (which was done prior to splinting), I just can't move it when flexing my finger. It stays bent down. I have an appointment with my primary care doc this afternoon to get a (probable) referral to an orthopedist. I More...
17/May/16 12:11 AM
View of the day: I have red squirrel sitting on top of the head of my granite cat statue on our patio eating stale walnuts that my hubby didn't want to throw away.
17/May/16 12:12 AM
Aside from my digit, all is good in Maryland, Shiela. How goes it with you?
17/May/16 12:13 AM
Happy Monday!
17/May/16 12:13 AM
I've had surgery for a 'trigger finger' thumb, Kathy, but have not heard of a mallet finger. Hopefully you have quick relief!
17/May/16 12:15 AM
I love watching the squirrels. We have wires crossing our back yard that they use for their little highway to get from one yard to another. It's amazing how well they can balance and how fast they run across.
17/May/16 12:17 AM
Where are the guys today?
They're usually here first!
17/May/16 12:18 AM
Thanks, Shiela. It's more annoying than anything else. I write with my left hand, but do most everything else with my right. Rather difficult with this splint sticking out a mile.
17/May/16 12:24 AM
I'm hoping Wolf is at the doctor!
17/May/16 12:26 AM
I am off to do some one-handed cleaning! See you later!
17/May/16 12:27 AM
Bothersome! My thumb was in a perpetual hitchhiker's position before surgery! Handy, but not too practical if you don't usually try to hitch a ride with strangers! Being able to write was a more useful ability!
17/May/16 12:31 AM
Good morning all! Thanks for the info about your finger, Kathy - nice that it's not hurting; now to get is usable!
17/May/16 12:31 AM
Good morning all
17/May/16 12:37 AM
After the digital damage you did when cleaning Kathy, I would have thought you had every reason not to continue the practice! 👎
17/May/16 12:39 AM
Massive thunderstorm here. I'm dog sitting til it dies down. (The thunder, not the dog!)
17/May/16 12:40 AM
I reckon I can ramble past 22.
17/May/16 12:41 AM
Dog's cal bed a bit. At least he's back on his own chair...
17/May/16 12:42 AM
...and not twisted around my side table.
17/May/16 12:43 AM
We've had masses of rain over the past week.
17/May/16 12:43 AM
The hydro dams have risen 4% and Tassie is back on 100% renewable power.
17/May/16 12:44 AM
The bad weather is slowing the repair of the power cable across Bass Strait though and the big industries are still on massively reduced production.
17/May/16 12:46 AM
Ok folks - 'ave a good day. The dog is calm and I'm back to bed!
17/May/16 12:47 AM
17/May/16 12:49 AM
17/May/16 2:02 AM
Good morning.
17/May/16 2:36 AM
Thought for a minute we were going to have an all-girls' page.
17/May/16 2:37 AM
I have been watching the numbers change on the clock for a couple of hours so decided it was time I got up.
17/May/16 2:38 AM
Sorry to hear about your finger, Kathy.
17/May/16 2:40 AM
I'm with Sacky, it's the perfect reason to stop cleaning.
17/May/16 2:41 AM
Guess I can pop in now that Hal's ruined the all girl's page.
17/May/16 2:51 AM
Either that's a repeat picture or I've seen it somewhere else.
17/May/16 2:56 AM
It's past morning.
17/May/16 2:57 AM

What is the smallest prime number with 3 distinct digits that remains prime no matter which one of its digits is removed?

Answers to my ‘’prime time’’ inbox please.
17/May/16 2:58 AM
My avatar is misleading. It's cold and grey here but since I can't get to my page to update it, it will have to stay sunny.
17/May/16 2:59 AM
For those curious, my birthday issue resolved itself. The person thought about it and decided it wasn't the best idea.
17/May/16 3:00 AM
Yay, glad she saw sense.
17/May/16 3:08 AM
17/May/16 3:09 AM
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