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Tough Sudoku for 12/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Great catch, Sue!
12/Feb/10 12:08 AM
Even with a shallow depth of field and fast shutter speed, the wings are still a blur.
Last summer my brother-in-law got some photos of babies in a hummingbird nest.
12/Feb/10 12:22 AM

Easy one.
12/Feb/10 12:44 AM
As Sotir says:
1. g1=4.Unique possibilities 24.
2. If i3=5=e1=h5;central box is devoid of 5.So i3=7.UPs to 81.
12/Feb/10 12:55 AM
Beautiful Sue! Reminds me of the hummer wars we have going on around our feeders all summer.
12/Feb/10 1:07 AM
Oh, Sue! Nice shot! In a few more months, these little guys will once again be here. It is so lonely when they leave in the Fall. I have a new feeder to put out this year with a bee guard.
12/Feb/10 1:17 AM
Hmmmm. , Sue.
12/Feb/10 2:11 AM
maen all! hard even on paper...i like that the one hummer has alighted on the perch...about 85% of the hummers in the states are ruby-throated and the few others occur only west of the missouri river...the most variety is actually in the sierra nevada range in california.
12/Feb/10 3:21 AM
Thank you Sue!
12/Feb/10 3:22 AM
Very very nice picture Sue!
12/Feb/10 3:45 AM
13:56 Maen! Great shot!
12/Feb/10 4:25 AM
I had to stop feeding the Hummers here when my Collies started catching them. They wouldn't hurt the Hummers, just sloshed them around in their mouths until they were soaked through. I would hear Hummer swearing coming from inside the Collies mouth and would retrieve them infuriated but unharmed. After an hour of drying, they'd fly away, still cursing loudly.
12/Feb/10 4:27 AM
Wow, great photo, Sue! I'm lucky if I see one hummingbird every summer ...
12/Feb/10 4:48 AM
12/Feb/10 10:26 AM
12/Feb/10 12:50 PM

10/Sep/10 10:57 AM
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