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Easy Sudoku for 30/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Lovely morning here today. Just back from a wonderful cruise around Hawaii.
30/Mar/15 12:12 AM
30/Mar/15 12:22 AM
30/Mar/15 12:57 AM
, y'all! I think we can ALL relate to today's pic.
30/Mar/15 1:39 AM
In between services at church. Choir and orchestra are presenting 'The Easter Story' - the message of the gospel in music. Great way to warm the heart on a morning where temps once again dipped below freezing.
30/Mar/15 1:40 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Mar/15 1:55 AM
Welcome back Wolf, seems you missed the end of Winter weather and get to enjoy this beautiful Spring weather.
30/Mar/15 1:56 AM
Seems I have lied and extremely sorry.
But yesterday, when going through my avatars I saw boo-coos of bunnies. Today, not so many.
30/Mar/15 2:01 AM

For Shosho.
30/Mar/15 2:04 AM
No plans for the day, just going to see what happens. What has happened so far is the fire place being partially cleaned out. This is the end of season cleaning. Really have no ambition to clean it.
30/Mar/15 2:07 AM
And last night's snake invasion was a bust. One girl called me to let me know she did not get a snake.

30/Mar/15 2:09 AM
Welcome back Wolf and how nice to see you Fii. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Karen, I am glad the girls did not find any rattle snakes.
30/Mar/15 2:18 AM
I never have tried the really tough ones on paper. It just seems like way too much erasing to me.
30/Mar/15 2:20 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
30/Mar/15 2:52 AM
Rats! Sorry Anne, I missed by one!
30/Mar/15 2:53 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!!!
30/Mar/15 2:54 AM
Sunny, but chilly!
(I am sooooooo ready for spring!)
30/Mar/15 3:56 AM
I have noticed something a bit strange...
Recently I have been doing Sudoku on paper at bedtime. What is strange is that instead making me faster with all the extra practice - I am slower here on the site. Go figure that!
30/Mar/15 4:00 AM
Yes, I am happy that my little darling did not find a snake. I do not think anyone found one, even though when you walk along the creek bed you can hear those rattles shaking and you can see them slithering around the pasture. Guess an informant told about the raid.
30/Mar/15 4:01 AM
I can see it now, well next weekend, a child is going to come running up yelling, 'Mom, the snake ate my egg. I am going to get it.'
30/Mar/15 4:03 AM
I'd be very happy to never see nor hear a snake - ever!
30/Mar/15 4:05 AM
Hello, Keith!
30/Mar/15 4:05 AM
Now, the fire place is cleaned out and I went up as far as possible, in the chimney. I am totally black now, but the fire place is clean enough to eat out of, even the bricks are cleaned.
This is actually the first time I shut down a fire place for the season and I thought the whole thing was stone. Nope, it is just a thin wall and I do not even think it is stone or cement.
30/Mar/15 4:06 AM
Miss it by that much.
30/Mar/15 4:07 AM
Me too, Shiela. They are one of those things, I would rather watch on the Discovery channel, if nothing else is on. But, unfortunately, I live in rattle snake heaven and have a child that is fascinated by them.
30/Mar/15 4:10 AM
You can tell Spring is springing. Lots of campers, travel trailers and RV's going up and down the street this morning.
30/Mar/15 4:11 AM
Your tale of snakes, Karen, reminds me of my late friend, Walt Wright. He was the head naturalist of the Madrona Marsh Preserve. I remember walks that we had with my students. He could walk very calmly and suddenly swoop down and come up with a snake! That would freak me out but I held my cool for my students' sake!
30/Mar/15 4:24 AM
But I learned to not walk too closely! He could find sooo many creatures, like the killdeer. He told us to stop and just stand there while he got the male bird to do its lame bird dance to lure him away from the nest!
30/Mar/15 4:27 AM
I also remember him catching a Pacific tree frog and telling the kids how to catch and hold them safely (for the frogs' sake). Ever try to stop two classes of kids from plunging into the water?!?!
30/Mar/15 4:28 AM
I only have time for Sudoku on these pages. They're hard enough for me!
30/Mar/15 4:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! A real Sudoku fanatic. Up to their 100 puzzle in the book. Now were all the rest finished?
30/Mar/15 4:44 AM
Oh, Shosho, you are a better person than me. The first time the so-called friend, threw up a snake, I would have been out of there.
I am sure in between screams, I would be telling the kiddos to run for their lives.
30/Mar/15 4:49 AM
Just learned Man has taken the girls shopping for shoes, along with MIL. He is so much braver than I am.
I have gone shoe shopping with them once before, I am still trying to recover.
30/Mar/15 4:52 AM
I started off working sudokus on paper, and books. When I first started lurking here, I'd print them off and work them while watching football. But these days, when I work them in the newspaper and found that I've messed up (the harder ones), I don't bother trying to redo them.
30/Mar/15 5:01 AM
I remember my son's 4th grade school camping trip...
The teacher led a hike, caught a snake and passed it down the line. It got near me and I knew I had to handle it as if it was 'no problem'. I did it, but I still cringe when I think of it, because the student behind me refused to take it and I More...
30/Mar/15 5:02 AM
I read the comments before I did the puzzle. Now I know what started the paper Sudoku conversation. I typically only do them online but will take some paper ones with when I travel.
30/Mar/15 5:12 AM

A comet.

In the today we have Judy, Wolf, DotCom, Silvergal, Shosho, Lonewoof, Joyce, Canuk Greg, Darwen Jim, Nan, and HalT. I don't have any comets handy but I do today's prize More...
30/Mar/15 5:14 AM
Seems now might not be the time to mention I keep reptiles (7 pythons, lizards and a turtle) as pets!!
30/Mar/15 5:15 AM
I knew there was someone on here that kept...uh...those type of pets. Just could not remember who. I am happy for you Lizzy and please don't take offense if I never visit. My sister had a python and rodents, I stayed away.
Did learn she lied to me and said she got rid of they python...I think it More...
30/Mar/15 5:27 AM
And it is time....
30/Mar/15 5:27 AM
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