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Hard Sudoku for 24/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Oh BRRRRRR!!!!! It looks like beautiful scenery though!
24/Jan/09 12:52 AM
Pure mamganese blue for this one ...with a little pyrrol red!
Beautiful, Robin!
24/Jan/09 1:25 AM
You have to love the blues! And very season appropriate! Beautiful....
24/Jan/09 1:47 AM

Interesting formations. Judging by the triangular dent in the ice, it looks like the kayak has tried to break through before.

24/Jan/09 1:52 AM
Something on MY Bucket List! Are you ready to go, Cathy?
24/Jan/09 2:15 AM
Kayaking in antarctica Judy?
24/Jan/09 2:30 AM
Or the Arctic, June! I'm not too particular! I just want to get up close and personal with ice calves! Wanna come with me, June?
24/Jan/09 2:38 AM
4:15 Maen! Looks gorgeous. And chilly.
24/Jan/09 2:59 AM
Sign me up, Judy! Spectacular. (The clothes will stay on this time, of course ...)
24/Jan/09 3:18 AM
Absolutely beautiful Robin - what a magical trip that must have been!
24/Jan/09 3:30 AM
Just re-read the posts...
It's 'manganese', not 'mamganese!'
24/Jan/09 3:59 AM
Beautiful picture after so many interuptions - laundry, filing complaints with the Do Not Call Registry (also the series of text messages that prompted the complaint). I really needed this calm photo.
24/Jan/09 4:43 AM
24/Jan/09 4:53 AM
Cathy, I'll bet you'd shed the clothes if you got to Deception Island. Deception Island is where the people can go bathing (in a hot spring) in Antarctica. I remember a photo under a puzzle sometime during the last few months.
24/Jan/09 5:39 AM
Aw, Plum ... pul-lease don't encourage Cathy to take her clothes off ... again ... Let's go to the Caribbean for naked kayaking, eh, Cathy? ...
24/Jan/09 5:51 AM
maen all! now that looks real cool in both meanings.
24/Jan/09 5:51 AM
Judy, of all the offers I get (!), I like yours the best!
Plum, Deception Island? Me, in the hot springs, in my birthday suit ... I'd be deceiving no one.
24/Jan/09 6:19 AM
Heh. Kayaking and Antarctica don't go together in my book, but the color of the water is JUST like Aruba... Caribbean gets my vote. Lovely photo of cool ice - looks like moose antlers. BIG, COLD MOOSE ANTLERS.
24/Jan/09 7:00 AM
Wow, antarctic tourism...cool
24/Jan/09 7:31 AM
Gorgeous pic, would make a nice jig saw too.
24/Jan/09 7:45 AM

(too cold to say anything)
24/Jan/09 9:12 AM
It is beautiful, but too cold for me.
24/Jan/09 9:29 AM
8:50 without possibilities - stunning photo!
24/Jan/09 10:20 AM
BRRRRR! Spectacular image though!
24/Jan/09 10:36 AM
Maen! 6:04

Now this is a cool pic, chilly even.

What's the story behind the name "Deception Island"? That there actually is no land mass there, only ice?
24/Jan/09 7:32 PM
Amazing photo ... and an amazing adventure Robyn. You wouln'dt want to fall in... so you must be a very competent kayaker as well. I really enjoyed doing that puzzle - slowly but without using possibilities option.
24/Jan/09 8:28 PM
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