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Parents Sudoku for 20/March/2007


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Laura. This photo, which has been on a few times before, was taken over 7 months ago. Laura would not fit into that 1886 gown now.
20/Mar/07 12:38 AM
2:51 Hi to all and the lovely Laura. What beautiful memories must be held in that gown June.
20/Mar/07 12:47 AM
JUNE, do you have any idea of how many babies have been christened in that gown over 121 years? I hope someone kept records! What a treasure ... just like Laura! Wow!
20/Mar/07 1:31 AM
Judy, As far as I know, my Grandfather and his sister (who had no family),I do not think it was used for my mother (an only child) and she did not use it for me or my sisters. I used it for two of my three children and two of my grandchildren. My sisters did not use it for their children.
20/Mar/07 1:55 AM
Hi Laura.
You are very beauitiful cute little girl.
In that day you been an Christian Laura.In our country We Christen our childs in beauitiful new white dress and church do a very nice and interest calibration for the child.

Laura CONGRATULATION the Christen. Are they gave you chrisian name??
20/Mar/07 4:54 AM
Getting to know these kids and loving it! It's great to see them growing and becoming real personalities.
20/Mar/07 5:01 AM
She looks like an angel.
20/Mar/07 5:24 AM
Good afternoon to all! Regardless of whether it's been shown before or not, it's still a lovely picture June!
20/Mar/07 6:56 AM
Thanks Greg. Although I did not submit the photo it is one I took. Actually it was before the Christening and I used the photo,(the original shows the full lenght of the dress) to print onto rice paper and decorate the cake.
Wagdy she was Baptised Laura Anne
20/Mar/07 8:00 AM
beautiful laura and that fantastic christening gown.
20/Mar/07 8:20 AM
2:12 Laura looks exquisite!
We have one of those and there were many dramas surrounding it last year with Elinor - Paul's mother did not approve of the first date we had set and threw an absolute wobbly and we ended up cancelling the whole thing for months because it all got too hard and Elinor More...
20/Mar/07 11:24 AM

Judy, As June from Epping said it was used for 2 of her 3 children. I was the one which was too big at 9 months to be christened in it but Laura fitted in it at 12 months.

She also has more hair now then when the photo was taken.
20/Mar/07 8:54 PM
20/Mar/07 10:01 PM
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