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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good MKaen
19/Jul/08 12:00 AM
Hi all!
19/Jul/08 12:00 AM
Yesterday's riddle answers as follows courtesy of CG (although you'd NEVER guess!!!)
1. hair-control foam - Moose (Mouse) from Canada I hope!
2. very exposed - Bear (Bare) from Canada I hope!
3. tellin' falsities - Lion (Lying) never anyone in Canada
4. a lamenting cry - Whale (Wail) More...
19/Jul/08 12:01 AM
Rolanda's Stephen...have a good one
19/Jul/08 12:03 AM
2:02 Maen! Nice pose for that puppy!
19/Jul/08 12:03 AM
Well done to those who got all the answers, although No.7 stumped a few!
Here's today's one:

Last night, Mr Reid and the kids were looking at a road sign and could see that Leeds was 13 miles away, Stoke was 13 miles away and Leek was 10 miles away. Unfortunately it was too dark to see how far it was to Manchester. But Bert worked out the answer - can you?

19/Jul/08 12:04 AM
Sorry about the K FAT fingers
19/Jul/08 12:04 AM
Good MOrning all. I went to pick out kitchen cabinets yesterday. Found some birch, stained cherry, that I think will do.
19/Jul/08 12:04 AM
1.59 Gday Bowie.
Wonder if you are just as (stup* ) silly as my sister's border collie, Billie. Tries to round us up like a herd of sheep all the time!
19/Jul/08 12:04 AM
Have a good weekend all - may the sun shine on you!
19/Jul/08 12:05 AM
19/Jul/08 12:05 AM

I'll be leaving in less than an hour to go pick up the old timers. I'm dying to meet them, especially since I've heard such wonderful things about them. It will get VERY crazy here for a while, though, once I get back. All of them will have to get to know each other... my 12 and the new 5 or 6.
19/Jul/08 12:07 AM
If I had a dog, that one would be it.
19/Jul/08 12:10 AM
Gail!!! Border Collies are not silly or stupid! They have been bred for centuries to herd, and if not given that outlet by people who get a workaholic, and don't let it work, then they herd people, cars and anything else.
19/Jul/08 12:12 AM
all! for those who wonders about OZZZ
Finally, Optus system is in order ... well the signal is not as strong but at least good enough to visit in here... and hopefully will be able to phone my children. A week without telephone or internet....is just too much! News is one Optus More...
19/Jul/08 12:13 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are.
19/Jul/08 12:15 AM

dalpos2000 from Juijiang City, China
Baz from The Bush
Mr Sudoku from Perth WA Hope you enjoy sudokuland...and find friendships and agreable time!
19/Jul/08 12:17 AM
Today is my #2 boy's 19th Birthday


Photo of birthday boy and his big brother on my page.
19/Jul/08 12:20 AM
Remarkable! The key to the universe was figuratively offered yesterday and not a soul made inquiry in spite of a caveat of silence. Is there anyone awake?
19/Jul/08 12:21 AM
2:46... for me, good!

Well, off to hook up the trailer. I might even bring a sheep home with me! This friend has some sheep that she got from a lady with a petting zoo, and it turns out that they came from my flock! I've had my eye out for a ram from my older bloodlines, and she had 3, More...
19/Jul/08 12:26 AM
And thank you, André, for your kind thoughts this morning.
19/Jul/08 12:26 AM
Doggy seems to say... Can I go now!
And ....YYEEEESSSSSS! Thanks for the nice photo.
19/Jul/08 12:27 AM
Hey M. R. Thripniddy.....
19/Jul/08 12:28 AM
You're right Heidi, it's not the dog who is silly, it is my sister! She was silly to get a dog in the first place, especially the type that should be exercised vigorously.

Safe driving.
19/Jul/08 12:30 AM
I like Bowie.

For those of you that don't look back, Las Vegas pictures on my page and Flickr.
19/Jul/08 12:31 AM
Fiona - had a fun time with your puzzle yesterday (although I didn't submit any answers)...today's is way over my head!
Sweet pup
to Rolanda's Stephen!
19/Jul/08 12:35 AM
For those who have enquired I have put some new photos of Sudoku Sammi in my gallery
19/Jul/08 12:39 AM
It is evident from the rudeness exhibited herein that further participation on my part will not be necessary. I am aghast at what now passes for civility. There are ever so many other delighful venues in which to expend my energy
19/Jul/08 12:40 AM
What have I missed, if anything? Having read the posts by M.R.Thripniddy I am at a loss to find the rudeness said to be exhibited nor any incivility.
I suggest a little expenditure of energy on the treadmill that is life and spreading your aghastness at one of the aforementioned venues
19/Jul/08 12:54 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Rola's Stephen!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
19/Jul/08 1:22 AM
Pup looks like he's saying, "Ok now what are we suppose to be doing?"
Heidi, good luck with your passengers! 17-18 collies? I know collies are loveable and fiercely protective. I know I had one, would whine when overwhelmed by my toddler but was after blood when a man tried to break in my house!
19/Jul/08 1:29 AM
I NEVER look (in) back, Keith ... it's scary back there!

Love the Vegas photos! You really DO need to match up that David pose a little more accurately, though ...
19/Jul/08 1:42 AM
I wonder who is Mr Thripniddy?
Is he a cross between a 'thrip' (a kind of evil weevil) and a 'number 1' 'noddy'?
I think he must have time-machined it here from the times of Dickens.
19/Jul/08 1:45 AM
all. Another beautiful day in Southern Oregon - warmish around 90°.

Cute border collie puppy - the smartest breed. Wonder if it will be a working dog? Love to watch them work.
19/Jul/08 2:19 AM
that dog is awesome!!!
19/Jul/08 2:33 AM
I'm currently watching the Doe & her 2 Fawns stopping by for a morning drink. (same a group as in photo on my page)

Yesterday, when I let Tipper out back - there was a Wild Turkey with 6 chicks. Tipper was too interested in doing her thing, she didn't notice them, as they slowly walked away and ducked under the fence. Hope to get a picture of them soon.
19/Jul/08 2:33 AM
Hi everyone!!! Dorthea - birch stained cherry sounds really nice. I too would choose a border collie... or... my fav a golden retriever (but they shed a lot) . Boy Heidi, I love dogs, but wow that's a lot or work for 17/18 of them, along with all you other chores, nice thing you're doing More...
19/Jul/08 2:36 AM
Hi Eve - you got in there as I was writing. Sounds as if you have plenty of wild life there... great... beautiful to see up close like that. We get a few things around where I live as well - love it... Have a great day.
19/Jul/08 2:40 AM
I'm working the County Fair this afternoon & this evening the concert is Nancy Regan's favorite group:


The other day someone commented on that they were not allowed to play at the DC 4th of July celebration More...
19/Jul/08 2:40 AM
2:40 to you all.

Nice pooch shot.
19/Jul/08 2:46 AM
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