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Tough Sudoku for 2/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Don't ya just hate it when they chop the trees up like that!!! Move the dang lines, why don't ya???
02/Jun/09 12:14 AM
That's it, Girl ... hug that tree!
02/Jun/09 12:33 AM
02/Jun/09 12:35 AM
1. Note pair 68 at h12 (and later 23 at g78).Unique possibilities to 38.
2. To avoid the 68 rectangle at bh12,a1=6 and UPs to 81.
02/Jun/09 12:56 AM
These are some very pretty colors for Fall!
02/Jun/09 1:45 AM
16:29 Maen! Beautiful colors!
02/Jun/09 1:59 AM
1)Start at 21,basic techniques to UP=38
2)AUR(68)bh12: =>(6)a1=(6)b8,=>b12<>6.UP=81
02/Jun/09 2:51 AM
Now that's my kind of "Tough" Sudoku!!!!!
02/Jun/09 4:22 AM
Looks like one Claret Ash and one Golden Ash. Nice photo Kate.
02/Jun/09 6:06 AM
02/Jun/09 9:03 AM
My kind too, JaniceM!
02/Jun/09 12:53 PM
I agree. I wish they wouldn't chop up those trees.
02/Jun/09 1:32 PM
An alternative solution is the potential AUR 48 in eg46. As 8 is locked in g46 and 5 or 7 must be in g46 to prevent the AUR, g46<>4 => g5=4 - UP = 81.
02/Jun/09 5:16 PM
7:10, easy one today.
02/Jun/09 9:49 PM
Hi Neil.Following on from your interesting observation:if b5=4,both the 68 and the 48 AURs would ensue. Regards,Alfred.
02/Jun/09 10:33 PM
Another alternative:
02/Jun/09 11:53 PM

09/Sep/10 10:42 PM
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