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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Mar/15 12:00 AM
Good morning. That is a different photo to the ones Nal generally posts. Nice looking boy.
31/Mar/15 12:21 AM
Sunny! Yippee!
Chilly, but everything is better with sunshine!
31/Mar/15 12:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
31/Mar/15 12:28 AM
Windows are already wide open here. I would have had them open sooner, but I had a whiner this morning that was cold and her Daddy even said he would turn on the heat for her. Thankfully we were running behind in meeting their yellow limo.
31/Mar/15 12:31 AM
Perfect focus, perfect lighting, perfect framing ... in a snapshot. How does she do it?
31/Mar/15 12:33 AM
Since my house is presentable, on a Monday, again, there is not much on the agenda for the day. Man is going to get his criminal back ground check today. Something I should have done 25 years ago, but you know how you learn new things after you say 'I do.'
31/Mar/15 12:34 AM
Morning all, nal sure does have a way with getting perfect photos ,doesn't she Keith.
31/Mar/15 12:56 AM
We are getting some welcome rain here ,hope it keeps going all night we need it badly.
31/Mar/15 1:04 AM
, y'all! We're getting rain here too, hopefully it'll wash all this horrid pine pollen away. While I don't suffer from allergies, it's definitely an irritant.
31/Mar/15 1:27 AM
Man has risen and announced he was going to mow. Instantly, my eyes swelled up and started itching and my nose has been in a steady sneezing fit. Since, I have 6 hours before the girls return I took the hard stuff, Benedryal. Hopefully, I come back to down to the world, by the time my darlings return home.
31/Mar/15 1:28 AM
We have cedar here. I never had allergies during my less advanced age. We moved away for two years, from this area, and when we return, I suffer at the change of seasons. For a state that just has two season, I keep the allergy/sinus people in business four times a year.
31/Mar/15 1:32 AM
I've got plenty going on at work today, so without further adieu, I give you the Rebus answers.

tennis shoes
Seven Up
odds and ends
high five
head for cover
red in the face
corporate downsizing (or downturn or decline)
space invaders
win with ease
trail mix
31/Mar/15 1:47 AM
Another one I'd love to compare with a current picture.
31/Mar/15 2:18 AM

Divide $80 (in whole $ increments) into a number of bags so that I can ask for any amount between $1 and $80, and you can give me the proper amount by giving me a certain number of these bags without opening them. What is the minimum number of bags you will require?

Answers to my ''money'' inbox please.
31/Mar/15 2:27 AM
'He died while smoking, drinking whiskey and telling lies': Hilarious and heartfelt obituary to Alaska fisherman, 60, published in local paper by adoring daughter

Captain Donald Malcolm Jr died from stomach cancer last month at 60
His daughter Megan Malcolm penned an obituary to More...
31/Mar/15 3:14 AM
31/Mar/15 3:19 AM
I saw a very interesting video, it's long about an hour but the message is very significant.
http://www.upworthy.com/something-fascinating-happened-after-these-male-baboons-died-m en-should-keep-this-in-mind?c=reccon2
Get rid of the alpha males (politicians, religious leaders, dictators) and get a calmer, more generous society!
31/Mar/15 3:26 AM
Contributing a Gallump for Keith....
31/Mar/15 4:01 AM
Cute kid enjoying the water. Nice photo.
31/Mar/15 4:02 AM
& here I am ...
31/Mar/15 4:13 AM
31/Mar/15 4:13 AM
I never got the last two rebuses (I wanted to put rebii, but looked it up first), so never sent the rest in. Having seen the answers, I'm embarrassed. I should have been able to figure them out.
31/Mar/15 4:18 AM
Seems like it should be rebii....
31/Mar/15 4:36 AM
Sent Serena a real quick answer, now I hear kids coming down the hall!!!
31/Mar/15 4:59 AM
Great tribute, DOA.
31/Mar/15 5:15 AM
DOA's tribute reminds me of one of my Mom's cousins. I talked with his niece last night, and found out that lung cancer is about to finish him. He was too stubborn to die in his 60's, he is in his 80's mow. May he soon have peace.
31/Mar/15 5:17 AM
**************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************

Warning! Kakuro.cc tries load some binary file! Probably some malware.
31/Mar/15 5:38 AM
Another spam scare. I've forwarded the message to Gath to have a look at. C'est la vie. Why do people try to create problems on this site?
31/Mar/15 6:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's always nice to see one of Nal's photos, and this one is nature personified, with life and water!
31/Mar/15 6:29 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
31/Mar/15 6:33 AM
Oh, DoA, what a smile-inducing link! Many times I leave a memorial services regretting to have never known the deceased; this obit did the same!
31/Mar/15 7:19 AM
I noticed Smask posted on all puzzle pages. Never had seen the poster before, though it didn't occur to me that it was spam.
31/Mar/15 8:27 AM
Why would a recipe say liquid honey? Does honey come in a solid form?
31/Mar/15 9:10 AM
There is a reason, I avoid most medications, especially when I have the girls in my full care.

Took one little, bitty, tiny allergy pill around 8:30 this morning, by 9, I could not see straight, by 9:30 I was passed out. Only slept 2.5 hours, and only then did I get up because nature More...
31/Mar/15 9:15 AM
I jumped in the shower in hopes that would clear my head and sight. Really, not a good combination, driving when you cannot see straight, with children. That helped, but still cannot walk straight.
31/Mar/15 9:16 AM
31/Mar/15 9:47 AM
31/Mar/15 9:48 AM
31/Mar/15 9:48 AM
31/Mar/15 9:48 AM
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