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Parents Sudoku for 10/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Getting an early start on the brews? Great picture Laura!
start young in those parts
Baby looks serious about her drink.
Very cute.
Following in grandpa's footsteps?
Good onya!,Laura,start as you mean to go on!;)
Similar pictures in our family album!
2:37 Just try taking the bottle off her or the lid. She has yet to get the bottle when it is full and no lid.

Sarah Beth - I bet lots of people have similar photos
Great picture!! Five days until the invasion of the body snatchers - oh, wait, it is just the Highlanders.
is it the cold glass on the gums giving relief or do they like the malty taste? my kids used to do the same thing. Laura looks like she is concentrating hard.
Does this really work?
think they all like to try out dads empty beer bottle
have a good day/night one and all

enjoy your outlander discussions on here or any other page you want to and dont be put off by a bit of whinging by those happy to whinge at anything
VB not bad. I prefer Tooheys Blue, myself. Cute bubby.
She been at the recycling bin again Sharon???
In my album too, unfortunately we found out that my miscievous son had crawled under the couches to get the half empty ones, and was a little under the weather. Seems the TV had engrossed the men too much too notice the baby crawling on the floor...
THANKS ROSEMARY, and to all who have welcomed the book discussion about The Outlander. If you are still interested in getting together....WE WILL! We will adhere to the announced times, and somehow will muddle through, helping each other along the way. If you enjoyed the book or want to hear why we More...
Sharon - that is a great photo for the 21st (where she'll probably still be boozing :p)
Topaz - re yesterday's comment, I also have 2 boys (2 & 7) and my youngest would fit in well with yours, he gets called 'Bulldozer'. Look forward to photos.

Sorry to everyone I accidently posted this on easy as well.
VB Baby!!
popped in here hoping the book club people could give me a tip for a great book to read. Missed the start of the outlander discussion but caught the last few days of furore.
Forget the hecklers and do what you want. If Gath doesnt approve, he will let us know.
Just wondering.... I've been told that Fosters is a big beer in Australia, yet I have heard of many beers on this site but not that one. Is it really popular or not?
Fosters is not drunk much by Aussies (I've heard the English love it though), in Victoria, VB is probably the most popular, but I know different states prefer different beers.
Mamacita 2: VB is what my man drinks. Tooeys is popular in New South Wales,and Coopers in South Australia and the funny one for Americans is the QLD variety called XXXX. I hear that it is the name for another item used in the US. We had some American friends come to stay many years ago when there More...
I personally dislike beer - prefer wine or the fortified stuff!
VB is also quite popular in NSW. Laura's fathers favourite beer.
Laura will go for dark coloured beer bottles not so much the clear ones. As she sees the dark ones more often.
Yep, still works.
3:22 Hi to all. Go Laura!! Have you tried a good white wine?
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