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Tough Sudoku for 10/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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The sky seems somewhat unnatural but weirdily kewl!
10/Jun/10 2:11 AM
relatively difficult.
10/Jun/10 2:51 AM
Yes, ralphmouth, it does look like a cool day there.
10/Jun/10 2:53 AM
maen all! nice cruising place...looks like the wind whips it up pretty good being so open though.
10/Jun/10 4:16 AM
25:55, hi all. It does get very, very cold on Lake Jindabyne, it's not far from the snow in winter and has claimed a couple of lives in the past - a swimmer died in the lake as recently as 10 months ago.
10/Jun/10 9:29 AM

1)Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=31
3)(2)d1=e3-g3=(2-1)g7=g5-b5=(1-5)b3=(5)b1,=>d1<> 5.UP=33
=>b1=59,b3=15,ai5<& gt;1,g7=12,f2<>9
5)Kraken More...
10/Jun/10 9:29 AM
a really complicated solution:

1. UP=32
2. (5)b1=(5-1)b3=(1)b5-(1)g5*=(18|2)i7-(2)i1=(2)d1. => d1<>5 UP=34.
*(1)g7-(1)i7 & (1)g7-(2=138)h8gh7-(8)i7.
3.loop (7):g3=e3-d2*=(98|4)b2-(4|61)a3=**(1)i6-(1=678)g459. => g7<>8, bc3a2<>4, i5<>1 More...
10/Jun/10 9:35 AM
...have to find a way to clean up that notation, doesn't seem to directly translate into Krakanese as the chains are simply slotting in the derived links wherever needed (not stand-alone).
10/Jun/10 9:50 AM
(8)i7-(138=2)h8gh7-( 1)g7.
10/Jun/10 10:03 AM
4.(1)i2=h2-h8=d8-(2)d8=B(67:1)g5. => i56g7<>1.
10/Jun/10 10:11 AM
3.loop (7)g3=e3-d2=C(89:4)b2-D(4:16)a3=(1)i6-(1=678)g459.
(8)b2-(8=2)b9-e9=e 3-(2=9)d1-d2.
10/Jun/10 10:32 AM
10/Jun/10 10:53 AM
Hm,,, I was sorry I hadn't timed it since this puzzle just zipped right along for me, click click click and it was solved.
10/Jun/10 12:15 PM
snow is falling for the start of the ski season this weekend ... lots of cars travelling along Lake Jindabyne early Saturday morning...
10/Jun/10 1:33 PM
My go for today (forcing chains, not forbidding chains);
1) Basic techniques to UP=32.
2) (2=7)g3=>g5=1,UP=81.
Best regards, Neil
10/Jun/10 5:02 PM
Hi Neil. After 7 at g3,g5 becomes 1 with a short chain; but 2 at g3 actually creates a 1 at g7 after a very long chain.
Like that other time you had a short solution to an unyielding puzzle, be nice if it was that easy, (compare with cold fusion).

Regards, Alfred.
10/Jun/10 6:21 PM

Thanks. You are quite correct - my logic is flawed.

Best regards, Neil
10/Jun/10 6:31 PM
20/Jun/10 11:28 PM

10/Sep/10 9:55 PM
1.SSTS to UP31
2.FXW(7)eg34> -7g5
> -6i12 -8h2 -1i57a5 -4b3 -9f2, UP34
4.(9=167)dhi2-(6)h1=f1 > -9f1, UP36
5.(4=6)c3-(6=8)c5=g5=(8-7)g4=i5-(7=146)fhi2 > -4ab2 -6i5, UP40
6.aur(69)ai45:(2)a5=(7)i5-(137=2)d578 > -2a8, UP81
23/Jan/11 3:33 AM
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