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Easy Sudoku for 5/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
05/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Good morning all.
05/Aug/16 12:00 AM
05/Aug/16 12:07 AM
Watching the coverage of the Rio Games and just found out the copacbana is in Rio - here I have been singing that song all these years believing I was in Cuba !!!!!
05/Aug/16 12:11 AM
05/Aug/16 12:24 AM
05/Aug/16 12:28 AM
so close . . .
05/Aug/16 12:28 AM
05/Aug/16 12:29 AM

Mymare, I dont think your the only one who thought that
05/Aug/16 12:30 AM
Yay! Got my fav number post!
Darn, last dance practice before the Obon festival!
Yay, old sofa is leaving!
Darn, got to go grocery shopping!
Yay, get to order new sofa!
05/Aug/16 12:31 AM
I do enjoy the song - I go to Rio -
05/Aug/16 12:48 AM
I don't believe we've ever had a hand painted plate as a jigsaw before. At least, I think it's a plate?
05/Aug/16 12:51 AM
Good morning world. It is a beautiful day in OK.
05/Aug/16 12:51 AM
Daughter and SIL just left for Texas. Had a wonderful time the last few days.
05/Aug/16 12:53 AM
Enjoyed the morning sunrise over the lake, nice and cool but won't be for long. Will be having another 100F day.
05/Aug/16 12:55 AM
Need to get back to the laundry, daughter offered but I wanted to enjoy their company instead of doing laundry.
05/Aug/16 12:56 AM
Are we close enough?
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
The machines await,
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
The Manilow version of ''Copacabana'' mentions Havana. Maybe just because it rhymes?
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
Feels like we're close enough.
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
I will help Keith
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
On your mark, Kathy.
05/Aug/16 12:58 AM
Wow! A 3 way, and I lucked out.
05/Aug/16 12:59 AM
Sue pushed Keith! I'm telling!
05/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Why Keith. You make me blush.
05/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Keith can gallump and get lucky at the same time. Pretty impressive.
05/Aug/16 1:01 AM
Nice to alternate your exuberant feelings, Shosho! Good day to all - off to dentist....
05/Aug/16 1:03 AM
Hope it's just a check up and all is good, Joyce!

The answer to yesterday's poozle: Strawberry

Winners Keith, Judy, Wombat, Hal, Sarah, CynB!, and Joyce receive the ''I Don't Have A Strawberry, But, Hey, It's A Fruit!'' Crown
05/Aug/16 1:25 AM
Blame Manilow for the Copa confusion ... he's singing about a nightclub, not the beach (hence, 'the hottest spot north of Havana'). And I won't join in on a chorus of 'The Girl from Ipanema' ... never could stand that song!
05/Aug/16 1:30 AM
What a pretty plate with Goldfinches on it.
I get many of these birds all year round. They change colour in the Winter and the yellow disappears ,replaced with beige.
05/Aug/16 2:59 AM

A bit too far from the bottom of the page
05/Aug/16 3:32 AM

and with nothing to say.
05/Aug/16 3:33 AM

except its only 3 more work nights until I retire.
05/Aug/16 3:33 AM

No more 140km return trips drives to work
05/Aug/16 3:34 AM

More time to spend with hubby and grandsons.
05/Aug/16 3:34 AM

Im sure I will find something else to do to fill in the time spent at home.
05/Aug/16 3:35 AM
maybe another trip somewhere.......the one to Canada seems so long ago already and we have only been home two weeks...
05/Aug/16 3:36 AM
sorry about the rambling.....
05/Aug/16 3:41 AM
Another 3 way?
05/Aug/16 3:43 AM
05/Aug/16 3:43 AM
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