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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
18/Jul/08 12:00 AM
18/Jul/08 12:00 AM
18/Jul/08 12:00 AM
I am late with my walk but slept in since it is my official B'day.
18/Jul/08 12:01 AM
Meg, Hope you have a wonderful day.
18/Jul/08 12:03 AM
1.43 OMG That is adorable!

18/Jul/08 12:03 AM
Happy birthday, Sue!
18/Jul/08 12:06 AM
I just love it when dogs and cats can get along!
18/Jul/08 12:06 AM
1:31 (I think the clock was slow, and I'm not just being humble) Maen! Cute photo of some furry friends. Happy birthday, Sue from OK!
18/Jul/08 12:10 AM
1:57 to you all.
18/Jul/08 12:12 AM
Sue & Meg
18/Jul/08 12:13 AM
AWWWWWW!!!!! How Cute!

Good Maen to everyone around the world!
18/Jul/08 12:24 AM
OHMYGOD! Too Cute! to you, Meg! Missed posting yesterday - spent the day at a local mountain lake kayaking with friends - what a beautiful day. Then a belated b'day dinner with my husband at our favorite local Thai restaurant. Off now for yoga and back later to visit and catch up. to all!
18/Jul/08 12:29 AM
1.49.....That really is a cute photo

18/Jul/08 12:35 AM

Dan, 1:31 and the clock was SLOW???
18/Jul/08 1:01 AM
I seem to remember that a few of you have been to Peru. Hubby and I are going next month. I'm wondering if there is a problem with altitude sickness. things I have read are contradictory.
Any advice from anyone?
18/Jul/08 1:07 AM
Meg, hope you have a lovely day.
18/Jul/08 1:45 AM
Not many first pagers today, where is everyone??
18/Jul/08 1:46 AM
Kathy, the clock was slow, meaning my time was probably longer than 1:31... sometimes when the web site is loaded heavily, the clock seems to go too slow and my time seems much faster than it "should" be. I didn't mean I was _faster_ than that!
18/Jul/08 1:49 AM
Hi MizTricia! Had a problem getting on then saw the cable guys working on the underground connections. So had to wait until they were done.
18/Jul/08 1:50 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Meg!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
18/Jul/08 1:51 AM
DanM, you're still a minute faster than me even with a slow clock! Argh! I suppose I could beat you if you had both hands tied behind you and only one finger free! !
18/Jul/08 1:56 AM
Kathy, love that shocked cat smilie!
18/Jul/08 1:58 AM
Kathy - I haven't been to Machu Picchu (which is where I assume you'll be going in Peru), but a good friend went a couple of years ago and suffered from severe altitude sickness. Others people we know have been and had no problems whatsoever. I don't know if there is anything you can do beforehand to prevent it, but I'd check with a doctor before I went.
18/Jul/08 2:15 AM
Kathy, send a private message to Anne from Albany (so she sees it) She had a wonderful trip there a couple of years ago and took fantastic photos
18/Jul/08 2:17 AM
maEn all! Happy birthday Meg, enjoy your special day!
18/Jul/08 2:18 AM
Kathy - check out this website:
18/Jul/08 2:20 AM
Shosho, I'm sure you'll catch up. I haven't beaten my best time in a long time... I might have already reached my potential on Easy :(

I love that "Hobbes ROTFL" picture of yours! :)
18/Jul/08 2:26 AM
Morning all. Have a great day.
18/Jul/08 2:39 AM
Machu Picchu! If I got to go to only one place on my "must see" list, that's it! That place is has always fascinated me (...along with Stonehenge, but I've already seen that).
Kathy, can I carry your luggage for you? Otherwise, I'll have to wait until Hubby retires and hope I'm not too decrepit!
18/Jul/08 2:59 AM
..."is has" ??? Must decide... I guess only "has" works!
18/Jul/08 3:01 AM
all - cute photo today. Working on a historical paper & catching up on things including my genealogy.

18/Jul/08 3:02 AM
The headliner tonight at the Jackson County Fair (OR):

18/Jul/08 3:17 AM
Well, that was my fastest time yet. Still much longer than all of yours! How do you all do it so fast?
18/Jul/08 3:18 AM
Hello, all. In for a break right now. Adorable kitten in that photo (I'm not really a Boston Terrier fan. I like long noses).
I need to hook up the liner to the waterfall and skimmer box in the new pond, then start getting ready for the influx of new rescue Collies tomorrow. I could More...
18/Jul/08 3:23 AM
Welcome newbies, and one familiar face with a new location!
18/Jul/08 3:31 AM
We are off to Durango today. Bergen turns 1 tomorrow. This year sure has gone by fast!
18/Jul/08 3:32 AM
If I keep going, I can get in a CP and a TOPP!
18/Jul/08 3:32 AM
Shall I?
18/Jul/08 3:33 AM
One more.....
18/Jul/08 3:33 AM
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