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Tough Sudoku for 24/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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He must be feeling ruff
24/Jan/09 12:48 AM
Good Morning Schultz!!!!!
24/Jan/09 12:57 AM
Maen. Cute pooch. Looks a bit surly with the cowboy scarf on.
24/Jan/09 1:11 AM
Fill to 59, then try b6=1: c6=9,a8=2, a7=h8=1 and middle right devoid of 1's. Therefore b6=9 and done.
24/Jan/09 1:12 AM
I agree, Schultz! (yawn!)
24/Jan/09 1:26 AM
1)Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=59
24/Jan/09 2:13 AM
I Schultz!
24/Jan/09 2:17 AM
24/Jan/09 2:22 AM
11:38 Maen! Yawns are contagious, Schultz! Now you've got ME doing it!
24/Jan/09 3:12 AM
Gotta have a Schultz fix--what a great dog, and it looks like he's got a nice view of his surroundings.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
24/Jan/09 3:25 AM
Great place to chill, Schultzy!
24/Jan/09 3:34 AM
Always great to see Schultz!
24/Jan/09 4:46 AM
13:13 too bad Schultz doesn't know how famous and beloved he is.
24/Jan/09 5:56 AM
Schultz! My kind of dog with a solid dog-ego name. We've had Willie, Ben, and Chuck, who are all resting peacefully under the birch tree in our one-time orchard, along with numerous cats...Puss'ms, Garfield, and Bypass. Ah, pets! Every human needs and deserves at least one good one. We've truly been blessed.
24/Jan/09 7:08 AM
How old is dear Schultz now?
24/Jan/09 9:19 AM
all! for all your lovely comments. I will pass on a big hug to him from you all!

Schultz is 14 years and 3 months old now.
That's around 110 in human years for such a big dog. He is very, very old now.

He's next to me tucking into a piggy ear right now. No loss of appetite
24/Jan/09 10:41 AM
Good morning Schultz!
24/Jan/09 10:44 AM
24/Jan/09 11:28 AM
Great dog Kate!
24/Jan/09 1:20 PM
14:40 Not the toughest tough. Not that I object!
24/Jan/09 7:49 PM
Agreed Jyrki, a nice little number to ease back into sudoku. Gidday Shultz!! I have a niece with a beautiful big old gentle lab cross (Her mother was a huge pigging dog I think but she got her fathers nature... and Shultz has that same "much loved" easy going look. Hello sudokists.
24/Jan/09 9:17 PM
28/Jan/09 5:00 AM
January 27, 2009 Rest in Peace - Shultz

You were a loved by many on this site.
28/Jan/09 11:45 AM

09/Sep/10 9:07 PM
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