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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all who follow
03/Mar/17 12:23 AM
Good Maen, Rage.
03/Mar/17 12:30 AM
Just had time to stop and work the EASY. Now time to get ready for class.
03/Mar/17 12:35 AM
2:04 A bit slow tonight.
Good night all!
03/Mar/17 12:41 AM
Good Maen, Jamie and Anne!
03/Mar/17 1:01 AM
Good to see you, Jane!! Our community is more complete with you here!
03/Mar/17 1:08 AM
Not sunny.
We have a dusting of snow this morning.
A little more normal than the 55 F degrees that we had yesterday.
I actually have Pansies blooming! Poor things!
03/Mar/17 1:20 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
03/Mar/17 1:21 AM
Well, Well, Well!! Jane and Judy both here at the same time, well almost anyway.
Lovely to see you Jane and of course, you too, Judy.
03/Mar/17 1:21 AM
Maybe I should have snagged the good luck for myself!
I ended up getting a 'boot' yesterday at my orthopedic appointment. They think I tore somthing that holds my posterior tibial tendon in place. (I actually heard it snap.) The PTT is the tendon that's given me problems for several years.
03/Mar/17 1:28 AM
Oh, no, Shiela! Just when you were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel ...
03/Mar/17 1:40 AM
Hmmm, Shiela -will the 'boot' help put that torn tendon back together?
03/Mar/17 2:33 AM
I remember you having foot/ankle problems now for what, a couple years? If this is the root of the problem...bring on the solution!
03/Mar/17 2:35 AM
and G'day Rage, Jamie, Jane -good to see you over here, Anne, Judy and all who follow later!
03/Mar/17 2:38 AM
...and thinking about returned old friends- been missing Serena; might you stop by occasionally?? Wish you did, you are missed!
03/Mar/17 2:40 AM
03/Mar/17 2:42 AM
Big damaging power winds blew in a change of weather yesterday - from a high of near 70* to 20* degrees today; 15,000 without power & electrical trucks swarmed the Greek diner across the street to gear up for their day of repairing snapped poles! Thankfully, our area had no outages....
03/Mar/17 2:45 AM
Nope! One of the things left to help stabilize that tendon let loose with that 'snap'. The 'boot' won't help original dysfunctional tendon, but it will prevent further damage to one of the few stabilizing mechanisms left of that tendon. (There is really no solution to the original PTTD tendon problem.) It's the only tendon in your body that they can't 'fix'.
03/Mar/17 2:52 AM
Well, Keith's lurking...
03/Mar/17 2:53 AM
03/Mar/17 3:21 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
03/Mar/17 3:22 AM
Keith!!!! Oh well, I dedicate this post to Keith!
03/Mar/17 3:23 AM
Maen. 1:51
03/Mar/17 3:33 AM
Windy and darn cold here, but ... no snow, yet. I'm waiting patiently.
03/Mar/17 4:03 AM

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! Just makes it a little more special with messages from around the world!
03/Mar/17 5:36 AM
I get to pick the restaurant tonight....hubby was not surprised when I opted for Chinese. Not the healthiest of choices, but, once a year....who cares!
03/Mar/17 5:39 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:

Can't resist! The ''Does This Birthday Cake Make My Head Look Fat?'' Crown
goes to winners, Judy, Cake Lady, Keith, and Joyce.
03/Mar/17 5:44 AM
Morning all, water dragons are fun to watch just don't get too close at mating time...Bill had one female almost run up his leg.
03/Mar/17 6:05 AM
I'm off to Mexico this morning , watching the golf on TV. Lol
03/Mar/17 6:09 AM
03/Mar/17 6:12 AM
Good mAen, good people. I was to the doctor today too.
03/Mar/17 6:17 AM
03/Mar/17 6:41 AM
Judy and Mads, have a fun day celebrating.
03/Mar/17 7:09 AM
Nice water dragon photo. Not often we see these.
03/Mar/17 7:14 AM
1:50, a little on the sluggish side today. Good morning everyone.
03/Mar/17 8:26 AM
Kathy- thanks for my birthday cake crown. I wouldn't be too concerned about it making my head look fat, I'd be more worried about whether my neck can stand the WEIGHT of a cake that big!
I've made cakes that big, those suckers are HEAVY!
03/Mar/17 9:34 AM
03/Mar/17 12:35 PM
Good evening.
03/Mar/17 5:25 PM
Having a relatively quiet day today.
03/Mar/17 5:26 PM
Went to the dentist first thing to have some rough edges on several teeth smoothed.
03/Mar/17 5:27 PM
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