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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good mAen!
Woohoo, second
hi all!!G'day/nite to everybody...
Good morning. Rain, rain go away. Oops, watch what you ask for. Snow due tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a great day/night. Cheers!
2:39 good evening everyone.
So, where do these girls all work, that is the question.
I think being up this late doing puzzles is not the way to get a good time. Might try it again in the morning when the brain is moreswitched on. At least I only have 1 more batch of Anzac biscuits to pout in the oven, then I can go to bed!!
Time I went to bed. Party still going at Ian's!
Good morning. Another unusually warm day here.
Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place.
Looking up to heaven he said, 'Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest More...
I have anzac bicscuits! (Cookies for all you US/Canada people) I'll drop them off at Ian's
Yum, Topaz. I'll just have one on my way to bed, thanks.
Hello Topaz, I love Anzac biscuits, so I'll make sure I go to Ian's party. See you there.
So these are working girls?
What's the difference between a physicist, a mathematician, and a statistician?
The physicist calculates until he gets a correct result and concludes that he has proven a fact.

The mathematician calculates until he gets a wrong result and concludes that he has proven the contrary of a More...
Did the rules to Sudoku xhange? Two fives in row 4, two twos in row 6? Is the world gone mad!
Pen from Perth - I just went to visit you in your place and you haven't had the decorators in yet or moved in. come on, we're waiting to party in there.
3:24 Hi to all. Hello to the girls!!
Anne did you enjoy your swim?? (wink)

Thought for the Day:

I'm not tense...just terribly, terribly alert !
What a group! Good morning all.
Well the last batch is just about out of the oven, so you should be able to smell the waft of freshly baked hot biscuits. I am now off to bed, so I will see you all in the morning when I hope to do a better time.
2:17 MAEN Hello, girls from work!
Oh, Topaz, you are a tease. I can smell them from here. Oh, the aroma!

Yes, thanks André, I thoroughly enjoyed my swim. Sorry I made so much splash when I dived in.
WoooHooo!!! Son #1 has to work tomorrow and has gone to bed.

Gath 'You are the Man'!! Our own page is just awesome, thanks.

I have been swamped with work and only get to look in spasmodically and WOW!!! I did visit almost all of the personal pages and said Hi More...
CP/Canberra, I saw your reply regarding e-mail addresses. Thanks
CP, Thanks for the cake and flowers, next time I'll have something a little stronger than tea
Len - you know it is coming! It is Michigan!

The picture looks like a nice bunch of people to work with.
2:29 Maen

TIZ THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY..tra la la la la la

Sudoku.com.au. To Be Let Loose On Melbourne
Friday 15th Dec
7.30 meet up - for an 8pm Dinner

The venue has been booked HOWEVER it’s never too late to say you More...
To Anne from Albany
You've just alerted me to the fact that I have a page! OMG!! Forget the decorators etc. - I'm a staunch supporter of the Quentin Crisp school of housekeeping (our house bears me witness)!
With 2 businesses and a house to run (and elderly Mum - 90th birthday 28/10/06), I More...
I'm glad I mentioned it to you Pen.
It sounds like the storm that's been forecast for the past two days is finally upon us. I love thunder storms. It's also pouring with rain. It's supposed to be SUMMER tomorrow!!!
Looks like a nice group of girls. Good Maen all.
Well, I think it's time I switched this off and headed for bed.
Good Night all.
hi jimbo
Good Maen...forgot to time, but this was an easy one. Hey! a Comment! lol :)
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Just a quick peek in before getting ready to go to work...
Back again, just been out visiting. I will be MIA this weekend so see you all Monday I am off to Sydney for the weekend Whoooo Hoooo! My Girl/Soul Sister (The Jodesta) and I are going to party our little cotton socks off. It's my birthday on Saturday and look out Sydney the girls are comming. More...
Cold - very Cold here!
good Mean everyone
had a bout of sick the past 2 weeks feeling better
i almost thought those were the sudoku players from the breakfast a couple weeks ago
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