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Tough Sudoku for 1/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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9.19 nice tough, without guess!
This illness is getting worse. I'm starting to crave really hard sudoku puzzles. I couldn't have finished this puzzle a few months ago, but today I found it too easy.

Is there any hope for a cure?
too many people by the water
The water is a pretty blue color.
makes me think of that old song that starts 'the bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle'
Thw water is a beautiful color blue. Are there any beaches there or is it more of an industrial area?
This is one of my pictures from our vacation to Washington this summer. It was taken from the top of the Space Needle. It was an unusually clear day, and you could see for miles!

It's noce to be surprized with your own picture, especially after such an easy puzzle!
barb try closing 1 eye
just kidding
Maen all
I have a cure for you, BARB FROM CANBERRA! Try the Sunday New York Times sudoku! You may be able to find it online. Rotsa Ruck!
Cyndi -
Seattle is more inland, and is surrounded by bays, lakes and Puget Sound. This view is of the seaport, so there are no beaches there.
MAEN There's a cat peeking out of the penthouse window of the building at bottom right, isn't there? :)
Are you sure that's not you waving Dan???
Seattle's on my list of places to visit, so seeing the picture is enticing. Miserable day here and I don't feel like working, so I'll trot all the Christmas decorations out of the crawlspace and start the holiday decorating. Maybe that'll bring the snow. Have a great day/night, everyone.
And Mary, aren't those lyrics the start of that old television show 'Here Come the Brides?'
seattle and wa were snowed and iced in the last 2 days, since we are not use to driving in those conditions the roads were a mess and some people were in there car for 10 hours trying to get home
Good afternoon to all!
Possible proof of not too tough sudoku of 12 01 06:
1) Start at 23 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 26 filled. (UP 26).
2a) Locked 6's at de7 forbids h7=6
2b) Locked 6's at h56 forbids g45i456=6 UP 29
3) Locked 9's at e23 forbids f23=9 UP 38
4a) Locked 7's at gi9 More...

All guesses for the competition have been lost!!!!

You will need to redo them if you wish to be a part of the competition.

Guess the weight and date of arrival of my Grandbaby. Click on 'competition' and be in the running for 6 months free membership that Gath has so graciously offered.
To all who wish to take part in the competition...

If you go to 'check out my page' after my name you will see a photo of Nicole at 37 weeks. This may help in your guess. Some of you may wish to revise your guess...lol....Maybe the 'BIG CRASH' was a good thing
Cathy, may well have been. It was a popular song all those years ago.
Not tough today!
I met once, here in Finland, an architect from Seattle. It's look nice.....
WOOOOOOOOOOOOW, my first TOUGH for quite a while!!
Thank you, the author of today's puzzle!
Boohoo - needed 2 guesses today. Nice harbour - all that WATER!
We don't see views very often; I love it; the water is so blue for a working harbour. Seattle must be working towards Al Gore's 'Incredible Truth'. So pleased to see it.
03-03-07 poss , one guess (right)
Mar. 23, 2007.
24/Mar/07 12:07 AM
15/Aug/07 11:18 PM
15/Aug/07 11:19 PM
15/Aug/07 11:19 PM
15/Aug/07 11:20 PM
15/Aug/07 11:22 PM

05/Sep/10 11:08 PM
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