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Easy Sudoku for 18/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
18/Jan/15 12:00 AM
1:12, a bit of an improvement over the last couple of days' efforts. Good night all.
18/Jan/15 12:02 AM
I just noticed your comment yesterday Amelia wishing me well for the race. It went ok, but not brilliantly. I came in 40th of 395 runners, so close to the top 10%.
18/Jan/15 12:04 AM
Good day Cousin It
18/Jan/15 12:14 AM

Is that Keith before his last trip to the barbershop?
18/Jan/15 12:18 AM
, y'all! 1:42. Also thinking 'Cousin It'.
18/Jan/15 12:42 AM
Lookin' good !
18/Jan/15 1:38 AM
Ready for another rebus? Decipher the 10 below! (I daresay this has been the easiest set for a while - I can't keep occupying Kathy's time like I have been !) Answer to my Mid-January Rebus inbox, winners announced in two days.


18/Jan/15 1:48 AM
Spacing for #6 is off, makes a minor difference...:


18/Jan/15 1:50 AM

Thank you for your concern for my addiction, Silvergal. I do still have two walls to prep for paint today, so I appreciate it.
That is not to say I won't sit here agonizing.....
18/Jan/15 1:58 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm sitting on the couch, bored and half asleep on a Saturday, trying not to stimulate a coughing fit. I thought I'd treat myself to a stop back into Sudokuland.
18/Jan/15 2:10 AM
Hi, Kathy. What color are we painting walls today?
18/Jan/15 2:11 AM
Hi Plum! Welcome back!
I'm still taking wallpaper glue off the walls. I should get the other two walls done today. Then we'll be filling holes, sanding, etc. Eventually, I'm thinking a light-med gray with white ceiling and trim. Jane did a room in those colors and it looked great!
18/Jan/15 2:16 AM
I saw Jane's painting photos. I agree.

Oh, the prep work. I am a stickler for a proper surface. Getting to actually paint is like a reward for a prep job well done.
18/Jan/15 2:19 AM
I hope that cough is a thing of the past soon! Sending your way!
18/Jan/15 2:20 AM
Hubby is more of a stickler than I am. He uses a flashlight to see imperfections. It can be a very looong prep process!
18/Jan/15 2:23 AM
Nice to see Plum again. Hi Plum.
18/Jan/15 2:50 AM
I've rearranged some kitchen drawers making room for recent Pampered Chef purchases. I really don't need kid-cup lids any more, nor all those silly straws. That's accomplished, but while rearranging....
18/Jan/15 2:52 AM
GOOD GRIEF...! We've got more plastic cups, sport bottles, and travel mugs than a family of 3 needs ! No wonder there's not room for anything else in 3 over the counter cabinets. I'm overwhelmed, and taking a break to whine .
18/Jan/15 2:54 AM
Not sunny.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Great to see you back, Plum! I think I had that cold in Nov/Dec - it'll probably last a month plus.
18/Jan/15 3:02 AM
Hmmmm.... Where's Keith?
18/Jan/15 3:03 AM
Hello, Keith!
18/Jan/15 3:03 AM
Good morning to all! ''Just a trim please, and don't take too much off!''
18/Jan/15 3:08 AM
Hi Plum! Long time no hear! I hope all is going well.
18/Jan/15 3:14 AM
Hi Shiela. Drizzle here.
18/Jan/15 3:24 AM
I'm usually pretty newsy. Since I've been away so long, I thought I'd catch you all up.

Plum's 2014 Highlights:

(a) Discovered GABA as a treasured nutritional supplement that took care of a variety of behavioral, attention and mood imbalances in various people in addition to More...
18/Jan/15 3:25 AM
(c)Our 16-1/2 year old cat died and was savaged by wandering dogs (not coyotes). That was traumatic. Our 9 year old dog had tumors removed twice and was diagnosed with cancer. She made it to her 10 year anniversary with us before we had to put her down. We planted lots of spring bulbs on their More...
18/Jan/15 3:27 AM
Nice to see Plum again. Looks like she had a busy year.
18/Jan/15 3:45 AM
The guy is late who is taking down our lights, what's new.
18/Jan/15 3:46 AM
Headed for the 60's again today. I know we will do a little yard work, there are still leaves to gather up.
18/Jan/15 3:47 AM
What is your website called Plum?
18/Jan/15 3:49 AM
Definitely a busy year for you, Plum. Sorry to hear about your furry family members. PO'd for you on the health-care bureaucracy - yours is one of many stories, I'm sure, which are not getting heard.

We'll be redoing our kitchen looking like this year, after having redone the master bath More...
18/Jan/15 4:44 AM
We moved into our house 24 years ago, new contruction at the time. The light fixture in the stairwell leading to the bonus room (over the garage) has kept its original light bulb for all those years. A number of years ago it flickered a lot, but settled back down. We figured the filament was indeed broken, but it was just hanging right and remained lit.
18/Jan/15 5:04 AM
When we had the roof replaced last week, all the pounding finally 'disconnected' the filament and the light went dark. The fixture is 11 feet up from the landing in the middle of the stairwell (15 feet up from ground floor). Too high for an A-frame ladder, but trying to get a 10-foot extension More...
18/Jan/15 5:08 AM
This morning we decided 'Just do it....' Silverguy and I plotted the whole procedure from padding the extension ladder edges to having a tote bag hooked on the hold the globe while changing the bulb. With only 1' to spare before gouging the cabinets, we got the ladder into the stairwell.
18/Jan/15 5:09 AM
Silverguy commences removing the globe and unscrewing the lightbulb... and it flickered on again! He remarked 'Fella, we're not gonna go there', I asked 'Can I say it? A-hole?', and S'Guy changed it out. ...24 years. I joked about putting it in another lamp, but you can hear the filament rattling. It's been deposited in the kitchen garbage can with neither pomp nor taps!
18/Jan/15 5:12 AM
(Previous post should read 1-inch to spare... I forgot that typed double quotes go single once submitted. We had very little maneuvering room.)
18/Jan/15 5:14 AM
Whoa, so close . . .
18/Jan/15 5:34 AM
Sneaking in . . .
18/Jan/15 5:35 AM
18/Jan/15 5:35 AM
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