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Easy Sudoku for 12/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen, good people.
12/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen Plum
12/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Good Morning. I slept all night, Well from 2am to 4.30am. Pretty good for me.
12/Feb/10 12:01 AM
Happy Mother and Daughter picture.
12/Feb/10 12:03 AM
Am I really first? If so, that's a "first" for me. Morning all.
12/Feb/10 12:04 AM
Not even close, was I? Is this Lori?
12/Feb/10 12:04 AM
Good Maen John, Dorthea, et al. Dorthea, wish you could string those sleep cycles together better, poor thing.
12/Feb/10 12:05 AM
She looks like her.
12/Feb/10 12:08 AM
12/Feb/10 12:09 AM
Theresa - Good try. I must have been very fast since John had a chance to see my post registered on his screen and write to me by name and still get his post in within the first minute of Sudokuland time. You get an A+ for style, John. Very cool.
12/Feb/10 12:11 AM
Morning, Plum, John, Dorthea, Theresa!
Smelling coffee brewing as I write...
12/Feb/10 12:11 AM

Plum - It's not bad. I don't have anything to do, so I sleep when I am tired and play games when I'm awake. The House is almost self-cleaning, and the kids do the hard stuff because my hands are so.. crippled. I now type with three fingers. One on one hand and two on the other.
12/Feb/10 12:12 AM
And Glenn! Hope it doesn't feel like winter in Winter Springs!
12/Feb/10 12:12 AM
Both are stunning!
12/Feb/10 12:12 AM
We came close to a freeze last night, but it only got down to the mid 30s. It is almost up to 40 right now. We are leaving before dawn tomorrow to drive to Baton Rouge and we just found out there is a chance of snow there tonight! Leah will be thrilled if there is! This will be the first time I have been in Louisiana for Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day!
12/Feb/10 12:16 AM
Have a safe and wonderful trip, Glenn! (We are all envious!)
12/Feb/10 12:18 AM

Ah, for our neck of the woods (Philly burbs),'tis truly a winter wonderland out there - wonder if we'll ever see land again this winter!! My lights just finished flickering. You better believe I held my breath. We are supposed to have a digging out period - until Tuesday. And don't tell me about the daffodils "before I know it."

12/Feb/10 12:19 AM
Good morning all. Glenn have a fun time in New Orleans.
12/Feb/10 12:28 AM
Daplap, I bet you ARE holding your breath! Do you have an alternate heating source? I always dread our power going off... We have a fireplace, so we could saty kind' warm, but we would have no water (we have our own well) and that means we can't flush.
12/Feb/10 12:39 AM
Good Maen all!
Snow on the daffodils, Daplap! That's what we usually get out here. It will warm up enough to bring some bulbs to flower and then POW - a snow storm. Happy digging out!
Glenn - sounds like wonderful fun - enjoy!
12/Feb/10 12:40 AM
saty = stay & kind' = kinda'
Dyslexic fingers AND brain, this morning!
12/Feb/10 12:42 AM
12/Feb/10 12:42 AM
This mum and daughter look like they have a sweet relationship
12/Feb/10 12:44 AM
Congrats Shiela!
12/Feb/10 12:44 AM
Good Maen to all. Everyone is up so early. I think I know why... it is cold outside. Early evening bed time too. 14 degrees here in M. TN. Schools are still closed. Dorthea, You seem to have a good attitude.. keep typing and sharing.
12/Feb/10 12:45 AM
Shiela, know what you mean. Winter power outages mean melting ice and snow on the woodstove so we can have water to flush by. I asked for and received a huge, heavy cast iron dutch oven one year as a Christmas gift so we can actually bake on top of the woodstove. The D.oven is big enough to put a pizza inside. How's that for survival gear?
12/Feb/10 12:53 AM
AWWWWW - What a "heartwarming" picture today! Thanks!

Good Morning to everyone.

Glenn - I hope you have a safe trip! It sounds like fun.

Daplap - I hope you can hang on to your electricity!

It is snowing light here again today. The sun is slightly shining.

Have a great day everyone!
12/Feb/10 1:01 AM

Fortunately, thanks to the foresight of my eldest son, I have a gas fireplace. He converted it several years ago, and (knock on wood) thus far haven't had to resort to it for heating the house, just cozy, visual pleasure.
12/Feb/10 1:01 AM
Shiela - have you ever thought of putting in a woodstove where your fireplace is? We installed a little parlor stove in the living room by extending the hearth forward (plus other installation procedures). We "lost" 12 square feet and gained a very toasty and attractive space heater. The heat doesn't go straight up the chimney, but radiates to fill 1/4 of the whole house comfortably.
12/Feb/10 1:01 AM
12/Feb/10 1:30 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Meijse!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
12/Feb/10 1:31 AM
Plum, you are right about the fireplace. Our fireplace has glass doors, but the blower system would not work if we had no electricity. Luckily, we haven't had to use it to heat with yet! The room is too cozy to take out 12 square feet.
Now, your cooking aspect would be a great advantage, indeed! We'd have to resort to some camping gear and make campfire 'pies', I guess!
12/Feb/10 1:34 AM
Gooooood Morning, Sudokuland.
12/Feb/10 1:52 AM
I'd say sisters. Made it to work today an hour late. Subway is running real slow.
12/Feb/10 2:17 AM
Back in ’96, the day after Christmas, my area was hit with an ice storm. Freezing rain, then just plain cold. We had ice over 1” thick on all the trees, power lines, etc. It knocked out electricity, and as a result I lost running water. I’m on a spring and without power, no pump..... Of More...
12/Feb/10 2:21 AM
This photo is definitely of Lori and Carly. Do you remember the cute little dark-haired girl in the bubble bath? All growed up!
12/Feb/10 2:22 AM
Fresh Pot. Help yourselves.
12/Feb/10 2:24 AM
everyone. I'll have some of that coffee, Jerry.
Kitty Arthur will be at the vet's until Saturday morning. A second, very large blockage sent him back to the vet's yesterday; he may be on anti-depressants (kind of a relaxant) for quite some time to prevent a recurrence. I could More...
12/Feb/10 2:30 AM
It sounds like the inmates are running the asylum, Cathy!
12/Feb/10 2:34 AM
Boing, Boing, Boing…
12/Feb/10 2:36 AM
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