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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all. Not really a good morning here. Lots of rain which is going to turn to snow and cold.
first, how about that? Where is everyone?
2:28 MAEN First?!?
Nope! Pretty kitty, nice picture.
cats again
3:03 Good evening everyone. Well, it was until the picture came up.
Have a lovely weekend wherever you go or whatever you do.
Good mAen to all sudokists!
Finally cats are coming back!!!
Maen all. Although it's cooled down here tonight, what we wouldn't give for some rain!! Things are looking fairly bleak and no hint of it in any of the long-range forecasts.
It's Saturday 12:19am and I've been waiting all night for the storms to clear so I could get on the computer. Now I'm off to bed as I'm so tired it took me 4:29 to do this puzzle.Love kitty's colour.Goodnight all.

TIZ THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY..tra la la la la la la la

Sudoku.com.au. To Be Let Loose On Melbourne
Friday 15th Dec
7.30 meet up - for an 8pm Dinner

The venue has been booked HOWEVER it’s never too late to say More...
amelia, very happy that you've been having storms up your way, hoping that means rain as well??????? we could do with some down here. showers predicted for the morning and a low of 13C, tho its still warm now
on behalf of Mel (god knows where she is - Col's 'room'?)
Attention Perth Sudokoists:
Next week Lauren, Rose from Wangaratta's daughter is coming over to Perth on holiday. If you are interested in another catch up, couldn't make the first one, want to celebrate Xmas in style please join us at...
The Queens
520 Beaufort St, Highgate
9th December
Good Maen to all. Bad weather on the way after 10 days of unsual warm weather. Brrr!
3.03 A beautiful sunny late autumn day here in the northwest of England.Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
6:09 Slow today. Siamese? Cute cat photo. I could pet that one, although I especially enjoy the scenes I have seen. Good Maen (Friday) everyone. Snowed in this AM. Might be able to get out in 5 or 6 hours. The plows have shoved too much snow in my driveway.
3:14 Hi to all and have a nice weekend!

Thought for the Day:

If things get any worse, I'll have to ask you stop helping me!
Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw--
For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law.
He's the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad's despair:
For when they reach the scene of crime--Macavity's not there!
There's a beautiful photo on children's 6x6 easy if anyone can through any light on it. Looks very European by the buildings.
Just starting freezing rain. What a cold, miserable morning. On the positive side it is just going to get colder for the next 3 months.
Hey! That's my poetry you're writing there! Can't a guy write a snatch without someone swiping it?
Also another lovely sunset, possibly Australian, on children's 6x6 hard.
André - I'm sure there's a joke about 'Macavity' somewhere in the recesses of my mind, will have to sleep on it as I can't remember it at the mo...

Anne - I'm doing the teddybear ride up to Joondalup tomorrow - look out for me on the news!

Nite all x
Anne, I've had that picture on screen saver for a while--it is beautiful, and sad to say no one I know has been able to identify it. Possibly St. Petersburg?
Anne from Albany; I thought it was Cologne cathedral to start with, but it's not ornate enough. Definitely German-looking, though.
Thanks Dan. could be, I'm not too sure with photos from Russia, but it is beautiful.

O.K. Billy, I'll make a point of watching the news. Oops, not tomorrow, I'm going out for a Christmas Dinner with work. Have fun on the ride, though. good night, Billy.
1:59 Maen
Not just a cat...a Burmese cat! My last Burmese lived 21+ years and was always playful. They're much more dog-like than any other cats--loyal, came when called, played 'fetch,' guarded the house, etc. The sable coat is usually darker and the stripes on the legs don't show as much, but they all have that kittenish face.
Good Morning everyone It's been fun. Have a nice weekend.
Good night all. Past my bedtime and a big night ahead of me tomorrow night.
cats again?
The cityscape from the children's 6x6 easy is a picture of 'The Church of Our Lady before Tyn' (Tynsky chram) in Prague. It towers over the 'newly' built restaurants and buildings in the old square.
Chalkboard - is today moving day!!
As cats go, this one is not as bad as most of the rest. At least it is lying on its back so it *could* be deceased. I will allow *one* cat picture per week before I think about sending them all to the bait shop...
we got some snow last night but i can't play in it because i have a broken arm

my moms is acting weird
she won't take my friend and i 2 the movies

well have a wonderul day
wow i finished a puzzle in 2:02
that is a record
what is your lowest time?????LOL????
For a very interesting daylight view of the same cathedral, see

http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Europe/Czech_Republi c/photo179773.htm
Good Friday Maen, all!

André--love the TS Eliot quote! And also Cats! the musical, esp the costumes and 'Memories'...
Thanks--both pictures are fascinating--confirming that Prague is a destination some day!
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