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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Top of the mornin' to you!
11/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Good Morning from snowy Michigan!
11/Feb/10 12:01 AM
Hey Joe, we're ya goin' with that TOPP in your hand...
11/Feb/10 12:02 AM

Hi VV,

We're having a blizzard so haunting the Sudoku site for the turnover time was about the only thing of interest this AM.

11/Feb/10 12:04 AM
Good morning all. Just was at Big Fish trying to find a new game to keep me amused.
11/Feb/10 12:05 AM
Hello Deb - must look bootiful!
11/Feb/10 12:07 AM
hello everyone! Snowy here, too!
11/Feb/10 12:07 AM
Morning Dorthea - sounds like you and Joe have been looking for some morning stimulus
11/Feb/10 12:09 AM
Hi Shiela! (and anyone else who posts before I get this greeting in)
11/Feb/10 12:09 AM
I don't like spiders. Time to make coffee.
11/Feb/10 12:13 AM
EEEEEEK! Is that spider huge, or is it just your photo, Kate?
11/Feb/10 12:13 AM
Ewww. Knew I'd get distracted and wish now I'd remained distracted. Okay, had to deal with the picture by looking it up on wikipedia:

They are large and "able to travel extremely fast, often using a springing jump while running, and walk on walls and even on ceilings. They also tend to More...
11/Feb/10 12:13 AM
Not fond of spiders!
11/Feb/10 12:14 AM
(Notice a set of eyes for each leg?)
11/Feb/10 12:15 AM
11/Feb/10 12:17 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Orianne!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
11/Feb/10 12:17 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Salishgirl!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
11/Feb/10 12:18 AM
Good Maen all the early risers.
11/Feb/10 12:18 AM
Plum - thank you for the info...the "cling" part was really creeping me out until I read on to find out that they were good friends for people (eating insects and all)
Morning to you and Shosho!
11/Feb/10 12:20 AM
...and John! Good Maen!
11/Feb/10 12:20 AM
2 days in a row???
11/Feb/10 12:20 AM
Well, pat yourself on the back, Vici! (We can't reach that far!)
11/Feb/10 12:22 AM
Good morning everyone. I don't like spiders either and this one gave me goose bumps. As Plum said, Ewww!
11/Feb/10 12:24 AM
I don't like spiders either. Ugly!

Vici - It is very pretty out this morning. Billy left for work about a half an hour ago and no phone calls!!! Hopefully he made it okay. Our biggest challenge is getting to the main road. I don't think the wind blew through the night like it was suppose to. It is still snowing lightly here.
11/Feb/10 12:32 AM
Good morning. Working from home today!
11/Feb/10 12:33 AM
Joe (if you are still on), is the snow hitting you harder than the last storm?
Hope you stay warm!
11/Feb/10 12:35 AM
Lee, I bet you are! Has the second blizzard struck?
11/Feb/10 12:36 AM
Debby - no news is good news, huh? The drifts were the biggest problem with road travel when I lived in Chicago...the wind could sure make a difference in where the snow was piled.
Good of you to join us Lee and Theresa!
11/Feb/10 12:42 AM
My BIL is a "snow-plower" in Chicago. He has several parking lots he is responsible for in one of the suburbs. He has had a busy winter! They have had more snow this year than we have had.
11/Feb/10 12:56 AM
Have a great day everyone!
11/Feb/10 1:00 AM
Spiders are an important part of our ecosysytem ... but very hard to love ... sort of like Uncle Arnie ...
11/Feb/10 1:04 AM
Judy - we must be related.
Vici - the cling part creeped me out, too, but that's why I included it.
Shiela, I didn't mention the eight eyes because I hadn't had breakfast yet. Igggggy-oooo.
11/Feb/10 1:48 AM
Was Fiona in a "New York state of mind" yesterday? I didn't notice a puzzle from her.
11/Feb/10 1:54 AM
I kinda like spiders.... unless they're poisonous and get in my face. Then I'm handy with an aerosol can and lighter. I've fried tarantulas in the kitchen that way.
11/Feb/10 2:00 AM
Did you serve them over rice, Heidi?
11/Feb/10 2:03 AM
They were a trifle too burnt, Judy.
11/Feb/10 2:08 AM
Since most spiders are beneficial, if they are in my house I usually grab them with a tissue and put them outside where they belong... no matter what season!
11/Feb/10 2:12 AM
It's nice of you to wipe their little noses before you abandon them to the elements, Shiela.
11/Feb/10 2:15 AM
- all
You say you like spiders but next say you fry the poor things.
I think spiders have precognitive capacity. Of course most imsects and similar creatures do react quickly because they are small, but spiders seem to be one step ahead in time. Odd things spders! Creepy - but in a nice sort of way.
11/Feb/10 2:23 AM
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