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Tough Sudoku for 15/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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OOOOOOh! A nice tropical picture!
15/Nov/07 1:05 AM
What a sight these birds are when they take off!
15/Nov/07 1:06 AM
maeN. 11.46
15/Nov/07 1:14 AM
Nice picture.
Good mAen to all.
15/Nov/07 1:40 AM
Made a fun jigsaw. Keep smiling, everyone!
15/Nov/07 2:10 AM
Do we have a harem situation here? Is that the happy male with the dark beak? Looks like he's grinning!
15/Nov/07 2:35 AM
Peachy flamingoes!
15/Nov/07 3:21 AM
16:56. Good Maen. Fast puzzle for me today.

Great pic for a crossword, but why aren't they dancing? Get it? "Flamengo" dancing? Lame, I know, but it's early for me. Outside my window, the mist in the valley hasn't burned off yet, the sky is still rosy over the grey ridge line... I should take a picture. Nah.
15/Nov/07 3:31 AM
15/Nov/07 5:09 AM
looks like California lawn decorations...
15/Nov/07 6:00 AM
I love flamengos.
15/Nov/07 6:44 AM
Just a minor point (and not trying to be snotty): the flamInGo is a bird, the flamEnCo is a dance.
15/Nov/07 7:17 AM

No flamingoes in these parts, but almost every day I see a bunch of wild turkeys.
15/Nov/07 7:22 AM
What colourful birds...
15/Nov/07 8:39 AM
HalT: Not to be snotty, but when someone puts a word in quotes, they're telling you there's something about the word they don't really mean. When they follow it with "Get it? '_____,'" that means they're telling you they're punning the word. When they say, "Lame, I know" they're More...
15/Nov/07 11:18 AM
I was afraid this would happen. Sorry if I offended anyone. I truly was trying to be helpful.
15/Nov/07 11:32 AM
How could a gentleman from South Carolina ever intentionally offend a woman from Louisiana? I don't believe it's genetically possible. I HOPE I brought my Southern sensibilities, including not taking myself too seriously, with me to the west coast. And please, in the future, never fear you've overestimated my ignorance. Sorry I made you feel self conscious for contributing.
15/Nov/07 2:27 PM
Next time try the tried and true old sailor's method. Start your story with: "Hey, this is no sh!t....". Works every time. No one can refute it.
15/Nov/07 6:40 PM
In his younger days, my hubby used to 'borrow' pink flamingo statues from people's yards. Got up quite a collection apparently!
Terry, you go girl!
15/Nov/07 7:36 PM
05/Jun/08 5:03 AM

07/Sep/10 10:05 PM
1.SST to UP=27
2.FSF(2)adh147 fin=i7 => h8<>2
3.(5=2)i6-b6=b2-(2=3)f2-(3=15)c24 => c6<>5, UP=81
01/Jan/11 6:52 PM
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