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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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HI all!
24/Jan/09 12:03 AM
haven't been this high up the page for ages!
24/Jan/09 12:04 AM
Hi Fiona!
24/Jan/09 12:04 AM
How are you?
24/Jan/09 12:04 AM
and all on my own too! GOOD MORNING Sudokuland!
24/Jan/09 12:04 AM
HI Rose! Was getting worried for a minute! I'm fine thanks, just looking after a sick child unfortunately. How's yourself?
24/Jan/09 12:05 AM
hope all is well in Sudokuland.
24/Jan/09 12:06 AM
Hello Rose and Fiona !!!!
long time no chat :)
24/Jan/09 12:07 AM
Good morning Fiona, Rose, and Angie!

24/Jan/09 12:10 AM
true Angie, too long...but never anyone in that chatroom these days!
24/Jan/09 12:10 AM
2:28 Check out the wind 'do' on those puppies!

All my sick children (3 out of 4) got better last week. I have decided that your child gets sick in proportion to how busy your life is. Here's hoping your life is pretty quiet now, Fiona.

How are you, Angie? It has been a long time. Doesn't life interfere with all the fun stuff sometimes??!!
24/Jan/09 12:11 AM
Loads of correct answers for the pins and needles riddle - Rena, Aileen, Judy, Kathy, Greg, Plum and many more so either it was desperately easy....or you really are very very clever people! You choose!
24/Jan/09 12:12 AM
And there's Shosho checking in! Hi Shosho! I hope you're not getting a cold back, now.

24/Jan/09 12:13 AM
Here's the weekend puzzler for you - answer to the gold-plated, fur-lined inbox please!
Fill in the answers to the clues by using all the syllables. The number to be used is in parentheses.


1. Military horn (2)
2. Make poor (4)
3. American Indian (3)
4. Foot part (2)
5. Evening event (2)

24/Jan/09 12:14 AM

I had better get back to writing this assignment that was due 15 mins ago... it's a good thing that I have a sympathetic lecturer who understood how sick children can put a spanner in good intentions. I, unfortunately, now have 2200 words for a 1500 word assignment and now I have to More...
24/Jan/09 12:16 AM
Mary...just for you my family receipe
Lamb Souvlaki....
you will need at least lean lamb fillets, cut into cubes
onions, chopped up
red wine
Lemon Juice..real lemons no bottled stuff.
olive oil

now combine all the ingredients, and More...
24/Jan/09 12:18 AM
What is season-all, Angie?
24/Jan/09 12:20 AM
Hey Rose

McCormicks..season all, "spicy" seasoning.

available in the spice section of all good supermakets..

this is not a paid advertisement ..rofl
24/Jan/09 12:23 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!| I was out with the girls last night, so I slept in a bit this am!
24/Jan/09 12:25 AM
I am so ignorant about some things. I'll have to read the darn label to find out what's in it (checking no wheat stuff).

So, will you have lamb on Monday?
24/Jan/09 12:26 AM
Morning, Jill. How are you this morning?

24/Jan/09 12:28 AM
Now is it this one that everyone trys to get?
24/Jan/09 12:28 AM
As she says so innocently. Yep Rose, you did it. Congrats!
24/Jan/09 12:29 AM
I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I must stop procrastinating. I must stop procrastinating. I must stop procrastinating.
24/Jan/09 12:29 AM
Rose just checked my label, can't see any wheat.

And ummm, not what we are having on Monday, no big plans made as yet
24/Jan/09 12:30 AM
Thank you thank you (bowing humbly).
24/Jan/09 12:30 AM
Stop procrastinating later, Rose.
24/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Rose, my Son's Girlfriend has Celiac like you. and I use that Season All, and she has no probs with it !!
24/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Well, going out with the girls used to be a bit different. I now have designated driver status for the next several months. But there was still a good deal of giggling, laughter and general merriment. On the plus side, no hangover this morning!
24/Jan/09 12:32 AM
Thanks for that, Angie. We're actually going to a BBQ on Sunday for Aust Day - just to be different. Monday will be spent trying to catch up on all the course work for the exam the following Monday!

I really must go now. Good night all.
24/Jan/09 12:33 AM
Good morning all! Good night dugs! One last warm day, 27F, before the cold comes back. Have a great weekend!
24/Jan/09 12:34 AM
Nite rose, sleep well and don't forget the aeroguard on Sunday :)
24/Jan/09 12:38 AM
Hey Stella,
really really doh here..but what/who are/is dugs??
24/Jan/09 12:39 AM
Good Maen to everyone! Cute picture!
24/Jan/09 12:39 AM
"They" say we might make it above freezing today. I did get the snow and ice off the walkway and front step, yesterday. Hubby will have to work the drive. It is a snowy mess!
24/Jan/09 12:40 AM
Hi Jill
Melbourne Weather..
Sat: Mostly Sunny. Mild. Min of 18 top of 26

Sun: Morning Clouds. Warm. Dry. Min. 14, top of 33

Monday: Sunny. Warm. Dry. Min 16, top of 27

Looks like a great Australia Day weekend coming up.

24/Jan/09 12:45 AM
Good Morning All. What a happy picture of the running pups. Have a great day!
24/Jan/09 12:48 AM
DUGS - Down Under Girls!
24/Jan/09 12:50 AM
Kids are off school today. Conferences. We are going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house today. I think it is about time to ditch the jammies. Good Day to all!
24/Jan/09 12:54 AM
But on the other hand . . . we are close to turning a page.
24/Jan/09 12:54 AM
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