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Hard Sudoku for 10/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello everyone.
The mountain is a bit hard to see but it was a beautiful sight looking over the snow capped peaks against the background of the city of Arequipa. Good night, an early night for me.
5:11 - yet another terrific photo Anne. Keep them coming!
4:49 Nicely framed picture!
Another great pix of Peru. Thanks, Anne.
Good morning to all1 Another beautiful picture Anne! What is the building that you were in when you took the picture?
What a beautiful view. It must have been fun to visit it.
It was almost like filling in the blanks sequencially. Hardly any thinking was needed!
4:36 Maen
Good Maen. Thanks for the comments on the photo, Anne. I'm not sure I would have noticed the mountain without your comments, because it was already intriguing. I, too, am curious about the building with the writing above the arch. Maybe I can check back later when you're awake.
8:50 I just love seeing the world from other people. Keep them coming.
Nice photo-good imagination for the snap!
Well Done, Nice View Through The ARCH
Viva una revelucion and

Viva una revelation! Anne
9:32, I've gone sub 10 at last, was it easier than others?
KB, I leave unexpectedly for San Diego in the morning. Will be there for three days...
8.10 a new best time
Easy 'Hard'!
As always...a beautiful picture Anne!
Interesting word on the arch - something about a revolution? What is the meaning?
great photo anne
have a good day/night one and all
Great photo - nice easy hard today, too.
'The Gods are Smiling!!, but still don't have a card, will get one for tomorrow. How soon can we be in touch?
I'll be in touch Wednesday afternoon your time. Smiling indeed!!
just starting on hards - 22.37 Rose how do you do under 5? obviously none of you put down all the possibilities. You have some sort of math rules i suppose.
Please see Outlander Discussion group update on Parent page.
9:25 - Easy one today. I did this one faster than the Medium!
Nice picture!
A fine photo indeed! Wish I was there!
12:27 second time ever solving it without the possibilities option
Wilodene from Utah - sorry I haven't answered you yet but besides having an early night I have for some unknown reason been offline for a number of hours.
The arch is actually a series of arches in one of the city squares and overlooks part of the city and the valley. There was also a beautiful old church nearby.
7:45 Hi to all
Last comment of the day of first of new? Whichever, hello! Another great scene from Peru.
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