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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
27/Mar/20 12:00 AM
Up early because today I'm going to try to score some food! Hopefully the hoarders won't have emptied the shelves of produce, meat, and dairy products like they did last week.
27/Mar/20 12:08 AM
1:37 That's a bit quicker, for a change.
Another beautiful photo.
Good night all.
27/Mar/20 12:11 AM
I must say that this has been good for my diet. I've lost 5 pounds in these past couple of weeks. No eating extra food because I've been staying at home! No Starbucks, no 85º bakery or even JJ Bakery or King's Hawaiian. No eating out or getting take-out, staying home. Just eating healthy foods!
27/Mar/20 12:12 AM
Overcast today.
Hope you have sunny!
27/Mar/20 12:42 AM
This morning I read that you should quarantine your groceries for 3 days outside your house - garage, maybe? (Or you should disinfect everything you bring in & repackage it without touching the food itself. Then wash hands & sanitize counters, of course!)
So, if you need to go shopping, go three days earlier than you need to!
27/Mar/20 12:50 AM
Good Maen, good people. I read the same article, Shiela.
https://www.mlive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/michigan-doctor-says-leave-groceries-outside-for-3-days- if-possible-shows-how-to-disinfect.html
27/Mar/20 1:05 AM
Everybody!! Sleep well Anne.
27/Mar/20 1:11 AM
I didn’t do that type of disinfecting last time I came home from the grocery. However I did disinfect the car after going into town: steering wheel, handles and control knobs, seat belt, levers etc. Then I washed my hands well.
27/Mar/20 1:12 AM
Good Maen
Hope you had a restful sleep, rain coming so need to get my outdoor time now, or else it is the treadmill. We got the treadmill to avoid the woulda shoulda comments
27/Mar/20 1:16 AM
27/Mar/20 2:08 AM
I think the 3 day thing is bogus. The link no longer works. One doctor in Michigan knows more than anyone else?
27/Mar/20 2:56 AM
re car disinfect.
When I go to store, I first wipe cart & my hands. Do shopping. Pay with credit card, no touch reader. When I leave the store I wipe cart and my hands.
Not sure why Plum, etc. believe interior of locked car is suddenly exposed!!
27/Mar/20 2:59 AM
At home, when we get a delivery from FedEx, etc. we handle box with gloves. Open it, remove contents. Put box in garage until it's time for trash pickup.
27/Mar/20 3:01 AM
Everyday when I login to Microsoft Edge, I have a fabulous landscape/geological photo highlighting an ecological phenomenon, with links to explore more about that area. Most photos are of places & views I've never seen, or even heard of … BUT this week it has been Uluru!
Thanks to Jane's & More...
27/Mar/20 3:20 AM
Oh, and hello to all - have a grand free-of-germ day!
27/Mar/20 3:21 AM

They are asking everyone to sanitize everything when there is no sanitizer to be had?
We don't have a garage. If I left groceries out on the porch for 3 days the raccoons would be more than happy.
27/Mar/20 4:19 AM
What a beauttiful bird!
27/Mar/20 6:06 AM
Morning all. Joyce, Lynne and I went to Australia for a month back in 2009, inspired by all the wonderful folk I'd met on this site. I have 5 pictures of Uluru starting with http://sudoku.com.au/photosbig.aspx?UID=4039&PID=8769&Go=L23-4-1991 click on previous to see them.
27/Mar/20 6:16 AM
If you'd like to see all my Australia pictures, start with http://sudoku.com.au/PhotosBig.aspx?PID=8831&UID=4039&Go=V21-4-1991 and keep clicking previous (over 100) until you get to the one of me posing with a mermaid. We had such a good time.
27/Mar/20 6:21 AM
While I'm here, gallump.
27/Mar/20 6:22 AM
27/Mar/20 6:22 AM
... not the mermaid and I, Lynne and I on the trip.

27/Mar/20 6:24 AM
27/Mar/20 6:35 AM
Morning all, beautiful photo.
When I read the groceries quarantine my first thought was, the ants wood be happy.
27/Mar/20 6:50 AM
Hope all keeping well
Nice bird photo
27/Mar/20 7:21 AM
Thanks, Keith - over the years I've viewed most everyone's photo gallery, including yours, most often I've gone to yours to view the ones with you posing with every statue imaginable!
Marvelous memories for you & Lynne & vicarious joy for me!
27/Mar/20 7:33 AM
1:07, a nice straight-forward 1->9. Good morning everyone.
27/Mar/20 7:38 AM
Well I've really blown it this time. I'll make a list of all the mistakes I'm aware of. Firstly I misspelled DESPERATE, only one A to use in PASTA. In any case RED PASTA was too short, eight letters instead of nine. RED PASTA and one other question should have had an indication that the More...
27/Mar/20 9:42 AM
My phone just rang to let me know that they are closing schools to the end of the school year. That really only effects the oldest and youngest and me. Poor Elijah is going to have a senior year to tell his grandkids about.
27/Mar/20 9:51 AM
Don't beat yourself up about it Wombat
We still had many clues to solve and even then I didn't get two correct. People understand the effort that goes in to preparing puzzles and that errors can and will occur. Keep on keeping one
27/Mar/20 10:09 AM
one should be on
27/Mar/20 10:09 AM
Just read about someone receiving a phone call from their bank saying they will get a three month holiday on repayments and interest for their mortgage and credit card. Just need to check all details first like account number, expiry date etc. If it works like a scam, smells like a scam ................
27/Mar/20 10:15 AM
That was 33 so, even though I've just got out of bed it must be my buy. Anything you like today because I'm feeling generous. Unlike Peter I have long arms and short pockets
27/Mar/20 10:17 AM
And that's it for a CP
27/Mar/20 10:17 AM
Having a 'Zoom' chat with a dozen Sudoku friends from all over the world
27/Mar/20 11:39 AM
Ohhhhh, Phantom - where are yooooouuuu??

Has anyone had news from Phanty??

27/Mar/20 1:29 PM
He is, probably, taking time to stock up on ectoplasm.
27/Mar/20 3:48 PM
I was on the Zoom with vdV. Lots of fun.
27/Mar/20 4:36 PM
27/Mar/20 4:36 PM
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