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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Today's tough puzzle strains to justify the label tough. However, I found one very pretty step. Thus, I could not resist the temptation to use this puzzle as blog fodder.
At the end of the proof, I wax almost philosophical about sudoku solving in general.
To view both my grandiose More...
30/Mar/07 9:58 PM
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! go the Force!!! Mattie and Cameron - lovely boys!

andré - not sure if Perth is unique in that they sell carpets with choc dots impregnated in the pile. mine is now looking a tad threadbare and a new one will be laid pretty soon...
31/Mar/07 12:01 AM
on the first page?
31/Mar/07 12:03 AM
2:51 Good evening all. The start of the weekend, Yippee.
What is a horse doing inside that person's house.
31/Mar/07 12:04 AM
Good Maen! 2.33 at 9:09am Oklahoma time. A little BIG to be a lap dog I think.
31/Mar/07 12:05 AM
Andre saw this on a card my son had got to send to a lady friend of his. A woman`s body is built to maintain the cave whilst the man is out hunting mammoths,and to eat chocolate.Now that there are no mammoths left it is fully within a woman`s right to eat chocolate.Loads of it.
31/Mar/07 12:07 AM
2:10 Maen. Nice doggy. Big doggy!
31/Mar/07 12:10 AM

Fairly easy puzzle. All but four numbers the first time through.
31/Mar/07 12:11 AM
Spring a head and Fall behind - That is why this sight's midnight comes at 9:am here now. Downunder - OZ is now behind. Da! I miss the 8:00 am start.
31/Mar/07 12:15 AM
Billy, that's 3 in a row at home!!
31/Mar/07 12:16 AM
...can't seem to talk em - voice is a bit hoarse... great game, think we may even have got a bonus point as the sharks didn't score a try. 2nd on the ladder! :)))))
31/Mar/07 12:22 AM
31/Mar/07 12:23 AM

Dave: I think we have your rainy weather now. Rain forcasted for the next week Oh well, that will force me to stay inside and get start my spring cleaning.
31/Mar/07 12:23 AM
Good Maen fairly easy puzzle
31/Mar/07 12:24 AM
Good Maen,

Mid morning here and the sun is out but the rain will be coming later - It's turning green out and I'm enjoying the window open once again and going for my outdoor walk - I walk outside all year - but it's a nice change and I enjoy the spring flowers coming up.
31/Mar/07 12:27 AM
everyone...sunny this am but rain this weekend...
LK: Spring cleaning....that must be a mid-west/east thing
31/Mar/07 12:30 AM
Please don't even mention the ''R'' word! The thought of being trapped in a trailer at the beach with three small children and two dogs this week would strike fear in my heart! Yep ... we're just gonna have sunshine, blue skies, warm temps ...
31/Mar/07 12:33 AM
LK, did you get that Call Center video I sent to Randy T......email address??
31/Mar/07 12:33 AM
On their honeymoon, the blonde bride slipped into a sexy nightie and with great anticipation, crawled into bed, only to find that her new
Catholic husband had settled down on the couch.

When she asked him why he was apparently not going to make love to her, he replied, 'It's Lent.'
31/Mar/07 12:33 AM
Rain in San Diego??? Is there even such a thing in SoCal??
31/Mar/07 12:35 AM
1:37 woo hoo
31/Mar/07 12:35 AM
Medical Distinction

We've all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, the definition for each is listed below...

GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your More...
31/Mar/07 12:38 AM
There is no rain in the 10-day forecast, DAVE, but I don't want to jinx it!!
31/Mar/07 12:38 AM
Making De Love

The Italian says, 'When I've a finisheda makina da love with my girlfriend I go down and gently tickle the back of her knees, she floatsa 6 inches above a da bed in ecstasy'.

The Frenchman replies, 'Zat is nothing, when Ah 'ave finished making ze love with ze More...
31/Mar/07 12:40 AM
A retired friend puts out an E-Newsletter asked readers to send info on what is happening in their lives. One guy from farm country in the middle of America wrote...

'Newsy News from the Land of Flat' (a/k/a Kansas)...

Mail? You want mail? I'll give you mail...

The cow More...
31/Mar/07 12:41 AM
2:10 Hi to all and have a good weekend.

Thought for the Day:

Don't get your knickers in a knot. Nothing is solved and it just makes you walk funny.
31/Mar/07 12:41 AM
2:05, Spring cleaning?? What is that?? Is that where you pick up the chocolates on the floor. Rained yesterday afternoon, last night, and more coming.
31/Mar/07 12:42 AM
I haven't checked that email for a few days. When did you send it? I will check it this weekend if I didn't get it I will let you know.

Judy - I hope for your sake it is sunny, but if not, take your racquet, slam the balls around the camper and make the grandkids try to catch them!
31/Mar/07 12:43 AM
Billy I think not swallowing the carpet might help your throat problem as carpet hair can be a tadge difficult to swallow whole!!
Val there is a chocolate cave!!!??? Oh for the want of chocolate.. still resisting although I have a Frys chocolate orange cream bar in a bag saying its Friday relax and enjoy me..
31/Mar/07 12:46 AM
hey chat room friends: haven't a clue what happened. i got booted out and couldn't get back in. when i could, i could type but it wouldn't post. who knows........anyway, i'll look for y'all again sometime. it was fun.
31/Mar/07 12:46 AM
You know... Spring Cleaning... when your husband wants more chips and when he lifts the couch cushion to look for some, you vaccuum under the cushion!
31/Mar/07 12:48 AM
Judy/San Diego: we lived in San Diego a long long time ago (were married there) and it only rained in January, no other month. Has that changed?
31/Mar/07 12:50 AM
Sandra - if you close out of the site, then come back you should be able to get into chatroom, I am there right now if you want to try.
31/Mar/07 12:52 AM
...andré, it is....

I was going to ask you a really important question babes: remember quality streets from eons ago...did they ever have a turkish delight one? and did the purple wrapper one have a brazil nut in it?? I need to know.
31/Mar/07 12:53 AM
Awww. Cuddly little lap dog.
31/Mar/07 1:01 AM
Who is the mystery dog and lady?

The Sun is shining here again today. We are having a beautiful Spring! Most of our frost is gone and it isn't April yet!
31/Mar/07 1:02 AM
SANDRA: North San Diego County has had less than 3 inches of rainfall during this ''rainy season,'' and it is unlikely that we will receive much more. Even though it hasn't rained, I am grateful that we will not has the serious problems that have plagued Oz this year! We were married down in SD, too, almost 38 years ago!
31/Mar/07 1:04 AM
31/Mar/07 1:05 AM
Oh, yes, LINDA ... that would be entertaining ... smashing balls around in a confined space, expecting my grandkids to fetch them in competition with two, ball-crazy dogs! Yikes! :)
31/Mar/07 1:08 AM
Just a thought Judy - It would keep everybody on their toes!
31/Mar/07 1:12 AM
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