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Medium Sudoku for 2/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I smell a campfire!
(Anyone have a big stick for a hotdog or marshmallow?)

What! Burn a work of art???
02/Jun/09 12:04 AM
We'll need to find some less interesting pieces for our fire.
02/Jun/09 12:15 AM
I'm there, Shiela!
02/Jun/09 12:35 AM
Beautiful, Sue!
02/Jun/09 12:37 AM
3:03 Maen! Beach fire! Go for it!
02/Jun/09 1:14 AM
My dad had made a lamp out of driftwood a long time ago. It was unique!

Shiela - I have my stick, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! I'm ready!
02/Jun/09 1:18 AM
4:49 Hi to all.
02/Jun/09 1:55 AM
maen all! i always like the multi-colored flames from ocean driftwood caused by the different minerals in the salt impregnation.
02/Jun/09 2:08 AM
02/Jun/09 2:20 AM
History will repeat itself in the most dire way for those who don't study it.

Who's brilliant idea was it to suggest pointy sticks in the presence of Judy?

Here we go again!
02/Jun/09 2:40 AM
So how did such a large collection of driftwood gather there?

02/Jun/09 2:42 AM
Bend over Jeb ...
02/Jun/09 3:04 AM
You stated that in such a disarming way, you nearly had me hoodwinked.
02/Jun/09 3:37 AM

On the Pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, the beaches are strewn with root systems from harvested redwoods. Shaped by rolling down the rivers and the coast, they have become artworks 20 feet tall and 20 tons heavy. If only there were a way to get them to the lobby of a Manhattan skyscraper...

02/Jun/09 3:54 AM
Here, Judy. Do something worthwhile with that.
You're welcome, Jeb.
02/Jun/09 4:14 AM
Aw, Kathy ... yer no fun!
02/Jun/09 4:31 AM
Ees that anything like jalapeño on a steek?
02/Jun/09 6:16 AM
5:49, hi everyone.
02/Jun/09 7:44 AM
José Jalepeño... on a steeek.
02/Jun/09 1:28 PM
Nighty night!
02/Jun/09 1:43 PM

Once again I am here. The computer has been playing up and causing a few problems.
02/Jun/09 6:41 PM
Hey where is Hal he usually has a comeback for Judy. LOL
02/Jun/09 7:56 PM
18/Jul/14 5:42 PM
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