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Easy Sudoku for 27/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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27/Apr/18 12:00 AM
For Keith
27/Apr/18 12:01 AM
Soon all coastal cities will be like Venice.
27/Apr/18 12:08 AM
I know what you mean by your comment yesterday about the fog in gippsland Wombat, At 7.30am, I used to travel on a motorcycle, between Warragul and Moe on the highway that run parallel to the Strzlecki Ranges in Victoria. All I could see were the tops of vehicles in the low lying fog. Someone commented once that all they could see of me was my helmeted head sticking above the fog. Very eerie..
27/Apr/18 12:11 AM
Morning DotCom and all who follow
27/Apr/18 12:47 AM
Everybody!! Actually, not too many 'Everybody' so far! Glad Rage and DotCom are faithful.
27/Apr/18 1:20 AM
27/Apr/18 1:26 AM
TftD: We cannot become what we are meant to be by remaining what we are. -Max Dupree
27/Apr/18 1:28 AM
... unless what we are is what we're meant to be.

Thx Rage.
27/Apr/18 1:35 AM
My sunny good morning is appropriate today. We have beautiful weather forecast for the next week or so.
27/Apr/18 1:51 AM
I guess I should change my rainy day bat to one hanging around enjoying the good weather....
27/Apr/18 1:54 AM
Happy Thursday!
27/Apr/18 2:05 AM
27/Apr/18 2:21 AM
That one is food for thought, Hal. I like your comment, Keith.
27/Apr/18 3:31 AM
Sunny and very spring-like!
Enjoy your day!
27/Apr/18 4:25 AM
27/Apr/18 4:27 AM
Beautiful Venice!
27/Apr/18 4:57 AM
1:51 - full of a head cold and not a lot of sleep, I'm surprised I even managed that! Good morning everyone.
27/Apr/18 5:28 AM
Morning all,great photo today.
Sounds like your Spring has finally sprung, Shiela and Kathy.
27/Apr/18 5:42 AM
Chris, if you can do that time with a head cold and lack of sleep my time means I'm on my death before! lol 😳
27/Apr/18 5:45 AM
Keith, are you awake ?
27/Apr/18 5:46 AM
27/Apr/18 5:47 AM
Stupid autocorrect make that 'bed'.
27/Apr/18 5:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! The sun is struggling to come out now. We have had light drizzle all day.
27/Apr/18 6:38 AM
Thanks Judy, Joyce, Kathy, Snowbird, Aileen, Rage and CG who all had a go at the quiz. 100% success.
Answers were:
Salman Rushdie
Charles Dickens
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)
Harlper Lee (Scout)
F Scott Fitzgerald
Louisa May Alcott
Colleen More...
27/Apr/18 10:48 AM
Great story on CBC As It Happens about a race I could run! A .5K with a doughnut and coffee stand in the middle, and beer at the start and finish. They estimate it should take runners about 10 - 15 minutes depending on how long they take at the doughnut stand.
27/Apr/18 1:30 PM
There will be a shuttle bus for those who want to participate for the sake of the charity but who don't want to walk or run 500 yards.
27/Apr/18 1:34 PM
I took a walk in the lovely sunshine today and went past the tulip bed at the State Department that Serena and family saw when they were here. The poor tulips there, as elsewhere around town, are all bedraggled and sorry looking. They've had a tough time being fooled by a warm February followed by seven weeks of winter.
27/Apr/18 2:46 PM
Good Maen, good people. I've been up to lots. Sorry I've been less than I usually am here. I still desperately want to get Wombat's poozles done. That will be my birthday present to myself this year. I usually binge read a book series for a stay-in place vacation but this year I have been attending many seminars and firings and learning new software. I am a living example of HalT's TFTD.
27/Apr/18 11:04 PM
Sarah, the .5K, can I get the T-shirt? Ha. Love it.
27/Apr/18 11:05 PM
My daffodils and very early tulips are in bloom along with hyacinths and checkered lily fritillaria, which are a particular favorite of mine.
27/Apr/18 11:09 PM
My daughter Skye is sick, again. And it's the start of her employer's annual super sale where she is expected to work full time for a week instead of part time. Having a service industry job exposes her to whatever is going around. I cooked gluten free chicken soup for her for supper and I'm about More...
27/Apr/18 11:17 PM
A story about beer for a cp on 33:

I 'crashed' a seminar today/yesterday with the instructor's permission. I took photos for them while I was actually picking up expert tips without having to pay otherwise. I also brought a six pack of Two-Hearted Ale. I have been told I'm 'welcome, any time' and not to hesitate to call later with questions. Cheers.
27/Apr/18 11:22 PM
Oops. I'll make it a cp+1. Happy Birthday, Nancy. Hope all is well in your world. Sending warm wishes your way.
27/Apr/18 11:48 PM
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