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Tough Sudoku for 18/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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18/Jul/08 12:04 AM
And indeed there are the apostles. Are there still 12 or have we lost one or two of the lesser apostles? We've struck the daily double with hard and tough puzzles both showing wonderful great ocean road views.... possibly different photographers as this one is from the air.
18/Jul/08 12:22 AM
Wow! This be a spectaular ride down that Ocean Road. Thank you!
18/Jul/08 12:41 AM
20:29 Maen! Another gorgeous shot along that road... is this close to where the "Hard" photo from today was taken?
18/Jul/08 12:45 AM
By the way, I wouldn't want to navigate too large to this shoreline with a large boat...

And I'm sorry, but I'm still out of voice, but here's a more-than-adequate substitute (this guy is hilarious!) -- More...
18/Jul/08 12:48 AM
32:23 ARGH! I mismarked to begin with, putting an 8 where it didn't belong i1, then I found a trio of numbers in a column in a block d789 and failed to eliminate one of those numbers (the 9?) in f1 or thereabouts, so no matter how I tried to eliminate and find my way, it kept coming to frustration. I usually concentrate better at the start (but don't always).
18/Jul/08 1:21 AM
Where does the Ocean Road run to/from?
18/Jul/08 1:35 AM
Plum, I made a marking error also, but since I don't check "allow wrong answers," the site caught it for me, and after I corrected my mistake, the puzzle completed in a very straight-forward manner. That's a sort of a cheat, I know, but I'll take it.
18/Jul/08 1:37 AM
Terry, I use some of the cheats, too. I save the game at various points so I can follow a 50/50 "guess" to see how it unravels. If it gives me impossibilities, or if it just fizzles out and doesn't PROVE to be the wrong OR right choice, I can load game back to where I left it and pick up More...
18/Jul/08 1:49 AM
28:38 to you all.

Lovely shot, Maureen.
18/Jul/08 1:59 AM
Okay, they're dreaming down under and I'm curious, about fii and HalT's questions, so I've been looking up answers ...
fii - Wikipedia tells me that the formation was originally called the Sow and Piglets, but it was changed in the 1950s to better attract tourists. The funny thing was that there More...
18/Jul/08 2:22 AM
DanM - Oooh, I don't want to be you when Heidi finds your video. (Actually, I wouldn't want to be her, either.) How long does it take virtual bruises to heal?
18/Jul/08 2:26 AM
Yep! No question... I definitely want to travel that ocean road! Beautiful!
18/Jul/08 2:48 AM
18/Jul/08 3:15 AM

I already have my virtual kevlar on... Heidi can't hurt me. Besides that, how can she pummel me when she's ROTFL from that video?
18/Jul/08 3:18 AM
HAHAHAhahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
DanM... that video WAS hilarious!! That guy has the heart of a bad lounge singer... his lip-sync sucked! How can I hurt you when I just hurt myself laughing??!!
18/Jul/08 3:34 AM
1)Start at 22, basic techniques to UP=43

=>g23<>6. UP=81
18/Jul/08 5:14 AM
Both shots are beautiful and a pleasure to view.
18/Jul/08 5:15 AM
Good afternoon to all! Thanks for this photo Maureen. This is the first picture I've seen of the 12 apostles from this angle.
18/Jul/08 5:31 AM

Sotir, your step 2 is invalid. One of g1=6 or g23=2 must be true.

If g1=6 is true, 6 can be eliminated from g2 & g3.

If g23=2 is true, then either g2 or g3 contains 2. If g2=2, then g2 cannot be 6. If g3=2, then g3 cannot be 6. Since g2 and g3 cannot both be 2 at the same time, the elimination of 6 in both g2 & g3 is not valid.
18/Jul/08 6:29 AM
One possibility:

1) Start at 22 filled, the given puzzle. Unique possibilities (UP) to 26.
2) (hidden pair 36)c35, => c3<>29, c5<>289. UP 38.
3) (pair 78)c18, => c35<>8, c7<>78. UP 43.
4) (6=8)b3 - (8)c1 = (8-6)g1 = (6)f1, => df3<>6. UP More...
18/Jul/08 6:48 AM
Well there goes my last excuse for hogging the computer, so I had better go do something..like housework?..... well maybe a quick game of Spider.. see you all tomorrow.
18/Jul/08 6:59 AM
OH - I just HAD to go to Dan's link! If I thought that song was ever going to leave my mind, it's hopeless now!
Of course, Dan, I see your Calvin avatar now and immediately think of that song. How does it feel to have that as your personal theme song for so many of us across the world???!!!
BTW - Maureen - what a fabulous picture...wish I was flying in the plane and not in a BOAT!!!
18/Jul/08 7:18 AM
Good photo Maureen. We have both scored with the same subject today.
18/Jul/08 7:31 AM
Here is my 3 cents worth on this one (inflation...)
1) start 22 up 26
2) hp 36 d35 up 38
3) (6)f1=(6-8)g1=(8)ac1-(8=6)b3 => df3<>6 up 55
4) aur 29 ch45 => (4)h4 up 81
sets: 2+3+4=9, max depth 4 using aur, rating .25
18/Jul/08 8:28 AM
Dave, your path is less deep, and it does not use uniqueness, thus prolly better. I just could not pass on the aur staring me in the face.
Nevertheless, it is nice to have a few alternatives posted, so I decided to chime in with mine.
Sorry about the multiple posts.
18/Jul/08 8:35 AM
As far as I am aware there are only 8 of the apostles left. One actually crumbled the morning I flew out to an oil rig by helicopter. Awesome sight from the air.

This part of the coast is also called the shipwreck coast
18/Jul/08 9:10 AM
Thanks for the nice comments about the photo. My son took the photo last year from a helicopter. I have never been on the Great Ocean Road but hope to one day. I have been on a ship along this coast line but it would have been further out to sea. June, your photo on Hard was great.
18/Jul/08 9:21 AM
I just watched that FUNNY video again and.... I suddenly realized what he was using for his "microphone". gulp.... I never would have thought of using one of those.
18/Jul/08 9:31 AM
Great photo, Maureen. HalT it runs from Geelong (south of Melbourne) to Portland, along the Southwest Coast of Victoria. It was built by 3000 Returned Servicemen sometime after WW1, because there were no jobs for them. It took 20 yrs to build. The bit near Cape Ottway was/is called the Ship Wreck More...
18/Jul/08 9:37 AM
Sorry, Plum. I missed your comment!
18/Jul/08 9:38 AM
Good jigsaw puzzle, too Maureen!
18/Jul/08 9:45 AM
18/Jul/08 10:21 AM
Plum and Kate. We were near there in 2002. Our tour took us to see the penguins on the east side of Port Phillip Bay (IIRC). After seeing the pix today, I think a tour of GOR would have been better.
18/Jul/08 10:47 AM
My way to do today's tough; d2=1;e9=1;c9=6;g5=5.Pair 47 at f78,Triple 259 at d789,hence d4=8,pair 36 at d35,e4=5,e1=2,i1=3,h8=3,a9=3,g9=7b4=7,i5=7,i8=9,pair 78 at c18, c7=1,g6=1, b5=1,b6=3,pair 24 at a26, hence a5=8. b3=6 or 8. When b3=6, d3=3;when b3=8,c1=7, a1=5,f1=6, and again d3=3.So More...
18/Jul/08 11:40 AM
There's the road!
18/Jul/08 11:43 AM
I remember going there in the 60s as a little girl with my family - showing my grandmother who was over on holiday. There were 12 apostles then and it was also possible to walk / drive out over an arch onto "London Bridge". There was also a great blow hole somewhere near. I've been back since but that was the first memorable visit. Thanks for the photo Maureen.
18/Jul/08 11:47 AM
16.14 I think I need a nanna nap!
Have never done the Great Ocean Road, definitely on my bucket list.
18/Jul/08 3:08 PM
15:00... A straight forward , not very tough, tough...
18/Jul/08 4:45 PM
That was quick.......great day to all.
18/Jul/08 5:17 PM
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