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Tough Sudoku for 20/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I may be beating the drum too hard, but...
Today's tough puzzle easily resolves with a Y Wing Style.
One can find the path I decided to illustrate in yet another new blog page. The link to this page is located in the usual place, upper right column, under Check out the Sudoku Blog.

19/Mar/07 8:28 PM
I took this photo coming back from Perth after Christmas about an hour's drive from Albany, hence the very dry paddocks.
20/Mar/07 12:09 AM
5:55 Maen. Easiest tough I've ever had... more like a hard!
20/Mar/07 12:28 AM
love the picture, Anne.
20/Mar/07 12:54 AM
That's another great photo Anne. A typical Aussie summer scene. Visitors to our country, particularly those who come from UK and Europe generally are unprepared for our bright sunlight, clear blue skies, straw-coloured paddocks and dull green, rather than bright green trees - unless they arrive during a cyclone!
20/Mar/07 12:55 AM
Hello Ian - you're up very late tonight. I don't usually see your comments until the next day.
Thanks for the compliment about my photo.
20/Mar/07 1:00 AM
Nice picture. It looks like it is very hot?
20/Mar/07 1:03 AM
Have a great day everyone.
20/Mar/07 1:13 AM
No guesses.
20/Mar/07 1:17 AM
Another great one, Anne!
20/Mar/07 1:29 AM
Easy Tough today.

When is the cyclone season in Australia?
20/Mar/07 1:36 AM
Ian, re: the picture next to your name. Is that the tail of a C-130 Hercules?
20/Mar/07 2:12 AM
10:55 Hi to all. Very easy tough! Anne keep them coming lovely to see your part of the world.
20/Mar/07 2:18 AM
Not too bad. Nice rural pic
20/Mar/07 2:19 AM
20/Mar/07 2:51 AM
After following Steve's explanation on Y-wings, I did the puzzle again in 9:56. Perhaps now I understand the theory.
20/Mar/07 3:07 AM
I would really love to visit Australia some day. All your photos have looked wonderful, Anne!
20/Mar/07 4:33 AM
Anne, I woke up in the middle of the night, made a cuppa and decided to see what was happening on sukudo.

HalT, yes it is a photo of the fin of a C130H bearing the badge of my old Squadron - a Rampant Stallion.
20/Mar/07 5:30 AM
12:53; Y wing, when you can wing it!
20/Mar/07 6:02 AM
maeN! 28 minutes.

This one was relatively easy for me.
1) UPs a9=1, i1=1, c8=4, g2=6
2) 5 locked into hi3
3) If b3=7, then we have
a) f1=7 and 5 locked in def2
b) a7=7, c9=3 and b7=6 implying a blind pair
67 in c46,
but part b) forces a blind pair 25 in c12 and More...
20/Mar/07 7:08 AM
Wonderful picture from 'Albany' ,and 'Albany' means 'ANNE'.
Very nice picture ANNE.
20/Mar/07 7:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! Great photo Anne, and I see the cats playing under those trees!
20/Mar/07 7:13 AM
Almost looks like California, except our eucalyptus trees are usually in suburban areas and our grassy areas have oaks, instead.
20/Mar/07 8:40 AM
Hiya all....wow, it would be so nice to visit the other side of the world one day :)
20/Mar/07 8:52 AM
Ian, from Sydney: Wow, a comrade in arms from AU. I've got over 3000 hours in the MC-130E (Combat Talon). IMHO, the Herk is one of the greatest aircraft ever built. Were you a flyer?
20/Mar/07 9:32 AM
3 min. 37 sec.
20/Mar/07 9:47 AM
HalT - I can't recall seeing you on the site for a while.
20/Mar/07 10:08 AM
Almost home Anne.
Nice Photo
20/Mar/07 10:57 AM
20/Mar/07 11:07 AM
Lovely photo Anne, and so very Australian. Ian, Rampant Stallion?? Who thinks up these names - is it a result of popular decision or handed down by the powers that be?
20/Mar/07 11:40 AM
Anne - Thanks for your concern. I try to visit daily to work the puzzles, but don't seem to have the time to comment as much as I used to.

Ian - Is Rampant Stallion the 36th Squadron?

giblet - I have it on good authority that each country's military headquarters (the Pentagon, for More...
20/Mar/07 1:37 PM
HalT, I flew C130A,E, and H models. Yes, I was a fellow pilot and yes it is the badge of Number 36 Squadron, RAAF. How did you know?
20/Mar/07 3:26 PM
giblet, all the Australian military badges are approved by the College of Arms in London. I know this because I used to take the badges over for approval by the Garter King of Arms when I was working in London. The rampant stallion is a legitimate heraldic symbol which was suggested by the members More...
20/Mar/07 3:34 PM
GIBLET - hello, how are you?
Are you still a supporting member or not? I couldn't find your name in the member's list and you've posted on my page but not as a supporting member.
20/Mar/07 5:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

Super busy today, implementing total fluff:


Yep, check to the right of the page & you'll see a link to todays (incredibly accurate) prediction.

Members can also now store their birthday and their horoscope will be automatically displayed.

20/Mar/07 6:38 PM
Thanks for the proof, Jyrki!
One could shorten your step 3 a tad, using much the same information:
abc1=7 == f1=7 -- f1=5 == def2=5 -- c2=5 == c2=3 -- c9=3 == a7=3 -- a7=7 == b7=7 => b3 ~7.
20/Mar/07 7:59 PM
Jyrki, using your jargon, one could write:
b3=7 ==> f1=7 => def2=5 => c2=3 => a7=3 => b7=7, thus b3 cannot be 7. (One must perform a forbidding step and then an accepting step at each => sign)
20/Mar/07 8:03 PM
After much eye strain I finally know what Ian's avatar is thank you Halt for asking. Typical Aussie scenery Anne well done.
20/Mar/07 9:20 PM
Ian - Actually, I was an EWO (Electronic Warfare Officer) in the AF. (For what it's worth, I do have a private pilot license.) I found the info on the 36th on line by searching for C-130H.
20/Mar/07 11:42 PM
Steve! Thanks for streamlining my solution. May be next time I will try writing my solution using fcs.
I have been somewhat reluctant to do that as their
logic hasn't become a second nature to me yet.
21/Mar/07 9:45 PM
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