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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen!
15/Nov/07 12:02 AM
15/Nov/07 12:02 AM
Good morning all! Very foggy here this morning! It's difficult to see. Hope you all have a great day!
15/Nov/07 12:03 AM
2:36 Good evening all.
another cute little child on here.
15/Nov/07 12:04 AM
Hey Jude! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Hi Jill!
15/Nov/07 12:04 AM
I've got Tiramasu ready for you and I have completed my new page. Chrissie Tree is up and you are welcome to join me for a baileys and cake.
Dont forget it's only 47/48 days until christmas. Gotta get those pressies ready. Check out my store for great items. Got really nice PJ's etc.
See you all l8r in the day. Have a good one...
15/Nov/07 12:05 AM
15/Nov/07 12:06 AM
1:54 a cutie in a pink dress. Who is she?
15/Nov/07 12:06 AM
15/Nov/07 12:06 AM
So many cuties...
15/Nov/07 12:07 AM
Hi Stella! I thought I could sneak in a quick sudoku while the kids are watching their morning TV show. Now I have to chase them out of their jammies and find the scattered library books. Story time starts very soon. Have a great day!
15/Nov/07 12:09 AM
15/Nov/07 12:15 AM
A young man wanted to get his beautiful blonde wife something nice for their first wedding anniversary. So he decides to buy her a cell phone. She is all excited, she loves her phone. He explains to her all the features on the phone.The next day the blonde goes shopping. Her phone rings and it's More...
15/Nov/07 12:16 AM
I'm sure this wouldn't apply at your place, but at mine ..........

Good Housekeeping Tip

Always keep several get well cards on the mantle...

So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean.
15/Nov/07 12:20 AM
3:55 Yay, under 4 minutes! Good Maen all. Cute little girl, love those cheeks! Haven't been on the site much lately, busy with cleaning, classes, and planning my big party! You are all invited, I'll have a virtual party on my page. The Sunday after Thanksgiving (the 25th) is my open house / birthday celebration! "See" you all there!
15/Nov/07 12:24 AM
I'll have to remember that Anne! Good idea!
15/Nov/07 12:29 AM
Good very early Wednesday Maen, all! (5:33am PDT)

Cutie pie pretty in pink!
15/Nov/07 12:33 AM
Yes, Stella - I'd better go and see if I can find some tucked away in a drawer!
15/Nov/07 12:34 AM
3:05 Good Morning Everyone.
Can't sleep - I'm waiting up for the big boy to come home from a wine dinner. Lucky man.
15/Nov/07 12:35 AM

Wait a minute - is this picture a family snapshot or is it a screen capture from a classic romantic movie? Is this a picture of an ordinary little girl or a famous child actor?

I just can't tell...
15/Nov/07 12:43 AM
What a cutie!

Good Maen everyone.
15/Nov/07 12:55 AM
Good Morning World!!! Foggy her today, but I'm looking forward to the clearing. However, my dog says lets go now...the heck with the fog...oh well....when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Hope its a great day/night where your are. Peace!
I'll look for some old 'get well' cards around here too Anne...thanks for the tip.
15/Nov/07 12:55 AM
I wonder what song she is singing?
15/Nov/07 12:57 AM
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday yesterday.
Hello, snowbirds: 73F and sunny in South Florida!
15/Nov/07 1:03 AM

What a cutie!
15/Nov/07 1:06 AM
Hi Everyone.
Very beautiful little girl.
Have a very nice time to all.
15/Nov/07 1:14 AM
Hey hey Stella ♪♪♪

Anne - good tip...haha Will have to buy some cards
15/Nov/07 1:39 AM
15/Nov/07 1:48 AM
1:52 Wow, look at those great cheeks! What a lovely little girl.
Rainy here, so no walking for me today.
LINDA, great! A party!
I'm going to have a virtual party too,on the 21st. Stay tuned ...
15/Nov/07 1:49 AM
G'day/nite guys...well here is my tftd.
I have a simplest taste.Am always satisfied with the best.
15/Nov/07 2:13 AM
Foggy here today too, Mama.
Great tip, Anne I found one that wishes me well after surgery! That should work, don't you think?
15/Nov/07 2:14 AM
15/Nov/07 2:20 AM
everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day or sleep well whichever applies.

What a darling little girl.

With apologies to Jim/Jupiter; wishing you a belated, but very, very More...
15/Nov/07 2:22 AM
She looks like she's just about to ask a very serious question.
15/Nov/07 2:31 AM
Hey hey Stella?

How 'bout "Hey Paula" from 1963 on YouTube.
15/Nov/07 2:32 AM
3:22.What a cutie.Jim From Jupiter please except my belated wishes, Happy Birthday to you hope you had a good day.Taylah from Wangaratta Happy Birthday to you hope you have a great day.
15/Nov/07 3:05 AM
15/Nov/07 4:27 AM
....I like the nature photos better.
15/Nov/07 4:27 AM
Just popped in after our library trip. And I noticed how close to page 2 we are. So, . . .
15/Nov/07 4:58 AM
One quick push and
15/Nov/07 4:58 AM
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