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Easy Sudoku for 3/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Apr/15 12:00 AM
What could Dooley possibly fight?
03/Apr/15 12:19 AM
Beginning with the word 'ape', add one letter from the given pool to create a new word until you get a eight-letter word meaning 'a wild headlong rush of frightened animals'.

Pool: D T E S M

1) APE

Note: The existing letters don’t change order. The new letter can be placed anywhere in the word.

Answers to my ‘’Ape’’ inbox please.
03/Apr/15 12:22 AM
Raining cats & dogs!
I'm waiting for a... maybe a cute orange kitten!
03/Apr/15 12:41 AM
Or maybe a black & white one?
03/Apr/15 12:47 AM
Or a little gray tiger?
03/Apr/15 12:48 AM
Or maybe all three!!!
03/Apr/15 12:48 AM
Snagged for Shosho!
03/Apr/15 12:48 AM
That done, I'm off to watercolor class!
03/Apr/15 12:49 AM
Good morning people of the world.
03/Apr/15 12:57 AM
Yep, Dooley has me scared.
03/Apr/15 12:57 AM
Shiela, could you send some of the raining cats and dogs here, please? We are in great need of something to knock down this pollen. Had to rush, well maybe I did not need to rush, but my baby was hurting, so I rushed to school this morning. Jumped in my car and did not notice I could not see out More...
03/Apr/15 1:01 AM
At 6:30 this morning I sent the girl to school because she was back to normal, just said her head felt bruised. At 7:30 I received a phone call, 'Mrs. K, M is in the nurse's office crying.' What did those people do to my baby to make her cry? I was on my way, after I put on public clothes, of More...
03/Apr/15 1:06 AM
Snapple 'Real Fact' #685 - Dogs can make about 10 sounds, cats make about 100.

Karen, glad you are taking M to the doctor. Her headaches could be caused by something other than allergies.
03/Apr/15 2:05 AM
Kathy, from you Snapple Fact yesterday, please send bees here, they will not have to work too hard to get the allotted daily amount of pollen.

I can handle a day or two of not feeling well, but then Mother Panic comes in and has to get my darling some type of relief.
03/Apr/15 2:09 AM
At the moment, you would not believe me, that just two hours ago my little darling was in the nurses office crying because her head hurt. I did not give her anything when we got home, just in case the pedi nurse told me something different. BTW, I was told to increase the dosage. Anyway, M and I More...
03/Apr/15 2:14 AM
03/Apr/15 2:15 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!
03/Apr/15 2:15 AM
When I asked about her head, she did a knock, knock on top of her noggin and said it still works. When I asked if she wanted to go back to school, she disappeared. But minutes later she yells from inside her closet, if she can go jump on the trampoline. I did not have a chance to respond, until she More...
03/Apr/15 2:17 AM
Let the gallumping begin!
03/Apr/15 2:19 AM
03/Apr/15 2:19 AM
03/Apr/15 2:20 AM
Really Shosho, I thought you would offer a challenge.
03/Apr/15 2:20 AM
, y'all!

Woke up with a migraine... I think I've got the vestiges of some kind of head cold, though not a bad one. Silverteen has her follow up with oral surgeon today, and I'm expecting all will be progressing as expected.
03/Apr/15 2:26 AM
I took an instant liking to Dooley!
03/Apr/15 2:27 AM
Karen, is it allergies your daughter is suffering?
03/Apr/15 2:28 AM
I don't think so, Sivergal. Because of the location of where her head hurts and no other symptoms, like the ones mentioned on the allergy medicine box. I think it is sinus. Plus the fact that when I gave her the yucky, adult sinus pill there was results in her relief. She has no other symptoms, More...
03/Apr/15 2:38 AM
Yup, Dooley is terrifying.
03/Apr/15 3:08 AM

Businessman in 1st Class to gorgeous flight attendant.....

Business Man: What’s your name?

Hostess: Angela Benz, sir!

Business Man: Lovely name, any relation to Mercedes Benz?

Hostess: Yes sir, very close....

Business Man: How close?

Hostess: Same price!

03/Apr/15 3:36 AM
Sure she isn't allergic to school, Karen?
03/Apr/15 3:56 AM
Dooley doesn't look like a fighter.He has a smile on his face.
03/Apr/15 4:22 AM
Heidi, check your Inbox.
03/Apr/15 4:24 AM
Dooley looks like he enjoys life.
03/Apr/15 4:55 AM
Going for a ride, makes life worth while, eh Dooley?
03/Apr/15 4:59 AM
Morning all, Dooley looks to friendly to be a fighter.
03/Apr/15 5:37 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
03/Apr/15 6:53 AM
03/Apr/15 7:20 AM
Robert ''Shyster'' Schuller died today at 88.
03/Apr/15 7:33 AM
Oh, look...
03/Apr/15 7:34 AM
03/Apr/15 7:34 AM
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