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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Mar/15 12:00 AM
29/Mar/15 12:00 AM
Joe, not often we see you on easy!!

HalT, our regular all round good guy!!
29/Mar/15 12:22 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Mar/15 12:37 AM
Here is a loaded statement. I am in great need of man explaining. To narrow that statement down, what is this fascination with the useless tool of the blow thingy? I say man, since I have never seen a woman use this thing.
29/Mar/15 12:41 AM
One day this week, Man used his blow toy and the neighbor to the left used his blow toy, and the leaves and grass met in the middle of the road, whereas, when the neighbor at the end of the street drove down the road, spread the leaves and grass back to the sides of the road. So both men blowed for no reason.
29/Mar/15 12:44 AM
Good evening one and all!
I've just had a very long and lovely chat on the 'phone with Sue from OK as she's now in Perth. I wasn't able to go to Perth to meet her so we did the next best thing. I didn't realise it was so late by the time we'd finished chatting.
29/Mar/15 12:54 AM
What an absolutely beautiful sunrise shot.
29/Mar/15 1:31 AM
everyone wonderful night in Perth.
29/Mar/15 1:52 AM
Had a wonderful chat with Albany Anne,as she said next best thing.
29/Mar/15 1:56 AM
since it is getting late here I will say
29/Mar/15 1:59 AM
Phenomenal photo!
29/Mar/15 2:17 AM
all - after a zippy 1->9, a spectacular sunrise!
29/Mar/15 2:29 AM
Re: photo - right place, right time beautiful!
29/Mar/15 3:13 AM
Seems I posted a stumper this morning. If there is some confusion, I am not asking to explain Man, I gave up trying to understand him years ago. I mean men in general and their blow toys.
29/Mar/15 3:15 AM
Windows are open wide and kitties are flying from window to window watching the array of birds.
29/Mar/15 3:17 AM
A thought has crossed my mind to join the community outdoors and maybe run the mower or pick a weed, so nose precaution has been taken.
29/Mar/15 3:18 AM
I could keep going, ya know.
29/Mar/15 3:19 AM
OH, Kinder teacher gave me an extremely hard homework assignment. They are working on a timeline of the student's lives and she would like three photos.
Do you know how hard it is to pick just three photos of my little darling's life? I have narrowed it down to 14 pics, which when I pick up the More...
29/Mar/15 3:24 AM
OK, in the words of our friend....
29/Mar/15 3:25 AM
29/Mar/15 3:25 AM
29/Mar/15 3:26 AM
29/Mar/15 3:26 AM
, y'all! Lovely sunrise, prettier than most sunsets I've seen.
29/Mar/15 3:27 AM
Silverteen woke up feeling fine this morning after an 11 hour sleep. Only dull pain, no further Percoset needed, just the regular pain killers. She's happy to be up and about.

Just got back from choir practice. We have a Palm Sunday Canata tomorrow and this was our last rehearsal. The message and the music is in God's hands to use now.
29/Mar/15 3:28 AM
I gave you last weekend off from Rebuses, so it's back to 'em this weekend! Below are 10 known phrases or things presented in a different way. Figure out what they are, answers to my 'Rebus Issues' inbox. Answers and winners to be posted in two days.

issue issue issue issue More...
29/Mar/15 3:39 AM
#9 is tricky, but not obscure.
29/Mar/15 3:40 AM
As I prepared to do a task, that at one time in my life, I enjoyed doing, but because of circumstances have not done in 9 years, in which time, Man has replaced the last machine I used. Actually, there is two problems, one, just one pill is not going to be enough for my nose and eyes and More...
29/Mar/15 3:59 AM
So, I am back in, taking care of my nose, which should knock me out for the rest of the afternoon.
29/Mar/15 4:01 AM
29/Mar/15 4:13 AM
Good morning. Lovely sunrise photo.
Hope that you are enjoying Perth Sue. Ken is making a list of all the places you visited in Sydney.
29/Mar/15 4:35 AM
Karen, I use the blower. Sometimes I put leaves etc into the bin or compost. Other times I blow leaves into the garden. I do not blow onto the road.
29/Mar/15 4:37 AM
Karen, I use the blow thingy to move all of the Fall leaves into neat piles. Then, with the addition of a couple of attachments, the blow thingy turns into a suck/mulch thingy. I suck up all the leaves, turn them to mulch, and B. uses it in her gardens. There's enough to last the whole year.
29/Mar/15 4:53 AM
Guess, I should have mentioned, the car came through before clean up, since the to blowing men had to stop and discuss yard work. Man mulches up leaves, to put back into ground. We live on top of a rock, so all dirt is hauled in.
29/Mar/15 5:25 AM
Karen, you might try putting the throttle in another position. Not knowing what machine you have it's hard to diagnose, but some mowers have the shut down switch integrated with the throttle. Some also have a choke integrated with the throttle in the maximum speed setting.

As for pulling and pulling, just consider it a 'workout' at Karen's Gym.
29/Mar/15 5:27 AM
June, I made a soxest comment, and after I made it was proved wrong. One of the female neighbors was using her blow thingy and now you said you blow too.
29/Mar/15 5:28 AM
Thanks D or A, I have no idea what you said, but it sounded helpful.
Man came home and informed me he had to clean some dud dad out, before it will start.
There are three dud dads, two are the speed thingy and one is a bar to hold down to keep the mower going.
Think I will let Man do his thing and hope ambitious strikes again. I know it is hard to believe, but I do like doing yard work.
29/Mar/15 5:36 AM
I'm the only one who uses the mower, And we don't have a blow thingy. Instead, I repeatedly mow over the leaves, chopping them up so they decompose rapidly.

Tonight there are 2 games only. First, at 6:09 EDT, Wisconsin plays Arizona. Then, at 8:49 EDT, Kentucky plays Notre Dame. I am SO looking forward to that game!!!
29/Mar/15 5:45 AM
What an amazing photo today!!!!
29/Mar/15 5:50 AM
Sorry, Man was having computer problems, I fixed his problem...I took the computer away from him.
29/Mar/15 5:51 AM
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