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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Apr/18 12:00 AM
TftD: Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
26/Apr/18 12:02 AM
26/Apr/18 12:24 AM
HalT, Rage & all who follow. Rainy here today, but the grass is greening up after a difficult winter
26/Apr/18 12:40 AM
26/Apr/18 1:03 AM
26/Apr/18 1:43 AM
so close . . .
26/Apr/18 1:43 AM
26/Apr/18 1:44 AM
I waited to see the sun...
I got here just before I had to change to the afternoon smilie!
26/Apr/18 1:55 AM
I've been missing the crosswords for a few days.
26/Apr/18 2:10 AM
Morning all.
26/Apr/18 2:28 AM
26/Apr/18 4:17 AM
Good photo , Vici It's very apparent that this is a rainy day!
26/Apr/18 4:44 AM
Morning all, the misty part of that photo is what it looks like out my window.
26/Apr/18 6:31 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
26/Apr/18 6:37 AM
Good evening to all! Hard to believe there are only 15 previous posts.
26/Apr/18 8:37 AM
Greg, I'm sorry to hear about another attack on apparently innocent people. Canada seems to have become a target for terrorists, or just those who think they have a legitimate grudge
26/Apr/18 10:06 AM
We had low lying fog this morning. Driving along the road with paddocks either side all that could be seen were the legs of the cattle and horses - not the bodies. Quite eerie in a Hitchcock sort of way
26/Apr/18 11:52 AM
I used to have the opposite experience Arachnid. Used to teach at a little school called Allambee Estate on the edge of the Strzlecki Ranges in Victoria. Often if I was driving down to Yarragon I could see the tops of the hills poking through the fog, but nothing of the valleys between the hills.
26/Apr/18 12:21 PM
Toronto's murder-by-van perpetrator was not a terrorist, not in the political sense. He was a very seriously troubled person, as his schoolmates knew, since childhood. He did, of course, terrorize those on the sidewalk.
26/Apr/18 2:46 PM
Police in the US could - no, should - learn a lot by studying how the heroic policeman handled the situation.
26/Apr/18 2:48 PM
26/Apr/18 3:56 PM
Sarah I agree with your comment re the policeman - we can all learn. I think for the majority of conscientious good policemen who daily carry out their duties for the betterment of all of us it is a case of damned if they do and damned if they don't. This man has fortunately done an excellent More...
26/Apr/18 7:43 PM
I know what you mean Wombat about the fog in Gippsland
26/Apr/18 11:56 PM
I'll say goodnight now, see you tommorrow
26/Apr/18 11:58 PM
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